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The lafayette bucket list


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Things to do, when not studying at ULL!

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The lafayette bucket list

  1. 1. The Lafayette Bucket List Katie Bercegeay & Sarah Tinsler With countless others & YOU!
  2. 2. We love Lafayette.We want all others to love Lafayette. We are savvy. We are not Lafayette gurus. Your input is not only welcome, it is absolutely substantial.
  4. 4. Bucket Item #1: Eat.
  5. 5. Bucket Item: Staple Lafayette Food Choices• Judice Inn Burger – Cheese…fried egg…mmm…• Borden’s Ice Cream – Chocolate frappe…classic!• La Fonda’s (Margs! Pints!)• Meche’s Donuts (mmm King Cake)• Blue Dog Sunday Brunch – Free Mimosas. Live music.• Mel’s Diner (2AM-6AM) – WETS and Choc are a must.• Prejean’s. Enough said.• Deanos Pizza. Marie Leveau?• Old Tyme Grocery. Fried Shrimp.
  6. 6. FOODOther Lafayette Faves • Dons Seafood. Tradition • Dwights. Crawfish. • The Filling Station – Tailgate for DTA! • T-Coon’s • Hub City Diner • Dwyer’s Café. Great, cheap. • Go Cajun dancing at Randols! • Southside Bakery – Great burgers AND sweets!
  7. 7. • Pamplona. Get the bacon-wrapped dates. Phenomenal drink menu. Praised sangria. Absinthe menu.• French Press. Affordable, amazing brunch. Swanky weekend evening.• Guamas – Salsa dancing on Fridays! Great South American and Cuban food. Dragonberry Mojito.• Agave – Great location, great patio. Great marg.• Zeus. Dine-in or to-go Greek & Lebanese. Brilliant.• Bonefish – Bang Bang Shrimp.• Pizza Village, Alesis, La Pizzeria• Lunch Houses: Garys, Lauras II, Creole Lunch House, Champagnes, Rubys, Pats Downtown – Note: You must watch Raised On Rice And Gravy to better understand lunch house culture!• Lunch timers: Syros, Café Lola, Café Ahnvee, Renaissance Market (Grilled Cheese, yum!)• Tsunami – Atmosphere off the chain. Sushi like whoa.• Petes• Ground PatI (the original, on Johnston)• Fat Pats• Café Roma – favorites?• CRAWFISH: Dwights, Gator Cove, The Crawfish Pot, Crawfish Time, etc.• A Spot For Tea• Great Harvest Bread Co.• Campus Copies – On campus and wonderful.• $1 Burger @ The Bulldog! & Dollar Drinks on Mondays.• Landrys Seafood. Off I-10.• Zea – Corn grits.• Bisbanos• Gallaghers. Red Dot discount.• Charlie Gs.• Chriss Po-Boys• Crush Frozen Yogurt. Get your Fro-Yo fix.• Edies Breakfast – kolaches.• Kellers and Pouparts Bakeries• Yes, coffee: CCs, Johnston Street Java, Americas Coffee House
  8. 8. NI NIGHTLIFE GH The k B u c Strip et Item: TL IFE
  9. 9. N I G H T L I F E Not DowntownDowntown • Blue Moon Saloon• The Green Room – Drink a Blue Moon at Blue Moon! – BEER. Smoke. Jam ? – Cajunb a r son Wednesdays! ses from t g l a s Artmosphere• Jefferson StreetC o l l e c Pub • – Live music, food, beer, and HOOKAH• Bootleggers s do. oommate – Songwriters’ Tuesdays, Blues Jams Thurs• City Bar M y r • The Wine Loft r, City oom, C orner Ba• Legends We hav e T a p R• Caffe Cottage ar. • BThe Tap Room• Marleys on. does go – Good beer. Live music. No smoke.• The Office T h e l i s t Daquiri’s Supreme •• Trynd – Good Daqs. • Cowboy’se t i n g ? uck• NiteTown W o r t h y o f –b Wear the garb. Boots and hat. – Young & Crowded. • McKinley Pub – The Keg downtown. – Drinkin’ on Lincoln! • Krooked Nickel – It’s a newbie!
  10. 10. Bucket this.Lafayette offers her citizens many anopportunity to get out of the house and do something real and creative. Not just food, movies, and drinks. Like some think. Take advantage of the following.
  11. 11. E V E N T S• Downtown Alive• Rhythms on the River• 2nd Saturday Artwalk• Bach Lunch• PASA & AcA Events• Gulf Brew, Patty in the Park, Abita Pub Crawls• Benefits – SGK, Heart Walk, Autism Walk, Crouch Stock• Critical Mass – Every 2nd Friday – Sans Souci @5:30
  12. 12. Rhythms on the River 2011 Spring Series:4/07/11 TK Hulin (Swamp Pop)4/14/11 Feufollet (Cajun)4/21/11 Rockin Dopsie Jr. & the Zydeco Twisters (Zydeco)5/05/11 Sammy Kershaw (Country)5/12/11 Louisiana Red (Variety 50s, 60s, Pop & Cajun)5/19/11 Marcia Ball (Contemporary Rhythm & Blues)
  13. 13. FESTIVALS
  14. 14. Coming soon… Its not surprising that after having surveyed numerous people, Festival International was always at the top of individual bucket lists. Bucket this: Revel. Plan your tentative schedule in advance using 2011 May 6-8, the F.I. website or iPhone App. Ap Bring a friend. Or dont, and make friends there ww w. ril fes 27 . -M tiv ay ali 1, nte 20 Buy a PIN. Dress loose. Dance with a stranger. rn 11 Get wasted on Festival Punch. Buy a CD if you on ati love an artists music. Marché. Dont worry. al. co m Just Festival.
  15. 15. Louisiana is known for its many festivals. Risky Bucket Item: attend ALL of them. …or quite a few at least.A complete list of Louisiana festivals can be found at the UL Center for Culture and Eco-Tourism Website:
  16. 16. ITEM: BU CKET ents. L a th le tic e v At tend U sport. east o ne per At l kets. son tic dy ha ve seaYo u alrea ilgate. ht as well ta And y o u m ig
  17. 17. The Bayou Bijou Film Series Mondays; 4 PM, 7 PM $2 for students w/ ID a play, musical, or concert put on by the Department of Performing Arts or theSchool of Music (or both). Join the party in theTour the LITE Center. library during finals.Browse the Louisiana Room in the library. Even if you’re finishedTour the Beausoleil House. with the semester! Bring a coffee pot, Paul & LuLu Hilliard tooth brush, pillow, and deodorant. Feel University Art Museum free to order pizza, It’s free for students. And legit. and have it delivered to the second floor. Attend a Lagniappe event, a Homecoming week event, and be sure to play flash light tag on campus. Check out the bike cemetery beneath OK Allen. Use the elevator in Griffin. Park illegally if you’re late for class. Make sure to walk through every building on campus. Walk the skywalk in the quad. Take a class with Ian Kinsella. Be sure you get a brick when you go.
  18. 18. Miscellaneous&Items of theChickens? Mardi Gras: Glam Gowns or Chasing Bucket…
  19. 19. BUCKET ITEM: Conquer Girard Park• Study on a sunny day. Blanketnecessary.• Pick up some crawfish to go (fromCrawfish Time, perhaps?) and have apicnic with your buds. Frisbee, football, orsoftball, anyone?• Swing late at night. Avoid sketchiness.• The lake at dawn is apparently gorgeous. BUCKET ITEM: Be care-free in theBring a pet or some running shoes. Parc Sans Souci Fountain. Bucket item: Take a Potpourri class! Bucket Item: Bike up the side ramps of the Cajun Belly dance, FrenchDome, then ride down the other side! Be careful, folks! cooking, Italian language, web design, bookkeeping…and so Bucket Item: much more…Listen to it. Especially on the weekends.
  20. 20. LafayetteScience Museum & Planetarium
  21. 21. Miscellaneous…Bucket Item: Canoe through Lake Martin Bucket Item: Tour the Atchafalaya Bucket Item: Stay in a houseboat overnight.
  22. 22. Cajun Jam Sessions take place every Saturday 1-4 PM at the Vermilionville visitor’s center.www.acadianvillage.orgAcadian Village is a must-seeduring the season of Christmas.
  23. 23. It’s on you.This or that?
  24. 24. Judice Inn Burger or Southside Burger?Downtown Alive or Rhythms on the River? Acadian Village or Vermilionville?2nd Saturday Artwalk or Critical Mass Bike ride? Randol’s or Prejean’s?Festival International or Festivals Acadiens? Borden’s Ice Cream or Meche’s Donuts?French Press or Pamplona Swank?
  25. 25. Deano’s or Pizza Village? Paint With A Twist or Clayfish Bisque?Canoe at Lake Martin or houseboat in Henderson ? Lagniappe or Homecoming Week? La Fonda’s Margarita or Blue Moon at the Blue Moon? Green Room or Tap Room? Keg or NiteTown? Caffe Cottage or Artmosphere? It’s late…Mel’s or Cane’s?
  26. 26. Mardi Gras: Glam & Gowns or Chasing Chickens? CC’s or Johnston Street Java?Running through the Parc Sans Souci Fountain or biking the Cajun Dome Ramps? Tour of the Louisiana Room Marcellos or Piper’s Haven? or the LITE Center? The Filling Station or Agave? Wildcatters or IceGators game? Cowboy’s or Grant Street Dance Hall?Learn to Cajun dance or cook Cajun?
  27. 27. BON TEMPS“The Official Guide to Good Times in Acadiana” We have some for you, or you can find it at the LCVC website,
  28. 28.