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E stim power point


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New updated content! 5/6/2016

Published in: Health & Medicine
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E stim power point

  1. 1. E-stim 101… The Essentials to Achieving Ecstasy & Hands-Free Orgasms
  2. 2. First thing’s first… you need power • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) • technically Prescription only • Will numb nerves over time for chronic pain relief • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) • Most of what is publicly available • “Hijacks” the signal from the brain to the muscle • Makes the muscles move, stimulates rather than deadens nerves • Violet Wand • Surface, sparky. No muscle penetration • New! Microcurrent ( • *Star Trek Medicine* Uses biofeedback to locate the source of the pain and stimulates the body to repair itself eliminating pain permanently
  3. 3. Different Types of Power Units • Digital • Pre-programmed patterns • Remote Control • Analog • Turn-dial, no patterns • Stereo/Audiostim • Accepts MP3 files, live program and save your own for replay
  4. 4. So what do I look for? • Number of channels • Output intensity control, power levels • High or low frequency • Available pre-programmed patterns • User-friendly controls • Twist dials or push buttons • Auto shut-off/Timer • Input Capabilities
  5. 5. Pros & Cons • Self-adhesive vs. not • Convenience, wrap/sticky gel, allergies • Beginner power unit vs advanced • Analog, Digital, Audio • Commercial vs Do-It-Yourself • Cost, Shaping, Skill/Tools • TENS/EMS vs Violet Wand • Pads vs clamps, cloth vs silicone, etc etc etc
  6. 6. Understanding terminology • Pulse width/amplitude (hertz)- How deep does it penetrate? • Pulse frequency/wavelength (rate)- How fast does it go? • “Constant” misnomer • Output-Amperes (amps)/Volts- How strong is it? • Waveform, output pattern- What does it feel like? • Sine, square, interferential, sinus, monophasic, biphasic, etc.
  7. 7. Understanding terminology • Amperage (amps for short) is a measure of the AMOUNT of electricity used. • Voltage (volts) measures the pressure, or FORCE, of electricity. • Wattage (watts)amps x volts gives you the a measure of the WORK that electricity does per second. • Example: Electricity through a wire is like water through a garden hose. How much can fit through depends on the diameter (amps). The pressure depends on how far open the faucet is (volts). The total work (watts) is both combined.
  8. 8. Unipolar vs Bipolar vs Tripolar Uni= One. Bi=2. Must have 2 to create a pathway
  9. 9. Connections What plugs into my machine? Leadwires • 2.5mm 3.5mm 4mm (aka 2.35mm shrouded) • Other specialty (EMPI, etc.)
  10. 10. Leadwires • 2 pin • 4 pin • 2 snap • 4 snap • 2 banana plug • Heavy Duty Long • 2 or 4 • Gator Clip • Low-profile
  11. 11. • Splitters (Y cables) • Joiners • Extensions • Triphase Leadwires
  12. 12. Connections What plugs into my toys? • Pin (2mm) Banana (4mm) • Snap • Standard is 3.5mm • XL is 3.9mm
  13. 13. Adapters • Almost any connection can be turned into anything else. • Remember… plugs into machine versus accessory connectors. Not the same thing! • Or all-in-one, get a gator clip leadwire that can attach to anything.
  14. 14. Principles of electrical pathways • “Positive” and “Negative- completing the circuit • With e-stim, red/black doesn’t matter. Think 1+1=2 • Path of least resistance • Conductivity capability • Surface area implications • SIZE MATTERS! • Not all power units can handle all accessories
  15. 15. Conductors • Silver • Gold • Copper • Brass, Aluminum, Nickel, Zinc • Stainless Steel • Conductive Cloth • Conductive Rubber/Carbon • H2O (saline, baking soda) • Do It Yourself • Tapes, plug and connector blanks, adhesive, solder, etc.
  16. 16. Electrode Pads • Self-Adhesive, reusable Unipolar Bipolar More • Non-adhesive
  17. 17. Electrode positioning • Think: What do I want to feel? Where do I want to stimulate to feel it? Thus, Where do I want the current to flow? Place one unipolar device at either end or on both sides Be aware of landmarks such as muscles, nerves and acupressure points in the area
  18. 18. Electrode positioning
  19. 19. Care of Electrode pads • Clean the skin prior to placement • Use a skin-prep spray • Keep the plastic protectors they come on • After use, lightly rinse the sticky surface to remove debris • Replace onto plastic protectors. • Average longevity is 6-8 uses per pad • You can extend their life with Tensive or Tac gel
  20. 20. Insertables •Unipolar vs Bipolar vs Tripolar •Stripe vs Panel
  21. 21. Lubricant • Electro-conductive Water-based only, NO SILICONE • Salt-water, can add baking soda Sterile
  22. 22. Cleanup • Cleaner and Hospital-grade disinfectant • Bacteria, Fungal, Virus and more! • Spray or wipes
  23. 23. Safety First! • The above the waist stim debate- get the facts and make your own decision. • In general, old wives tale with the exception of heart arrhythmias or pacemakers • Not when pregnant • Consult with a physician or physical therapist if you have epilepsy or pain of an undiagnosed origin • Commercially produced units only- NEVER connect directly to batteries or audio/speaker outputs
  24. 24. Safety First! • Never directly on piercings. E-Stim may cause burns at high voltage levels on small contact areas. • Locations: NEVER • Throat (carotid sinus)/Larynx. Can close the airway • Eyes/eyelids. In fact, never above the neck especially across the head. Face • Broken or irritated skin • Inflamed joints • Near medical implants of any kind (stay 6 inches away from insulin pumps, pacemakers, ports, etc.)
  25. 25. Sum it Up • Don’t just plug and play • Start slow • Let the receiver control things at first • What works for one person may not work for another, e-stim is highly highly individual If in doubt, ask an expert. We recommend the discussion forums at or live chat with us most afternoons/evenings at We also answer emails promptly. There is no such thing as a stupid question!
  26. 26. Save 10% on our website from your attendance here today! Code ELECTRIC
  27. 27. Insertables • Unipolar • Conductive Rubber • Bipolar • Plastic vs silicone • Triphase • Pair with outside ring or pad (or anal on female)
  28. 28. Combination Sensations • +Suction +vibration +compression
  29. 29. For Him
  30. 30. For Her
  31. 31. Starter Kits
  32. 32. Adapter Kits Leadwire Kits
  33. 33. Electrode Pads • Our specialty! Many exclusive designs.
  34. 34. Conductive Cloth • Therapeutic to erotic…. use when damp
  35. 35. Conductive Carbon Rubber • Use water-based lubricant
  36. 36. Clamps • Unipolar Bipolar Adjustable
  37. 37. Power Units
  38. 38. Stainless Steel, Urethral Sounds
  39. 39. Do It Yourself