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Pollution- JGIN


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Air pollution, water pollution, and great pacific garbage patch. Check it out if you want to learn about pollution!

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Pollution- JGIN

  1. 1. Waste AndPollutionNaomi Thompson, BlancaTrias, and Irene Ocáriz
  2. 2. Air Pollution
  3. 3. What is it?• Contamination of the Air and Atmosphere• Produce by toxic gases• Smoke and fog
  4. 4. Types• Industrial Air pollution• Greenhouse effect: - Main polutant that is warming theair• Most common Smog: - Mixture of smoke and fog -Given by factories
  5. 5. Prevention• Ride bikes• Carpool• By natural things• Use Natural Resources
  6. 6. Main polutants• Factories- Huge tubes• Cars• Trucks
  7. 7. Water Pollution
  8. 8. Types of Water Pollution• acid rain• industrial discharges• CO2 falling from the atmosphere• Farm chemical discharges
  9. 9. Sedimentation• garbage & materials -> break down• foggy• Bottom of the sea/ocean
  10. 10. Sedimentation• No sunlight -> no fish food• Blurry / Toxic
  11. 11. Sedimentation• huge filters• robots
  12. 12. Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  13. 13. What is It?•Like a ‘trash island’•Trash accumulating in Great Pacific Garbage Patch•Miles
  14. 14. Where and Why?• Between United States andJapan• The trash mostly comesfrom US and Japan butMexico, Canada, and Russiaare also giving it out•The trash comes herebecause of air currents
  15. 15. Ingestion• When plastic sinks, animals think its food and start eating it, ifthey are able to digest it, they still die of intoxication.
  16. 16. Entanglement• Called Ghost Fishing• The majority of the fishing nets left behind, later, fishes arecaught in them•Nets cause them to drown till death•Stay like this until bodies succumb
  17. 17. Photodegradation•The heat of the sun melts down the plastic, making the toxicsof it spread out through the water. These toxics then intoxicatemarine debris and animals.•Bisphenol A is one of the toxics •Years it takes to photodegradate the substances.
  18. 18. What Can We Do?•Recycle•Clean up beaches and shores•Educate others•Reuse
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