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A O R Cardana

  1. 1. TM Cardana An Ayurvedic formula for optimal heart health • Supports healthy blood pressure 100 Tablets Serving Size: 2 Tablets • Dissolves deposits in arteries Terminalia arjuna (25% Tannins) 226mg Cratagus oxycantha 200mg • Promotes a healthy heart rate (2% Vitexin) Coleus forskholli 4% 207mg • Reduces stress (4% Forskohlin) Withania somnifera 3% 100mg (2.5% Withenolides: 0.1% Sitoindosides) Cardiovascular danger Boerhaavia diffusa 100mg While cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in North America, (0.1% Akaloids) Piper Longum (10% Piperine) 5mg not all countries struggle to the same extent with heart problems. Cardana contains a mixture of Ayurvedic herbs found in diets that Key Features: promote a healthy heart, and that are associated with fewer Lowers Blood Pressure cardiovascular disorders. Suggested Use: Take one or two tablets twice a day, or as directed by a qualified health care Ayurvedic heart helpers practitioner. Terminalia arjuna is an extract that has been well studied for its heart Main Indications: benefits. It decreases blood pressure and heart rate, and enhances the Anti-Hypertensive. force of heart contractions. Coleus forskolii also lowers blood pressure, Cardiotonic. and relaxes the muscles of arteries. Hawthorn helps dilate blood vessels Oxygen spearing. Anti-Stress. and dissolve deposits in the arteries. Withania somnifera, or ashwagandha, is a potent adaptogen. Besides its beneficial heart Source: Multi-Source. Roots, leaves and bark. protective effects, it helps to lower stress, which is an important Cautions: contributor to heart disease. Boerhaavia diffusa is another Ayurvedic Could increase the effects of extract with cardiovascular actions. barbiturates. Could decease the dosage of digitalis. An alternative path to heart health Diuretic. The ingredients in Cardana work together for optimal heart health. Piper Pregnancy / Nursing: longum is included to improve the absorption of the other ingredients No Studies, best to avoid. and enhance their effects. This formula provides a safe and effective way Complementary Products: to deal with the threat of heart disease. Cardio Mag 2.0, Bearlic Garlic, CoQ Plus Advanced Orthomolecular Research www.aor.ca To purchase9AOR products online, ,click here to visit T2E 6X8 Canada AOR - 4101 19th Street NE Calgary, Alberta CURESELF.COM Innovative Research & Scientific Integrity
  2. 2. TM Cardana North America has one of the highest rates of heart disease in the world. Since the 1940s, cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been the leading cause of mortality and morbidity in the region. It is estimated that over 56 million Americans have some form of CVD. Although CVD is increasingly common as people age, it is not an inevitable consequence of the aging process. Atherosclerosis and other forms of CVD are almost non- existent in some countries, even in elderly citizens. However, when these people migrate to the US and consume the western diet and adopt a sedentary life style, their risk increases to match their US counterparts. In addition, as developing countries gain affluence and convert from grain-based to high-fat, processed-food diets, the incidence of CVD escalates. Since an entire population cannot change dietary habits, it has become imperative for the population to have remedies to counter this disease. In most instances, prescriptive drugs have considerable side-effects. Note that cholesterol "statin" drugs create a deficiency of Co-enzyme Q10, a nutrient essential for heart health. Ayurved Formulas offer a series of products to address these problems and bring together some of nature's most potent herbs, which have been scientifically studied and formulated. 1.) Terminalia arjuna bark. This Ayurved herb has been conclusively proven to have cardiovascular activity. Studies have shown that extracts of Terminalia arjuna produce sustained hypotension and slowed heart rate. They have also been shown to increase the force of contraction of the heart. 2.) Coleus forskohlii. Detailed pharmacologic studies established that forskohlin lowered significantly high blood pressure in different animal species, as well as man. In addition, it positively alters the force of heart muscle contraction. The anti-hypertensive effects of forskohlin were attributed to the relaxation of the smooth muscle in arteries. 3.) Crataegus oxycantha (Hawthorn). The fruits from this plant benefit the heart and act as coronary vasodilators. Hawthorn is reputed to dissolve deposits in thickened and sclerotic arteries. Various clinical studies have shown increased cardiac performance and output, decreased peripheral resistance, decreased pulmonary arterial and capillary pressures, reduced blood pressure at rest and during exercise, and improved metabolic parameters. 4.) Withania somnifera. Also known as ashwagandha, it has been described as the most important medicinal plant in India. This herb has been the focus of hundreds of clinical studies and is one of the most exhaustively researched herbs. The anti-stress activity of the roots has been reported in multiple clinical studies. Ashwagandha has been used as a treatment for the most debilitating diseases and is included for its cardio- protective activity. 5.) Boerhaavia diffusa. The cardiovascular action of this herb has been clinically studied. The rationale for its inclusion is due to its powerful diuretic activity. 6.) Piper longum. This fruit yields a molecule known as "piperine". Piperine has been clinically studied and reported to improve the bioavailability of drugs. By the addition of this ingredient, the pharmacological actions of other herbs are enhanced, leading to a better overall action. Advanced Orthomolecular Research www.aor.ca To purchase AOR productsNE , Calgary, AlbertatoT2E 6X8 Canada AOR 9 - 4101 19th Street online, click here visit CURESELF.COM Innovative Research & Scientific Integrity