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Eco-Friendly Diva Cup For Periods


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Get a best alternate to tampons and pads in your periods ladies, and feel care free about the leakage or heavy flow with the help of diva cup.

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Eco-Friendly Diva Cup For Periods

  1. 1. If you are just starting out on your menstrual journey or you are currently using Menstrual Pads or Tampons for your Period, then Diva Cup is the best Option for you.The Diva Cup is the most comfortable, cleaner and less expensive alternative to Tampons and Menstrual Pads.
  2. 2.  Avoid wearing disposable pads and tampons which have synthetic fibres like rayon in it which can lead to various health issues including cramping pain, rashes and infections.Use Diva Cup and have safe and comfortable periods.  The Diva Cup is made of silicone and is a 1 ounce shaped cup about the size of a shot glass with a small stem. It is flexible and very easy to insert and remove.  You won’t have to worry about embarrassing menstrual odour since the fluid doesn’t get exposed to air as we can observe with the pads and tampons.
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