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Powerpoint joseph melillo middle school 6 orientation 8 2011


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Powerpoint joseph melillo middle school 6 orientation 8 2011

  1. 1. Welcome to Joseph Melillo Middle School
  2. 2. Parent/Student Orientation Grade Six August 25, 2011
  3. 3. JMMS Mission StatementJoseph Melillo Middle School is committed to providing a safe, nurturing learning atmosphere that maintains high academic standards and behavioral expectations in order for students to reach their optimal level of performance and prepare them for the rigors of high school, post secondary education and beyond.
  4. 4. Administration John Prato PrincipalPhyllis Savo Assistant PrincipalNeil Sullivan Teacher on Special Assignment
  5. 5. Secretarial StaffMrs. Joyce Alger-Cerrito Main OfficeMrs. Debbie Prunier GuidanceMrs. Janet Moscato Attendance Clerk
  6. 6. Guidance and Pupil Personnel StaffDebbie DeMaio Guidance CounselorKeith Karaffa Guidance CounselorMegan Geremia Guidance CounselorJoseph Vita Social WorkerCassandra Lulaj School PsychologistMargo DeFelice NurseRick Wolf Speech/LanguageBarbara Laudano Pathologists
  7. 7. Nervous???? Excited???? Worried???What do I wear?? Will I have a bad hair day???What time will I get home????
  8. 8. We bet you feel this way too!!
  9. 9. CORE CURRICULUMEvery grade has five core subjects Language Arts Integrated Language Arts Math Science Social Studies
  10. 10. Specials aka Unified ArtsStudents will have exposure to all ofthe following exploratory classesduring their middle school career PE Health Computers Band / Chorus World Language Science of Engineering : Robotics Art Library STEM Challenge
  11. 11. STEMScience Technology Engineering Math
  12. 12. Science-Technology-Engineering- Math STEM
  13. 13. Interactive Hybrid Learning Environments16 Interactive White Boards
  14. 14. STEM Hardware2 Laptop Carts; Moodle environments
  15. 15. STEM Lab for Robotics Grade 8
  16. 16. InfrastructureFiber-Optic Wiring
  17. 17. MAY 19, 2011Grade 6-12 STEM Competition Finals
  18. 18. STEM Competition•Engineering Challenge: Design and build adevise that solves a problem. “Everyone plays.Someone wins.”•Related to grade level science curriculum•Access challenge in Moodle (website)environment using desktops.•Video diaries.•CAD (Sketch-up)
  19. 19. Go to: EastHaven DistrictwebsiteShow trailer:STEM Trailer
  20. 20. We have an eight period day and follow an A Day / B Day cycleFor example, Thursday the first day of school is an A-Day so Friday is a …….
  21. 21. Yes… It’s B-Day!!!!!!!!!See, you’ve got it down!!
  22. 22. 8 period bell schedulePeriod 1 7:50-8:06Period 2 8:08-8:55Period 3 8:57-9:44Period 4 9:46-10:33Period 5 10:36-11:24/11:52 (includes Grade 6 and 7 lunch waves)Period 6 (staggered time) 11:54-12:42 (includes Grade 8 lunch wave)Period 7 12:44-1:31Period 8 1:32-2:18Homeroom 1:33-2:20
  23. 23. Lunch Times1st Lunch (6th Grade) 10:37-11:022nd Lunch (7th Grade) 11:27-11:523rd Lunch (8th Grade) 12:17-12:42
  24. 24. Locker BreakLocker Break is 10:33 to 10:36Locks may be combination or key. Wesuggest if a key lock that the second keybe left with your child’s teacher.
  25. 25. Stairwells and Lavs…….Be safe, be respectful, be responsible…….
  26. 26. KEEP VALUABLES HOME Jewelry MoneyCell phones, iPods, PSP’s,
  27. 27. Homework• JMMS maintains high academic standards and expects students to take a more active role in their learning. Be accountable, be responsible.• Homework is assigned for every class. If it is not, required reading for 20 minutes a night.
  28. 28. Assignment Planner• Every student will receive a quarterly assignment pad/planner. It will serve as their pass from place to place and keep and accurate account of their day to day routine.
  29. 29. Late BusJMMS Late Bus is on Monday and Wednesday for after school intervention, help, and for activities that meet.Late bus pick-up is between 3:30-3:45 PM
  30. 30. JMMS Sports Sports will be open to grades 6 through 8 Sign-ups for try-outs for fall sports will beforthcoming. Stay tuned…………….
  31. 31. Student Drop Off….Proceed to back of building todrop off your child. Exit in fullcircle around parking lot. Pleasedo not cut through parking lot.
  32. 32. Student Pick-Up• Park on Hudson St. near Tennis courts• Park near wall on side of building• Park in a space in back of JMMS and exit slowly via route closest to trees. Please do not cut through the parking lot.
  33. 33. Student Medication Medication, including over-the counter-medication cannot be taken unless a form has been completed by your child’sdoctor/pediatrician and with yourwritten consent. Medication must be brought in in the original container to the nurse.
  34. 34. PBIS also known as Positive Behavior Intervention Supports Improves classroom and school climate Maximizes academic achievement Integrates academics and behavior initiativesIt’s not about changing kids, it’s about changing adult behaviors
  36. 36. Student Expectations• Be courteous at all times• Be respectful• Be responsible• Advocate for yourself• Walk on the right• Manners in the café…just like home
  37. 37. General Rules (the biggies)•Hands and feet to yourself “We were fooling”•No gum chewing•No hats•Dress code do’s and don’ts•Cell phones / Cameras / iPods
  38. 38. JMMS dress code and school rules
  39. 39. This is a collection of do’s anddon’ts for JMMS students to make our school year a success!
  40. 40. Follow the JMMS Six Pillars of Character!
  41. 41. er ia! Everywhere! Gym a fet ! C Hom ys! e! al l waH ! Cla m ssro to riu om s! u di A
  42. 42. Riding the bus is a privilege! Not
  43. 43. Follow
rules!Hands and feet stay in the seat!
  44. 44. Don’t distract the driver!No throwing, no swearing, and no yelling!
  45. 45. Our hallways are crowded….
  46. 46. So stay to the right!
  47. 47. And earn your ticket! And
Win A
  48. 48. All students Ouch ! have theirown lockers.We ask younot to share and to be kind to the lockers.
  49. 49. Use your lockers to keep track of what you need. You
visit your
locker before
school, during
after school.
  50. 50. Jackets should stay in your lockers. For your safety!
  51. 51. Do not bring any valuables to school. They
  52. 52. Hugging may be fun…
  53. 53. But we askyou to keepyour handsto yourself!
  54. 54. No Gum!
  55. 55. Nophonesallowed !
  56. 56. AWWWWW .. Which includes texting!
  57. 57. Keep your eyes on your own paper!
  58. 58. Cafeteria Rules: Yum Food ! and drink stays
  59. 59. Raise your hand to get up! No Yelling and Screaming! Sit in yourassigned area!
  60. 60. Be on time for class!
  61. 61. Adetention may begiven forstudents who are tardy.
  62. 62. Passing notes in class….. Not a good idea
  63. 63. Paying attention – great idea!
  64. 64. Sleeping in class, another bad idea
  65. 65. Attentive and ready – great idea.
  66. 66. Please do not deface JMMS property.
  67. 67. Much better!
  68. 68. Paper belongs in the trash.
  69. 69. Be nice to our bulletin boards.
  70. 70. Be kind to each other!
  71. 71. Sneakers are safe
  72. 72. Flip flops are not!
  73. 73. Hats are not allowed!
  74. 74. Be prepared for class.
  75. 75. Where is my stuff?
  76. 76. Do not spray any kind of cologne orsubstance inthe building.
  77. 77. No yelling orrunning in the hall! Ahh hh!
  78. 78. Ordisturbing other classes.
  79. 79. JosephMelillo Middle School is aspecial place for all of us.
  80. 80. Go JMMS
  81. 81. We can work things out together!
  82. 82. It is amazingwhat we can do!
  83. 83. Just do your best and you will succeed!
  84. 84. Remember your six pillarsof character!
  85. 85. We are all in this…..
  86. 86. TOGETHER!
  87. 87. JMMS PTC Be involved, join the JMMS PTC Meetings the first Monday of the month at 6 pmException: First JMMS PTC meeting is scheduled for September 12, at 6:00 P.M. See Kim Lendroth
  88. 88. Follow these two simple rules and middle school should be a breeze…..and your life…………Do your best work at all times and don’t do just enough to “get by.”If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it
  89. 89. Thank you for coming.We look forward toforming strongerbonds and welcomeyou as part of theJMMS family.