How to Set Up RSS Feeds to Easily Curate Content


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RSS feeds to Content Curation. In this short slideshow we share how you can easily use RSS feeds to create a listening platform that allows you to easily curate content.

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How to Set Up RSS Feeds to Easily Curate Content

  1. 1. Finding quality content to curate is always a tough challenge. That’s why we want to introduce you toone of our favorite ways to easily find great content. In this short “how to” you’ll learn how to use the power of RSS feeds to create a listening platform. With just a little bit of focus you can have a really robust source for finding the perfect content to curate. Curation Traffic was built with boundless passion by You Brand, Inc.
  2. 2. Continue On to Learn How
  3. 3. What Should You Do?
  4. 4. Learn Why
  5. 5. It all starts by when you add a bookmark for thecustom built content grabbing bookmarkletCurateThis™.When using CurateThis™ you can easily curatecontent from around the web, content such as: • Posts and Articles from blogs and news sites • YouTube & Vimeo Videos • Infographics • Plus much more…
  6. 6. Both the Curation Traffic Themeand Plugin include the pushbutton simple bookmarkletCurateThis™.CurateThis ™ saves you time inby automatically creating a newWordPress post pulling in theheadline, images, and text tocurate.
  7. 7. After you published yourcurated piece of content nowit’s time to share.CurateThis™ is works withpopular sharing platforms suchas Hootsuite and Buffer makingit easy to get traffic with socialmedia.
  8. 8. The Curation Traffic ThemeThe Curation Traffic theme has been built from the ground up toconvert. It’s a magazine layout WordPress theme that is highlycustomizable and includes the custom-built bookmarkletCurateThis. Learn More About the Curation Traffic ThemeThe Curation Traffic PluginThe Curation Traffic plugin allows you to easily add curatedcontent to your existing blog or website. It includes all the greatfeatures of CurateThis and works with any WordPress blog orwebsite. Learn More About the Curation Traffic Plugin
  9. 9. Also includes:• Skins and quick edits• 2 main layouts (OG and WIDE)• Social Sharing buttons built in• Top bar built right in• Highly customizable• Plus much more… Learn More About the Curation Traffic Theme
  10. 10. The Curation Traffic Plugin:• Allows you to curate content to any WordPress blog or website• Integrates with Hootsuite, Buffer, Pinterest, and AddThis• Finds Twitter Users for easy engagement• Plus much more… Learn More About the Curation Traffic Plugin
  11. 11. • How to build authority with content curation.• How to create traffic with curation.• The exact system to set up so you can curate in minutes a day.• Tried and tested curation conversion and monetization strategies.• How to create the ultimate listening post.• Plus much more.
  12. 12. Click Here to Learn More about the Curation Traffic All-in-One Bundle