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Pls tile pres gen


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Why tile drainage can revolutionize agriculture and improve the environment.

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Pls tile pres gen

  1. 1. Water Management: Tile Drainage Chris Unrau, President & CEO Precision Land Solutions
  2. 2. Surface Drainage
  3. 3. Surface drainage? Tile drainage?
  4. 4. Basic Tile Drainage Design Concepts: • Topography – determines layout • Outlet – necessity that can determine feasibility • Coefficient – how much water the system can remove in 24hr period (influences main sizing, influenced by soils) • Spacing – largest cost variable, strongly correlates to efficacy, influenced by soils • Tile – perforated, narrow slot, filtered
  5. 5. Why Tile? • Better root structure • Less compaction • Increase in yield • Less risk of major loss • Less yield variability • Environmental benefits
  6. 6. How tile works: • Excess water in soil profile (Gravitational Water) percolates down to restricted layer and causes water table to rise • Hydraulic pressure of water table causes water to seep into perforations in pipe • Water flows down pipe to outlet
  7. 7. Why is this important? Plant roots die in absence of oxygen!
  8. 8. Salinity - A symptom of a water problem
  9. 9. Precision Land Solutions • Started in 2007 after 10 years of experience in farm management and tile drainage installation • Focus on quality, expertise as a solutions provider • Initially started 1,500 acres/yr; now 6,000+ THEN NOW
  10. 10. Before After
  11. 11. Yield increase on tiled land: 20 yr study of Ontario crop insurance data Crop Yield Increase Corn 29% Soybeans 26% Wheat 38% Dry Beans 21% Canola 13%
  12. 12. 20 year study in Ohio, Toledo Silty Clay
  13. 13. Downstream Impacts? Environmental Impacts?
  14. 14. Tile Drainage - Environmental Benefits • Reduced surface runoff • Improved soil health • Green Benefits
  15. 15. Tile Drainage - Environmental Benefits • Reduced surface runoff – Tiled land acts as a buffer to rainfall, gives water time to percolate into a soil profile and slowly be released to streams (Van Vlack/Norton, Mason/Rost, Skaggs/ Broadhead, Irwin/Whiteley) • Reduced peak flows in streams (Skaggs: 89%) • Reduced soil erosion due to overland runoff -55% (Baker/ Johnson, Hill, Loudon, Belcher/Fogiel, Skaggs) • Reduced movement of P (48%), K (22%), and pesticides (50%) (Gaynor/Loudon, Muir, Bastien)
  16. 16. Tile Drainage - Environmental Benefits • Increased Crop Growth – Coldwell: Corn 35%, Soybeans 32%, Wheat 47% • Increased nutrient usage • Increased soil organic matter, tilth • Increased soil biological activity – Van Vlack/Norton: Increased soil bacteria, better soil tilth, deeper root systems, increased nutrient consumption • Better Soil Structure – Gardner et al.: Improved soil structure, better trafficability, increased water storage capacity
  17. 17. Tile Drainage - Environmental Benefits • Green Benefits – Decreased fossil fuel consumption (Madramootoo, Wind) – Decreased greenhouse gas production • Less CO2 from fossil fuel burn • Less denitrification
  18. 18. Ontario: 100+ year history of tile drainage • No license or permits required by landowner to tile • Contractor, machine, and operator require training and license • Tile activities to be reported at year end Regulations
  19. 19. Manitoba: • Drainage License required by Manitoba Water Stewardship (application, $25 fee) • Permission required from recipient (i.e. outlet into RM ditch or neighbour) • Consistently inconsistent • Currently in limbo - massive new changes being proposed (Surface Water Management Strategy) Regulations
  20. 20. Saskatchewan: • Approval to Construct and Operate Drainage Works • Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit Regulations
  21. 21. 1-855-PLS-TILE 
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