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Curso eg praktikum_reisejournalismus_in_edinburgh_oktober2011


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It’s boarding time for Edinburgh, hurry up
please. Otherwise you will miss wonderful
views, extraordinary food, world-famous
whisky and the special atmosphere of a
small but mighty capital. If you want to experience,
discover and imagine a constantly
changing city this guide is surely the right
one for you.

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Curso eg praktikum_reisejournalismus_in_edinburgh_oktober2011

  1. 1. table of contents Experience. Discover. Imagine. 1 Experience The Lifestyle Discover The History Imagine The Art And The Landmarks • Edinburgh From The Inside 3 • Art To Be Hugged But Not • Edinburgh As A Student’s City 4 • Hearing The Gun 20 To Be Climbed On 36 • Edinburgh Through The Seasons 7 • How A Stone Makes History 21 • Stills Home Of Photography 38 • Pub stories – • Hidden Treasures Of The Royal Mile 23 • An Afternoon With Scott, More than whisky and beer 8 • Edinburgh‘s Darker Side 26 Burns And Stevenson 39 • The Boy Who Lived 11 • 287 Steps Above Princes Street 27 • Shakespeare In A Church? 41 • Ceilidh – From Tradition To Trend 12 • An Architectural Puzzle 29 • Probably the Noisiest Museum • Dinner Is Served 14 • Rule, Britannia, In The World 43 • The Real Scotch Experience 17 Britannia Rule The Waves 30 • Jingle Bells And 20 Degrees 19 • Edinburgh As Athens Of The North 32 • The Many Faces Of Cramond Island 33 • A Holiday For Free – One Day On The Rocks In Edinburgh 34
  2. 2. editorial Experience. Discover. Imagine.Marta Tišler & Isabella Cesar 2 It’s boarding time for Edinburgh, hurry up Later check in at the Royal Mile, with all its please. Otherwise you will miss wonderful different gates and hidden treasures. At the views, extraordinary food, world-famous bottom of the cobbled street you will find whisky and the special atmosphere of a the Scottish Parliament and its controversi- small but mighty capital. If you want to ex- al building. perience, discover and imagine a constant- Edinburgh is a student’s city with lots of ly changing city this guide is surely the right pubs, various festivals and you can even one for you. spend an evening by learning the traditio- nal ceilidh dance. Like every airport, Edinburgh has a lost and found section. If you are looking to redis- Like in the stories of Doctor Jekyll and Mis- cover your formative years, check out the ter Hyde, Edinburgh has two different faces Childhood Museum. But of course there are – a light one as well as a dark one. Take your much more museums for every taste. Whe- time to discover all the different legends ther you’re looking for modern art or anci- and myths, which this capital hides. ent literature, Edinburgh has something for Now we are ready to depart. Fasten your every imagination. Afraid of flying? Disco- seatbelts and get ready to experience a city ver the Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith. If you you will want to visit again and again. want to experience the sea without get- ting on a boat, walk to Cramond Island at low tide and escape from the crowded city. Another great place to avoid the hustle and bustle is Calton Hill – climb the steps for an outstanding view of Edinburgh, from the Castle to the Scott Monument.
  3. 3. Edinburgh From The Inside Experience The LifestyleAmy Sutten & Antje Graul 3 Inspired by a video montage that is cur- ‘The meadows are like a giant solar panel; rently being shown at the National Museum they are deserted for most of the year until in Edinburgh, this piece attempts to create the sun comes out, then, you can’t seem a vision of Edinburgh, its delicacies and its to fi nd a space on the grass amongst the culture from the inside. circus of Frisbees, footballs, tight rope wal- kers, musicians and people trying to sun- ‘Edinburgh is home to some of the greatest bathe in Scotland – I have no idea where and some of the strangest people I have they all hide for the rest of the year?!’ ever met; rarely do you get to see such a wild variety of people sharing the pave- ‘Irn Bru is possibly the most revolting drink ments.’ in the world’ ‘Edinburgh might be small, but you couldn’t ‘Irn Bru should be handed out to all stu- run out of things to do if you tried.’ dents if universities expect anyone to turn up to 9am lectures’ ‘Edinburgh pretends to go to sleep at 3am but you can always manage to get a pint or ‘Irn Bru is a work of genius, every time I a chippy from behind closed doors.’ wake up feeling horrendous after a night out, I reach over to my bedside table where ‘The meadows and the word procrastinati- I have carefully placed a bottle next to my on go hand in hand.’ paracetamol the night before and suddenly the world becomes a brighter place.’ ‘The meadows? Probably the one place in Edinburgh where I seem to get blown over, every winter without fail.’
  4. 4. Edinburgh as a Student’s city Experience The LifestyleAntje graul 4amy sutton Students are the are some of the things that not only draw The young man finds people likeminded connoisseurs of fun’ students to the city in the first place, but and friendly in Edinburgh, and much more Between the University of Edinburgh, Edin- ensure that many of them never want to open than Norwegians. ‘Everyone has ac- burgh College of Art, Heriot-Watt Universi- leave. cepted me for me’ he says and adds proud- ty, Edinburgh Napier University and Queen ly: ‘They make you a better person here’. Margaret University there may be both Where to go for coffee and a chat sporting and academic rivalry, but with a Starbucks – Perhaps a little expensive for combined force of nearly 50 000 students, students but no one does caramel macchi- they take over Edinburgh’s streets during atos like Starbucks do, and Starbucks cards the day, the city’s pubs and bars in the give you great freebies and discounts so it’s evenings and often the clubs until the early win-win! hours of the morning. Stills – With an extensive library of photo- graphy and art books, for a small donation, sit with a cup of coffee or tea and a biscuit in a quiet yet inspiring environment and read to your heart’s content The Meadows - Relaxing on a park bench in the Meadows, Ayvind enjoys the warmth of the sun, thinking about the forthcoming three years. Originally from Norway, he is currently starting his Doctoral Thesis in Na- tural Science at Edinburgh University. With Favourite weekend pubs its high reputation and its meaningful his- Room at 34 – With different deals for every tory, the university is actually ranked as night of the week, Room at 34 offers eve- one of the top 20 Universities in the world. rything that students crave, with its lunch Momentarily carefree, he loves walking deals, Thursday steak and wine nights, Sa- In addition to a fine reputation, Edinburgh through the old part of the city and going turday sports days and Sunday movie and has a lot to offer students. As well as wri- out to cafes and pubs in the student area popcorn evenings, a new pizza oven, che- ting essays, attending lectures and revi- around the Meadows. Doctors and the Fo- ap drinks throughout the week and com- sing for exams, students are also experts at rest Cafe are his favourite places; they offer fortable seating areas, it appeals to many knowing how to enjoy themselves. Below student discounts and are always crowded. students in Edinburgh.