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A presentation for a Marketing class at our local university. (not sure why the font doesn't transfer over).

Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. PremudaVUJC | 3.1.2017 A few thoughts on marketing.
  2. 2. PremudaWho I am. I’m Josh.
  3. 3. PremudaHow I got here. I used to work in IT and Marketing for a few different companies.
  4. 4. PremudaHow I got here (con’t) Now, I own Smalley Coffee and Brew.
  5. 5. Premuda Here’s what I find useful when I’m marketing.
  6. 6. Premuda Authenticity.
  7. 7. Premuda Clarity.
  8. 8. Premuda Frequency.
  9. 9. Premuda Quality.
  10. 10. Premuda Study data, use intuition.
  11. 11. Premuda Use what you know.
  12. 12. Premuda A good product makes marketing easier.
  13. 13. Premuda Thank you… Questions?