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  • Use mumuration video and/or flocking
  • Activity - do a line up – conclusion – energy might be less than containment! Consequences of this in your work?
  • 1 hour - This may suggest - what is successful – a factor of 3 energy releasing things vs one containment -
  • Solace se draft final

    1. 1. Solace South East 21st Century Leadership?
    2. 2. Who are we?• Researchers exploring leadership in the 21st Century
    3. 3. What is the New Reality?• Is there a new reality?• At some point we move from a post- industrial economy to something else - What is it?• How do we know when it’s a social shift and not just incremental change?
    4. 4. • We think there is evidence of social shift
    5. 5. The World Wide Web was born with themosaic browser in 1993Children born the same year are now 19
    6. 6. • This would be someone else’s problem if not for the fact we are seeing increases in all demographics• 18-24 years olds are only 12% of the active online audience
    7. 7. OFCOM Technology Tracker 2010 data (published 2011)
    8. 8.
    9. 9. Next Generation Use• The UK saw the highest growth in smartphone take-up in the past year with a 70 per cent rise in subscriber numbers between January 2009 and January 2010.• People in the UK are using their mobile phones for social networking more than in other countries• Data volumes over mobile networks increased by 240 per cent in 2009.• Nearly a quarter of adults (23 per cent) accessed content or sent emails on their mobile phones. Among 15-24s this rises to 45 per cent.• UK consumers who have internet-enabled phones are also spending almost as much time surfing the net on their mobiles (1.3 hours per month) as they do texting (1.5 hours per month).• Facebook accounted for almost half (45 per cent) of total time spent online on mobiles in December 2009
    10. 10. Is this the network society?• Networks as the distinguishing feature• Blurred boundaries• Open by default• Power is not hierarchical• Relevance is earned
    11. 11. • This is not just about technology
    12. 12. An illustration – here and now
    13. 13. A Fundamental Tension Containment Energy Where is the balance in your organisation?
    14. 14. What saved the bank?• The ability to observe the world from 30,000ft and analyse at 3 inches• The ability to inspire and enable followers• Being there when it counts – willing to stand up and be counted• Pathological collaboration with peers to solve problems and get things done
    15. 15. What might it mean tolead in this new reality?• To be open and transparent• To think in public• To have to understand power in a new way
    16. 16. Being open• Accepting the new ‘public-ness’• Recalibrate your privacy machine
    17. 17. Being open• Its not showing the results - its sharing the thought process• And being open to ideas
    18. 18. New forms of power• Understand your relevance• Find your connectors - be a connector• Blur the boundaries• In networks it is the actions that show up
    19. 19. Where are you
    20. 20. Where do you want to be?• Is your ambition to survive or to thrive?• Do you feel the same pressure to change?• Is your organisation changing?
    21. 21. Practising 21st Century Leadership -An Action Research Approach toLeadership Development
    22. 22. Get in touchMartin (0)7968 (0)7778
    23. 23. Let’s Play!• Round One – Locate our Connectors: • Find out everyone in the room who: • You have spoken a few words with them – black & white dot • You have had a conversation – pink dot • You know them well enough to lend them money and know you’d get it back – red dot • Be honest about it – we need a good picture of our connectivity• What are the implications and possibilities of the stickers for us?