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Hannah Brencher TED Talks


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Hannah Brencher TED Talks

  1. 1. HANNAH BRENCHER…Is a 24 year old who is in the habit of leaving love letters, all around New York City. Oh and she runs The World NeedsMore Love Letters, a global love letter writing organization.
  2. 2. LOVE LETTERS TO STRANGERS…..Opened with a story about Hannahbeing the only student at her collegewho still checked her P.O. box forletters from her mother, while otherstudents checked their inboxes.
  3. 3. In order to battledepression, Hannahdecided to bring love intostrangers lives, by writinglove letters and leavingthem randomly all over thecity. .
  4. 4. She would blog about each and every letterSTRANGERS….. LOVE LETTERS TOthat she wrote and left for someone to find. about Hannah Opened with a story being the only student at herAs her stack of letters grew and grew, she college who still checked her mailmade a promise, “I posed a kind ofletters from her mother, box for crazypromise to the internet: that if you asked mein technology. who didn’t believefor a hand written letter, I would write you one,no questions asked.” HANNAH habit of leaving love letters, Is a 24 year old who is in the BRENCHER… all around New York City. Oh and she runs The World Needs More Love Letters, a global love letter writing organization.
  5. 5. Over night e-mails attacked her inbox, people asking her to“give them a reason to wait by the mailbox.” Thus, shecreated The World Needs More Love Letters. “Connectingstrangers to strangers by way of letter writing.” She uses thepower of social media to send love letters to strangers thatneed them most.
  6. 6. Hannah explains how people are using the power of lettersaround the world, from a women leaving letters around herhouse for her husband that just got back from Afghanistan to agirl who left letters all around her school campus, only to wakeup to thousands more of them hanging from the trees and inbushes.
  7. 7. “Letter writing is an art form now. The signing,the scripting, the mailing, the doodles in themargins. The mere fact, that somebody would justsit down, pull out a piece of paper, and think aboutsomeone the whole way through with anintention that is so much harder to un-earthwhen the browser is up and the iPhone is pinging.That is an art form.”
  8. 8. Hannah captures the audience’s attention by tugging on theirheart strings with stories of people who received/requested herlove letters and they changed their lives for the better. One of thestories she tells is about a man that was going to take his own life,and was saying good bye to the world via Facebook. Hannah andher organization sent him love letters and he now sleeps withthem under his pillow.
  9. 9. Dynamism: 5/5Hannah spoke from her heart andwith intent. She gives us examplesof how love letter writing, evenfrom strangers, can help anyone.You can tell just from listening toher speak that she is verypassionate about her cause andtruly wants people to write loveletters to help others. She lovesand understands what she istalking about and makes you reallywant to stop what you are doingand write random love letters tostrangers all over the world.
  10. 10. Hannah uses no slide or speech cardsto get through her presentation, shefollows her story. She also uses a prop,her “trusty mail crate.” Both speakingwithout slides and with a prop arediscussed by Garr Reynolds.
  11. 11. From the moment Hannah begins her presentation, I can tell thatshe is passionate about what she is talking about. She delivers withvigor and emotion every time she talks about her love letters. Ifthere is anything I learned from her presentation, it is to makesure that I love what I’m presenting about. It really makes peoplewant to listen and love whatever it is you’re talking about as muchas you do.
  12. 12. Compare and Contrast:While Hannah and Sir KenRobinson both show no slidepresentation, Sir Ken uses amore comedic story-tellingaspect to keep his audienceentertained. Hannah, Ibelieve, uses examples ofwhat her organization can doand has done to reach heraudience.
  13. 13. Both Sir Ken Robinson and Hannah talkedabout subjects that affect people and theirfutures. They are both very invigorated abouttheir subjects, as well as very knowledgeable.
  14. 14. TIPS: Love what you are talking about. You won’tneed to stutter or memorize, because it willbecoming from the heart. Talk about somethingthat has affected or changed you personally sothat you can express toyour audience just how important what you aretalking about is, just like Hannah and her loveletters!