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Presentation Upyours


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How to increase your property value and time with the ones you love.

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Presentation Upyours

  1. 1. 2009 Get The Edge That Lasts!
  2. 2. UPYour$!
  3. 3. Increase Your Property Value with Accent Curbz!
  4. 4. Accent Curbz… IS UNIQUE…. • Won’t Rust like steel
  5. 5. Rusty Steel… Becomes sharp jagged rusty steel
  6. 6. Accent Curbz… IS UNIQUE…. • Won’t Rust like steel • Won’t Decompose like wood
  7. 7. Decaying Wood Makes a mess and attracts insects…..
  8. 8. Accent Curbz… IS UNIQUE…. • Won’t Rust like steel • Won’t Decompose like wood • Doesn’t break like plastic – Doesn’t kink like plastic
  9. 9. Pathetic Plastic Edging
  10. 10. After Accent Curbz…. graceful sweeping curves…. permanent edging
  11. 11. Accent Curbz… IS UNIQUE…. • Won’t Rust like steel • Won’t Decompose like wood • Doesn’t break like plastic • Doesn’t Move like Bricks & Blocks – Doesn’t shift or fall
  12. 12. Windsor or stacking blocks, allow weeds to grow up through the border. shift, fall, and Can
  13. 13. Border of Bricks
  14. 14. After replacing bricks with Accent Curbz
  15. 15. Make Your Yard Really Stand Out With the Professional appearance of Accent Curbz
  16. 16. Dream It and Flowing curves, Let Accent Curbz straight lines and Create It! custom designs
  17. 17. Our team at Accent Curbz So you can relax Does the work
  18. 18. Compliment your home or business with Accent Curbz in Color Had another color in mind? Just ask and we’ll order it for you.
  19. 19. With Accent Curbz Spend less time weeding eating & edging your yard More time with the ones you love.
  20. 20. Accent Curbz is a permanent concrete edging That goes around and defines your landscaping
  21. 21. Accent Curbz provides a continuous root barrier to keep your lawn grass separated from your flower beds.
  22. 22. Be water smart with Accent Curbz Accent Curbz helps stop unwanted water run-off and water waste in your bedding areas and around your trees.
  23. 23. How are You Going to Accent Your Life?
  24. 24. Listen to What Some Satisfied Home Owners are Saying…. • quot;We have been thrilled with Accent Curbz! We needed to make some improvements in the yard. When we added accent curbz, not only did it vastly improve the appearance of our house, but it is maintenance-friendly, making our landscaping very easy to maintain!quot; • -Butch & Mary Ann Morris
  25. 25. Another Pleased Home Owner says… • We moved to Clever, Mo in the Spring of 2008. Our yard really needed some help to look nice. We met the owners of Accent Curbz and saw some of their work. Everything looked so great, so we had them to install a beautiful curb in our front yard. They did a great job and it improved our property and yard 100% . Everybody that sees it, or comes by, likes it. We are so glad we had this done. We gladly recommend them to anybody. • Mr.& Ms. Billy Sparks
  26. 26. Accent Curbz is MORE ECONOMICAL DURABLE and PRACTICAL than other edging options.
  27. 27. Up Your Street Appeal Increase Your Home’s Value Schedule your free design consultation and estimate!