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Cupcake Digital Executive Summary


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In June of 2012, Cupcake Digital came into being. Our big idea: to create digital apps that would not only make kids smile, but make parents happy, too.

At our headquarters in New York City, we put together a great team of professionals from the worlds of technology, family entertainment, publishing, education and brand marketing and got to work.

Our first success was Wubbzy’s Pirate Treasure, based on the Emmy Award-winning Nick Jr. ® series, “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! ®. ” We were off to a great start. It quickly became a top-ranked digital story on iTunes and Amazon. Cupcake Digital has since produced a whole (and growing) series of digital stories and games inspired by Wubbzy and his friends.

Currently, Cupcake Digital is partnering with other major entertainment companies to develop story experiences and game apps based on their brands and properties, such as the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet.

Because we care about kids and understand the concerns of parents, we’re infusing learning moments in all our apps and getting high marks from the people who’ve purchased them.

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Cupcake Digital Executive Summary

  1. 1. cupcake cupcake ddg iga t a l i i t ilCupcake Digital, Inc. Executive Summary Transcreating world class kids entertainment properties into deluxe educational & storybook apps #1 Amazon 2012 #3 iPad App 2012 Apple Love 2012 Multiple What’s Hot Features 4 Star Rating Common Sense Media gital About Cupcake Digital Cupcake Digital brings together technology, family entertainment, publishing and brand marketing to create a proven process and platform for building successful storybook and educational apps for well-known kids characters and media properties. Our Approach We partner with property owners to design, create, promote and sell children’s storybook and educational game apps. Together with our partners, we create a comprehensive long-term publishing plan for our storybooks and apps. We layer in the release of educational and arcade-style games that further drive property monetization. Cupcake Digital markets the apps through online, social media, mobile marketing, public relations and offline channels. Our unique approach allows for rapid development and deployment of new high-value and satisfying apps to be available and released day and date on iOS (iTunes), Android (Google Play), Kindle Fire, Nook, and other emerging platforms. 1
  2. 2. cupcake digitalOur Proven Process1. Plan and ManageFor each property or character, an integrated and comprehensive publishingplan is developed with the objective of long-term consumer engagement andsustained sales.2. Transcreate ContentWe primarily (but not exclusively) work with existing creative assets to createdeluxe storybooks, iLearning books, educational games, and other kidappropriate apps. Cupcake’s proprietary app engines enable delivery of highquality product quickly and effectively with high customer satisfaction. Theplatform has the ability to seamlessly localize each app for content translation,so that both international sales as well as multi-cultural sales within the United Statesmay be captured.3. Drive SalesIn addition to developing the apps, we map out a custom digital marketingprogram designed to generate quality content and actionable engagement thatdrives sales. Online marketing initiatives include social media venues likeFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, website development andnewsletter creation. We can integrate and cross-promote with the propertyowner’s digital marketing programs. Or we can create a separate and effectivedigital marketing program exclusively for your apps.Cupcake Digital Value To Our PartnersExperienceThe management team combined has over 35 years of industry experience with world-class properties and companiesincluding Nick Jr’s Emmy Award winning Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, PBS, Warner Bros. Disney, Miramax, Scholasticand others in developing media products and digital content for the children’s market.SuccessA proven track record of design, development and sales of enhanced storybook apps. Our apps have beenfeatured in the What’s Hot, and What’s New section of iTunes. #1 best-selling kids book appin Amazon for over 10 weeks in a row as well as #3 in iTunes.Quality with ScaleWe are able to generate innovative, interactive and well-planned apps from concept to completion withproven quality control mechanisms, including creative direction, writing, project management, technicaldevelopment and marketing/sales support. We lay out a detailed production schedule and build in many qualitycontrol and approval touch points for the property owner. This way our partners see the development and canweigh in all throughout the process.World Wide Reach and AdaptationAbility to “localize” each app based on demand (i.e. offer in different languages) 2
  3. 3. cupcakeInsight digitalWe work closely with educators and experts in early childhood education to get their insight on how kidslearn from reading and interacting with storybook appsA Growing Market - apps for kids and families will continue to expandMarket research proves that parents and caregivers are looking to share the reading experience on theirtablets and phones with their childrenThe demand for apps created and sold for kids and families is increasing dailyNew tablets/platforms are being created with parents and children as the primary targetSales of smart phones and tablets exceed that of personal computersIt Is YOUR PropertyOur team has worked as both licensors and licensees of A+ brands and respects that you are entrusting us with yourvaluable trademarks and intellectual property.Quality control and approval processes will be detailed in our kick-off meetings. We build each app for our ownchildren and treat each of our partner’s properties with the same care. We only work with properties we love; weonly produce apps that our children love.How We PartnerKick Off & Discovery PhaseDetermine synergies and collaborate on a mutually beneficial digital app program launch that is in-line with yourbrand marketing principles, guidelines and timelines. Tell us your story and we will partner to create visuallyengaging and interactive digital storybook and game experiences that kids and families will embrace.The Development ProcessTo ensure our collective vision, we have implemented a rigorous development (approx. 4 -6 weeks) and qualitycontrol process with dedicated touch points for review and feedback. We take into account the necessary launchexpectations for profitability, including budget targets for iOS (iTunes), Android (Google Play), Kindle Fire, Nook,and other emerging platforms.Spreading the NewsMarketing, advertising and public relations campaign are executed across a wide spread digital ecosystem to engageand drive positive reviews and sales.Content GeneratorPopulate engaging and consistent content across relevant websites and newsletter outreach. Localization strategies invarious languages build wide support. All content is vetted by educators in early childhood education to validateinsights and process.AmplificationEstablish social content strategies across various channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram,Pinterest and Tumblr. Dedicated social brand champions responsible for protecting core brand identity whilemanaging message development and outreach to drive consumer engagement and app sales. 3