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Model Of Cohesion


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Model Of Cohesion

  1. 1. Text Texture Ties Cohesion Reference Reference Grammatical Cohesion Lexical Cohesion Substitution Substitution Ellipses Ellipses Reference Conjunction Conjunction Conjunction Substitution Lexical Cohesion Lexical Cohesion Ellipses Reference Reference Exophora Endophora Anaphora Cataphora Speaker Only I
  2. 2. Speaker Speaker Plus we Addressee (s) you Male he Personal Reference Human Singular Female she Non human it Specific Plural they Generalized Human one Neutral the Near Reference Demonstrative Reference near: far: Far (not near) Singular: this that Select Participant Plural: these those Place: here there Circumstance Time: now then Identity same equal identical, identically General Similarity such similar, so similarly likewise Comparative Reference Difference other different else, differently otherwise Numerative more fewer less further additioal Particular Epithet comparative adjectives and adverbs Substitution
  3. 3. Nominal Substitution (one/ones, same) Substitution Verbal Substitution (Do) Clausal Substitution (so, not)