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  • What EN is. It was launched in June 2009 and aims to promote and support evidence-informed practice in HE L&T.
  • We don’t provide any quality control per se – we just check it meets the criteria of being about HE T&L and being evidence-based. EvN is deliberately not peer-reviewed, as peer-reviewed content exists elsewhere and we want to enable people to access a much broader spectrum of work. We do have an Amazon-style ‘rate a resource’ so that users can give a 1- to 5-star rating indicating how useful they found it; we will shortly have a ‘write a review’ option so that users can log in and give a more involved, discursive response to the evidence, whether to critique it or to explore ways in which it can be applied to practice.
  • Content is continually being added to EvN. One of its strengths is its ability to cut across theme and discipline: people often search databases or websites relating to a specific area, but there is a vast amount of evidence from other areas that may be adaptable or directly applicable to them. EvN allows users to specify theme, discipline and resource type if they wish, but also allows traditional barriers to be broken down to ensure access to a wide range of evidence.
  • EvN is not just a repository but aims to provide users with the opportunity to discuss and explore the evidence, and apply it in practical terms to their teaching and learning practice. One way it does this is by providing information and links to HE L&T events from across the UK and internationally, as well as networks so that users can find opportunities to discuss and explore evidence that’s relevant to their own practice. We also host a discussion forum through our Ning site and a Wiki site, both of which are free and open-access for users to join or set up their own groups, whether restricted or open-access. We also support face-to-face events such as the Academy Surveys Conference, held on 18 May 2010.
  • Prog mtg 2010 eddie evidencenet

    1. 1. A Higher Education Academy service <br />to promote the use ofevidence<br /> in HE learning and teaching<br />
    2. 2. Criteria for inclusion in EvidenceNet <br />Is it about learning and teaching in higher education?<br />Is it evidence-based?<br />Peer-reviewed evidence is available elsewhere:<br />EvidenceNet provides access to a much wider range of<br />evidence.<br />Rate a resource <br />Write a review (phase 2) <br />
    3. 3. Resources<br />Currently 3500+ resources contained<br />Searchable by keyword, but also<br />Discipline area<br />Resource type<br />Pedagogic theme<br />
    4. 4.
    5. 5. Using the evidence<br /><ul><li>Events
    6. 6. Networks
    7. 7. Ning discussion forum
    8. 8. Wiki pages
    9. 9. Face-to-face events supported by EvidenceNet </li></li></ul><li>More information<br />Follow us on Twitter:<br />Join our mailing list by emailing:<br />EvidenceNet:<br />