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  1. 1. Fitness: Facts and Fakes
  2. 2. The Answer: YesMale fitness usually involves working outto produce and accentuate muscleswhich involve a dynamic exercise routineusing exercise equipment, normally20lbs. or higher to build muscle. Generally, men will also take in more protein in their diet than women and adjust it according to their work out.
  3. 3. That’s probably not theburn he’s feeling. Seehow hard he’s pulling onhis neck? Ouch!
  4. 4.  This position can leave you able to tug at your neck and leave you in pain after and can even cause back and spine damage later on.  Instead Try: Cross your arms over your chest while you do your sit ups.
  5. 5. Do this! Not that!
  6. 6. The Answer: Nope!Crunches actually only workout one muscle group and onlyone angle! Did you know that too many reps can also be a bad thing too? More is better is a myth! 1-3 sets of 8-20 reps is perfect range to train yours abs.
  7. 7. The type and intensity of yourtraining can have different affectson your metabolism.Higher intensity work outs withmultiple sets of about 15-25 andlittle to no rest will increase theamount of calories yourmetabolism uses for up to 48hours. But, a routine that useslower reps, about 8-12, with restwill increase muscle mass andboost your metabolism long termby increasing you muscle fibersdiameter.Wait… Cats don’t havethumbs!
  8. 8. The Answer: Yes, but…A moderately active male will have to reducehis calorie intake to 2,486 to lose 1 pound aweek, and to 1,986 to lose 2 pounds a week. One pound of fat stores approximately 3,500 calories. You must achieve a caloric deficit of 500 calories a day, seven days a week, in order to lose 1 pound per week and a rate of 2 pounds a week requires a daily deficit of 1,000 calories. There is a limit to how many calories you can loose in your diet before you experience health issues.
  9. 9. Try these instead to aid in your weight loss goals! Taste bud Betrayal: "Hunger increases healthy mens tasteAlmonds: Try these as a sensitivity to sweet and saltysnack instead. Whole and substances," says researcher Yuriy Zverev, of the Universityunsalted, almonds are a of Malawi. This means vending- machine snacks, which come ingreat way to kick the two flavors: sweet or salty, willsnacking habit and a great taste even better when youre hungry.source of protein too! Gamble on You!: Take a cue from the poker craze and wagerWeigh yourself often: 3,500 against a buddy to see who can shed the most pounds. "Men doindividuals from the National really well when they makeWeight Control Registry (NWCR) weight loss a competitivewhove maintained 60 or more game," says New York City nutritionist Joy Bauer, "Have apounds of weight loss for at 6-month and a 1-year check-least a year, researchers found in—none of that 2-week garbage."that 44 percent weighedthemselves daily.
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