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5. The Software Development Process - Documentation


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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5. The Software Development Process - Documentation

  1. 1. Documentation
  2. 2. Documentation Documentation is designed to help people understand how to use a software program. The two most common forms of documentation are the User Guide and the Technical Guide.
  3. 3. The User Guide The user guide explains how to use the software. The user guide can be produced in paper format, but more commonly these days it is produced as an electronic file or as online help.
  4. 4. The Technical Guide This document explains to the user:  How to install the software  Memory and processor requirements  Version number of the software  Details of other files or programs which may need to be installed
  5. 5. Other Documentation Other types of documentation may include:  Quick start guide  Shortcut guide  Video tutorial  FAQs