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The Real Estate SEO



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The Real Estate SEO

  1. 1. where are you? When buyers search Google…
  2. 2. how would you get leads? If tomorrow you stopped paying for PPC…
  3. 3. we get it! …let us show you how you’ll never again struggle to get buyer/seller leads
  4. 4. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 5 The Real Estate SEO was founded out of a growing need for sustainable search optimization solutions for realtors. The world is chalk full of less than average SEO agencies that cold call email on a daily basis making all sorts of big claims…we’re different. Real estate is what we do. Most specifically agents. We have just one focus. One vertical. Real estate is it. Few search optimization companies can compare to our past awards and recognitions including being labeled “technical SEO” specialists by Google themselves and appearing on CNN. Our team of search specialists and lead generation professionals, work alongside each client to understand in intimate detail, every client’s needs and to provide a sustainable and effective solution. The Real Estate SEOSustainable Solutions for Realtors Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago –  Warren Buffett
  5. 5. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 6 MESSAGE FROM OUR FOUNDER DON HALBERT CEO & FOUNDER Hello my name is Don Halbert. Over the past 15+ years I have been working within the SEO vertical. Most specifically I have been working for realtors and developers who wanted to capture both buyer and seller leads in volume. As a certified inbound marketing educator I’ve traveled the world teaching people the power of effective lead capture funnels. In 2015 I was elected the top earning SEO in the world in 2015 and have worked with prestigious companies like GE, Sony Ericsson, EA and more. In 2016 Google coined me a “technical SEO” of which there are but only a handful in the world. As CEO & Founder of The Real Estate SEO, I hope you’ll lend us a moment of your time to review this online presentation detailing how we can help you grow your business and design a sustainable solution to your long- term online marketing strategy.
  6. 6. The Real Estate SEO is a division of Inbound Marketing Group (IMG) in Victoria, BC, Canada. A company built on loyalty, honesty, respect, integrity and high standards. Rare traits in an otherwise “hit & miss” industry of search optimization. Our Mission Statement: to give ALL realtors the opportunity to compete at the highest levels of their market. Much like realtors themselves, we believe in providing an exceptional experience that is built upon referrals from our happy and successful clients. Our principle goal is to raise the bar for SEOs around the world and to be recognized for our contributions to the community we are part of and make a living from. Our PurposeWhy we do what we do
  7. 7. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 8 Evergreen All of our lead capture funnels are dynamic and continually relevant to your target demographic. Sustainability is Key!Sustainable marketing solutions is our forte Networking We are masters of relational networking and every client receives our incredibly effective outreach program. Proven Or the past 15+ years our exclusive online marketing strategies have proven to be the most effective in the industry. Innovators As technical SEOs and inbound marketing executives, we reshape the industry with our revolutionary strategies
  8. 8. A few reasons… Diversified marketing efforts are a great contingency plan that helps prevent the chances of having all of your eggs in one basket for lead generation. 85% of Google users claim they trust organic over paid. So if you are ignoring SEO then you’re essentially ignoring 85% of your potential market. Forward-thinking realtors understand and appreciate that although SEO is not a quick fix, over the long-term strategy it can’t be beat. Many realtors understand that PPC is not sustainable whereas our custom designed strategies are but not only that…easily scaleable. why smart realtors choose to invest in sustainable online marketing
  9. 9. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 10 Inbound MarketingThe Proven Roadmap to Success Nurture Analyze Convert Attract Content offers, calls to action and landing pages Email marketing and follow-up, additional offers and lead intelligence Online search, social media, PPC and content marketing Track and measure, key metrics and make necessary adjustments
  10. 10. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 11 Attractattraction marketing
  11. 11. Definition: Attraction marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they actually purchase it. Organic Search Ranking SEO is the single-most important element to future lead attraction within any inbound marketing campaign. Content Marketing Ever heard the saying, “content is King” well when used with a high level of quality and distribution, can produce amazing results Pay Per Click When used as a secondary measure of traffic attraction, PPC can be useful for startup inbound marketing campaigns Social Media Probably best known for word of mouth viral advertising, social media can produce leads when within the proper strategy AttractAttraction marketing the more lines you put in the water the more fish you’re going to catch!
  12. 12. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 13 Convertconversion points
  13. 13. Definition: The conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action. The archetypical example of conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who buy something on the site. ConvertConversion points you don’t close a sale, you spark a relationship Landing Pages Convert! …it’s what they do.
  14. 14. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 15 Nurturepost-sale nurturing
  15. 15. 1 NurturingPost sale nurturing value the relationship more than making your quota Research buying cycle w/sales team Goal: figure out where your offers fit in to the buying cycle Test campaign Goal: checking to make the emails are written well, include links and are clear to the recipients Develop campaign goals Goal: create a goal for the campaign and each email so you can measure the campaign’s effectiveness Write each email Goal: move the leads down the buying cycle in order to better qualify them for the sales team Fix emails Goal: fix the emails with low click through rates, conversions or high unsubscribe rates Goal: determine the campaign’s effectiveness & performance Measure the results 6 Steps to Lead Nurturing 1 2 3 4 5 6
  16. 16. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 17 Analyzerinse & repeat
  17. 17. Definition: Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) Ranking data from the 3 major search engines tell us a story of how our organic SEO efforts are performing. Conversion & Engagement Analytical data from conversions, engagement and other behavior, is critical to inbound marketing to determine what to repeat, improve and what to let go. Google Analytics Probably the most telling of all analytical data is that of Google Analytics. We focus heavily on custom reporting. Google Search Console Google’s latest revision of what use to be Google Webmaster Tools, is immensely useful for gauging SEO. AnalyzeAnalyze data then rinse & repeat all the data is there waiting while absolutely useless until we use it
  18. 18. Ways We Save YOU MoneyWorking with the best in the industry has its perks Our SEO and lead generation strategies include PPC ad-spend budgets within each contract and therefore saving you time & money in management. PPC Included! Organic search results is the holy grail - especially when you are on the first page for your target keywords. Maintaining that ranking is equally important. Organic Results When marketing online the most important aspect to any evergreen strategy is to lower your cost per lead. We accomplish this in spades. Lower CPL Probably the best part of working with The Real Estate SEO is the fact that all of our strategies are both scaleable and sustainable making the sky the limit to what can be accomplished for your business. Scaleable & Sustainable
  19. 19. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 20 Serving Both Canada & The USAWe are servicing realtors currently within Canada and the United States
  20. 20. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 21 Meet Stephanie…a top realtor for a leading brand the top of her game! For years Stephanie was at…
  21. 21. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 22 Until…
  22. 22. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 23 she lost all her traffic One day Stephanie woke up to find out…
  23. 23. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 24 Google top ad positions go to the highest bidder Stephanie was no longer on Page 1. She was outbid!
  24. 24. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 25 bumped from search In a single moment you can be… …from something as simple as a new realtor willing to spend more than you
  25. 25. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 26 …and then she met The Real Estate SEO!
  26. 26. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 27 And now Stephanie is back on top of search
  27. 27. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 28 …with our evergreen SEO solutions! 85% of all searchers click on ORGANIC results over paid
  28. 28. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 29 The best part of it all?
  29. 29. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 30 It’s all organic, sustainable and scaleable …and doesn’t rely on the unpredictability of PPC campaigns!
  30. 30. putting all your eggs in one basket By relying on Google PPC you are…
  31. 31. The example presented next is based on the following considerations… Company does $1.4 million in sales per week Client had existing SEO over previous 6 years SEO efforts were targeting 22 highly competitive keywords Client realized the obvious power of SEO and ultimately increased budget to 4X
  32. 32. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 33 0 4250 8500 12750 17000 JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC GOOGLE ORGANIC GOOGLE PAID Organic vs. Paid the monetary side of the story The chart below represents a comparison between organic search traffic and paid Google traffic as performed on a high profile/budget client with deep pockets. Understand this is an extreme case but none the less proves a point. As you will notice below, the organic traffic exceeds the amount of paid search traffic by a large margin each month. However the real truths lie within those figures and that is… The costs per year the client spent on Google PPC was over $864,000/yr while the costs for the organic search traffic was a mere $42,000/yr. That translates to $72,000/mth for PPC with SEO at $3500/mth.
  33. 33. IT’S ALL RELATIVE! Numbers are numbers but one consistent is…
  34. 34. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 35 Responsive & Quick Design Everyone Has One! Convenience Highest Open Rate Ads In a few months Google announced mobile search will be their primary index Google Mobile Update credits web sites that are mobile-friendly in search Recently a seismic shift occurred and now there are more mobile users than desktop Everyone is on mobile! Are You Mobile?here are a few reasons why you should be Mobile Marketing
  35. 35. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 36 Website Email Phone 1-250-999-6989 Contacting Us Getting a hold of us is easy!
  36. 36. © 2016 The Real Estate SEO. All Rights Reserved. 37 THANK YOU From all of us at The Real Estate SEO we want to thank you for reviewing our company presentation. Have a great day!