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Literature what is it


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Published in: Education
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Literature what is it

  1. 1. LiteratureWhat is it?
  2. 2. ELEMENTS OF LITERATUREWritten works having excellence in:• Form• Expression• Ideas• Widespread and Lasting Interest
  3. 3. The Major GenresP r o s e P o e t r y D r a m aL it e r a t u r e
  4. 4. PROSEPROSEProse is the ordinaryform of writtenlanguage.It imitates the spokenlanguage.
  5. 5. ProseFICTION NON-FICTIONShort Stories Personal NarrativeFairy Tales LettersFolk Tales MemoirsNovels Short StoriesPoems ReportsP r o s e P o e t r y D r a m aL it e r a t u r e
  6. 6. PoetryPoetryPoetry is language written withPoetry is language written withrhythm, figurative language, imagery,rhythm, figurative language, imagery,sound devices and emotionally chargedsound devices and emotionally chargedlanguage.language.Major Types of PoetryMajor Types of PoetryLyric PoetryLyric PoetryNarrative PoetryNarrative PoetryConcrete PoetryP r o s e P o e t r y D r a m aL it e r a t u r e
  7. 7. Lyric PoemLyric PoemLyric poem is a highlymusical verse thatexpresses the observationand feelings of a singlespeaker.
  8. 8. Narrative PoemNarrative PoemNarrative Poem is a story told inverse. Narrative poems oftenhave all the elements of shortstories, including characters,conflict, and plot.
  9. 9. Concrete PoemConcrete PoemConcrete Poem is one with ashape that suggests itssubject. The poet arrangesthe letters, punctuation, andlines to create an image orpicture, on the page.
  10. 10. Drama is a story written tobe performed by actors.Although a drama is meantto be performed, one canalso read the script, orwritten version, and imaginethe action.P ro s e P o e try D ra m aL ite ra tu re
  11. 11. ~*!*~Review~*!*~~*!*~Review~*!*~1.1. What is Literature?What is Literature?2.2. What does genre mean?What does genre mean?3.3. What are the three main genre’sWhat are the three main genre’sof literature?of literature?4.4. Write three types of writing forWrite three types of writing foreach category.each category.
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