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The Evolution Of Gym Reception Desks

This new and short PowerPoint presentation regarding the evolution of gym reception desk design is rather an oxymoronic condemnation on the subject. The author identifies the overlooked misfires of fitness facility reception desk design and employs internet screen captures and short commentary to reinforce the story line. A strikingly clear and poignant exercise, the presentation is part of an ongoing effort to categorize, identify and provide a benchmark of fitness facility design which can be used to gauge industry conventions and standards.

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The Evolution Of Gym Reception Desks

  2. 2. Presented by Cuoco Black Gym Design and PowerBranding
  3. 3. DISCLAIMER: * We believe the information presented herein will provide the fitness industry with a benchmark from which to judge gym design across all industry platforms. * This presentation is not a critical reflection of the facilities illustrated within. * It identifies common design aesthetics which define a trend. * Each design style is successful on the merits of its ability to satisfy the needs of its target demographic. * Our goal is to offer our growing client base alternative design models which reinforce their brands rather than adopting trends.
  4. 4. Trapped in the Time Tunnel…..gym reception desk design is lost in oblivion…
  5. 5. 4 Gym Reception Desk Models THAT ARE OBSOLETE & ANTIQUATED 1. Math 2. Boutique Design 3. Industrial Muscle 4. Trapped In The 80’s
  6. 6. 1. MATH DESIGN DESKS ..if an aesthetic is inspired by simple geometry it says nothing about fitness nor your brand…. hence it should not be used in your gym…..
  7. 7. 1. MATH DESIGN DESKS Math Gym Desk Math Hotel Desk Furthermore…… …if an aesthetic is replicated across industries, then it should not be used in your gym…..
  8. 8. 2. BOUTIQUE DESIGN DESKS 4 Boutique Gyms ..if an aesthetic is replicated across brands, then it should not be used in your gym…..
  9. 9. 2. BOUTIQUE DESIGN DESKS Boutique Gym Boutique Hotel Furthermore…… …if an aesthetic is replicated across industries, then it should not be used in your gym…..
  10. 10. 3. INDUSTRIAL MUSCLE DESKS …industrial muscle is an aesthetic that is rooted in a pre-modernist mechanical-fastening-construction-methodology, i.e., bolts, panels and platforms act as metaphors for brute strength and function…..
  11. 11. 3. INDUSTRIAL MUSCLE DESKS Gym Industrial Desk Verizon Wireless Industrial Desk …industrial muscle is also an aesthetic that is used across commercial platforms, antiquated and exhausted in the fitness arena…..
  12. 12. 4. TRAPPED IN THE 80’s DESKS …Trapped in the 80’s is an aesthetic rooted in the design popular in the 1980”s ….. archetypes of
  13. 13. 4. TRAPPED IN THE 80’s DESKS …archetypes relevant….. of design popular in the 1980”s are no longer
  14. 14. Extinct… describe other aesthetics which define gym reception desk clichés...
  15. 15. LIGHTING CLICHES Nondescript unimpressive pendant lights hanging over a reception desk is an exhausted cliché…
  16. 16. OVERHEAD SOFFIT CLICHES Overhead Soffits which follow the shape of the desk below is an exhausted cliché…
  17. 17. RETAIL CLICHES A refrigerator behind a gym reception desk follows on retail practices employed by convenience stores and is an exhausted cliché…
  18. 18. BRANDED GYM RECEPTION DESKS Our design for the reception desk of Mid City Gym in Times Square is inspired by the shape of a weapon in the Terminator films…
  19. 19. BRANDED GYM RECEPTION DESKS “Mid City Gym’s reception desk is a unique design which reinforces the client’s brand while abandoning the trends and cliché’s which saturate the fitness landscape…” Cuoco Black 2013
  20. 20. see more at: Website: Facebook Gym Designer:
  21. 21. About Cuoco Black: Cuoco Black is a former faculty member of the New York School of Interior Design, natural bodybuilder, and creator of the Concept Club Gym Design Model. He or his work has been published in Fitness RX for Men, Club Industry Fitness Business Pro, Health Gauge, The New York Times, and Bravo TV. His services includes, Fitness Center Interior Design, PowerBranding and Gym Franchise Development. …if you are looking for a unique brand for your facility contact us below at…. Phone 001-917-375-7534