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High Level Programming Constructs


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Revision of HLLs:
Conditional statements
Input validation

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High Level Programming Constructs

  1. 1. High Level Programming Constructs
  2. 2. Conditional Statements (IF) What does this extract of code do?
  3. 3. The CASE statement
  4. 4. Nested Loops What does this extract of code do?
  5. 5. Conditional Loops Pseudocode: Get Password While Password <> ValidPassword Message “Invalid Password” Get Password End While
  6. 6. Input Validation Pseudocode: Get Age If Age < 0 or Age > 100 Then Display Message “Please Enter a Valid Age” End If
  7. 7. Variable Scope Local variable  Variable only accessible by the module in which it is declared Global variable  Variable is accessible throughout the entire program