Getting Blog Readers: The Most Important Tips You Need to Read


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Increase your website traffic by improving your blogging skills.

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Getting Blog Readers: The Most Important Tips You Need to Read

  1. 1. 1/1/2012WEBSITEMARKETING GETTING BLOG READERSTRICKS The Most Important Tips You Need to Read | Marius
  2. 2. Table of ContentsCopyRight Info....................................................... 3Introduction .......................................................... 4Getting Started ...................................................... 5Write Strong and Original Content! ........................ 6 Quality vs Quantity ............................................ 8Your Audience Has to See Real You ..................... 11 The Importance of Communication .................. 12The Importance of Your Headlines ...................... 14Go And Get READERS! .......................................... 20Receive More! ...................................................... 21
  3. 3. CopyRight Info - NO Sell Private Label Rights - NO Private Label Rights - NO Claim Full Copyright - NO Can be Broken Down Into Articles  YES Sell Master Resale Rights  YES Edit/Alter the Sales Materials  YES Added to Paid Membership Sites  YES Added to Free Membership Sites  YES Can be Packaged with Other Products  YES Sell at Auction Sites  YES Offered Through Dime Sale Events  YES Offered as Free Bonus (including Email Opt-Ins)  YES Given Away for FreeCopyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All RightsReserved. No part of this report may be altered in any form whatsoever,electronic or mechanical -- including photocopying, recording, or by anyinformational storage or retrieval system without express written, dated, andsigned permission from Marius Kiniulis and, theauthor.Disclaimer and Legal Notices: This report is for informational purposes only andthe author, his agents, heirs, and assignees do not accept any responsibilities forany liabilities, actual or alleged, resulting form the use of this information. Thisreport is not “professional advice.” The author encourages the reader to seek advicefrom a professional where any reasonably prudent person would do so. While everyreasonable attempt has been made to verify the information contained in thiseBook, the author and his affiliates cannot assume any responsibility for errors,inaccuracies or omissions, including omissions in transmission or reproduction. Anyreferences to people, events, organizations, or business entities are for educationaland illustrative purposes only, and no intent to falsely characterize, recommend,disparage, or injure is intended or should be so construed. Any results stated orimplied are consistent with general results, but this means results can and will vary.The author, his agents, and assigns, make no promises or guarantees, stated orimplied. Individual results will vary and this work is supplied strictly on an “at yourown risk” basis.Copyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Introduction Hi, My name is Marius. I am the owner and I am working with internetwebsite marketing. I am 24 years old student from Lithuania -not such a big, but, trust me, amazing and very beautifulcountry. I’m studying economics, but the most time I spend onmy websites and trying to make them successful.I’m not an online marketing Guru and my techniques are notsome secrets, which will teach you how to get an unstoppableflood of traffic to your website. What will lead you to earningthousands or even millions of dollars from it. I am just a simple man, who uses natural techniques asmost of other website owners to gain traffic and to market mywebsites. Actually, when you are promoting your website it is notthe most important thing where are you getting traffic from. Themost important thing is HOW you are doing this and what tacticsyou are using to increase your website traffic. That’s what I wantto talk about in this eBook.I hope you’ll enjoy reading.Best RegardsMarius Kiniulis
  5. 5. Getting Started In this book I want talk about one veryimportant thing for every website owner if hewants to be a successful and get tons of juicytargeted traffic. Maybe, I won’t say you anything new, but trustme – this is really very important if you want tosucceed in what you are doing. So, try to remember this every time you arewriting a new article to your blog… Don’t think how to get visitors to yourblog – think how to get READERS! Think about it. When you are working with your blog, you arenot writing for bots and robots. You are doing thisfor real persons, who are be interested in what youare writing about. So, you should try to give lots ofvalue to get their attention. That’s what we are going to talk aboutfurther…Copyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Write Strong and Original Content! I can talk a lot about the tactics on how to gettargeted traffic to your website. But it will be onlycrappy visitors if they won’t found anything usefuland interesting on your website. So you have toget their attention with strong content from thevery first moment. The main reason, why most bloggers fails withblogging is that they are not paying muchattention to their visitors. You are not writing for bots and robots, soyour article has to be clear and easy tounderstand. If you want to be really successful, you have tobe original and to give your readers something,what they can’t get on other websites. That’s whythey are coming to your blog. They expectsomething interesting and unrevealed from you.And when they are getting this – they begin torespect you. Let’s look to some other popular bloggers, whoare talking about internet marketing and onlinebusiness: 1. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income blog 2. Glen Allsop and his ViperChill blog
  7. 7. 3. Kim Roach from BuzzBlogger blog 4. Corbett Barr with his ThinkTraffic blog Check out these blogs… What do you see? All of these blogs have built a communityaround them. They have lots of Twitter followersand Facebook fans. Besides this, people are stillsubscribing to their feed and mailing list and theyare actively commenting on their posts. So, what is the secret of their popularity? All their success didn’t came because of thereason they are doing something mysterious. Theirsuccess came because of the reason they arehonest to their readers and they are giving lot’svalue in their posts. That’s why people love them.And the best thing is they don’t even need topromote their blogs very much. People have a very interesting phenomenon –they like to share interesting stuff with others. So,when these bloggers come with valuable contenton their blogs. Then their articles are going virallike crazy! That’s what you should be thinking about. Mostof your efforts should go for creating interestingand valuable content.Copyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. This way traffic will come to your website byitself. Quality vs Quantity There are lots of bloggers, who alwaysemphasize that you have to post at least few postsa week or even more. That’s OK, I have nothingagainst it. But only as long as you can writevaluable content with doing this. Actually, I am not going to write only becauseI have to write. I write, when Ihave something meaningful to say. I’d rather writeone article with valuable information in it andwhich, I think, is worth of your attention thanplenty of crappy small posts. In my opinion quality is much more importantthan quantity. It is good if you have oftensomething meaningful to say, but if you haven’t,it’s better don’t write anything at all, till you foundsomething interesting valuable to share with yourreaders. You should orientate to the information, whichpeople would love to hear and talk about. Glen Allsop already proved onhis ViperChill blog that quantity doesn’t matter at
  9. 9. all! Sometimes he can write few articles a monthand sometimes he’s not writing anything at all forfew months. But he still gets lots of visitors to hisblog. And every time he posts an article on it, hegets lots of readers, who were waiting, when hewill write something interesting again.That is because Glen is writing really awesomeposts. If you’d look at his articles they are all verylong and has tons of valuable information in it.That’s why his readers love him and they don’tmatter for how long they will have to wait for hisnext post.Of course, it is hard to create strong content. Forme it can take all the day long or even more towrite one article. And sometimes it is even notenough. But the efforts is worth that, because in along run it can generate lots of long-term targetedtraffic.Also, don’t write for search engines. Searchengines are crawling your website and you canconfuse them by adding right keyword to yourwebsite.Copyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. But you won’t confuse the visitor, which searchengines or other source sends to your website.These visitors, who are coming to your site are areal humans and if they won’t find anything usefulor what he was searching for, they’ll just close thewindow and never come back to your websiteagain! Once again: your main point should be to getREADERS – not visitors!!!
  11. 11. Your Audience Has to See Real You It is also very important for your audience tosee your personality. With doing so it is gettingmuch more easier to communicate with yourreaders. I think, it makes much easier for readers tounderstand the context of what I write, when theyknow who I am and what I am doing. I am writing on my blog –, because I have apassion in working with website marketing. Andsharing my personal experience, lets me to build abetter relationship with my audience. In addition tothis, it helps to improve my own skills, because Ican learn lots of cool things, when you arecommenting and sharing your opinion on this siteabout what I am doing. That means I can learn from you as well! Andit’s like a win-win situation here. What would this site look like if I speak inprivate? Probably, it would look like some newsportal, where is no personal face and it all comesonly about others and what is going around. This blog would look like without face and witha gloomy atmosphereCopyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. The Importance of Communication I strongly believe, that you have seen manysuch websites, where is no life. This is becausethose blog owners are not trying to create acommunity around their blogs… Why is it so important to communicate withyour readers? When you make connections with youraudience, then they are more likely to share, whatyou are writing about, what means more repeattraffic and more referral traffic to your website… What you have to do to reach this?  Try to include your readers into the conversation. Ask them a question and let them share their opinion. This is useful for both of you – your readers can feel their importance to you, and on the other side you can get really cool advises and ideas on what you are writing about.  You should also answer to the comments on your blog, especially, some time after you post an article.  Don’t be afraid to let them post on your Facebook fan page wall. This way your fan page will get a lot of activity and your fans are involved to discuss with each other.
  13. 13.  And the most important thing – ALWAYS answer your emails! Don’t ignore them, because this is the best way to build relationship with others. It could be that you will be getting lots of emailfrom people, who are also webmasters of otherwebsites. So, with a relationship built this way,they will be more likely to talk about you on theirwebsites. If you are helping them to solve theproblems, they know what a good person youreally are. And this way you’re just proving thatyou are a really good expert in your niche.Copyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. The Importance of Your Headlines You should know the fact, your headline is oneof the most important elements in your blog post.When visitors are scrolling your website, firstthing, what they see is your post headlines. It could be that it will all depend only from theheadline whether the blog reader will read yourarticle or not. So, it should be as much informativeas it can. Your headline has to draw visitorsattention from the very first moment, when hesees it. And it has to say to him: “this article hassomething worth of your attention and you MUSTcheck it, if you want to find out something reallyimportant“. Have in mind, that your headline will appearnot only on your website! Your headline will bevisible in search engines (that means more or lesssearch engine traffic), in feed, on other websitesand forums. When others will be linking toyour article, then it is very likely they will be usingyour headline as anchor text. That’s why it is soimportant to get their attention from the very firstmoment! Here are some good headline examples, whichI found on various places:1. Headlines on Google:
  15. 15.  Getting Traffic from StumbleUpon: A Definitive Guide  Is Going Viral Worth It? How to Get 55,000 Visits from Stumble Upon in 4 Days2. Headlines on other websitesReader Challenge Round Up on Smart PassiveIncome blog.Copyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.
  16. 16. As you can see, when Pat is linking to otherposts, he is taking article headlines as anchor text. This helps for a visitor to choose by itself, whicharticle he want to read and which one – not. Which headlines draws your attention herefirst? For example, what concerns me, Ihave immediately checked the article named Howto Get 1 Million Website Visitors in 2012 by Stevefrom And after reading thisarticle I have not only read his other blog posts,but subscribed to his email list as well. This way Ibecame his website loyal reader. I have also
  17. 17. checked few other links, but none of them receivedmy bigger attention. The main thing is that – I haven’t clicked on allof them. I’ve chosen only few ones. I’m not saying that other articles were notinteresting or their headlines were bad. But it alldepends on my interests. And the one I mentionedabove matched it the most. I strongly believe if you have checked thisarticle as well, mostly, you weren’t checking all thelinks in it. Isn’t it?What all this mean? If your link gets in the list like this one than itshould give for readers as much information as itcan do it to capture their attention. This way youcan get super targeted visitors, who willbecome permanent your blog readers. In otherwords – other website readers becomes YOURwebsite readers! Catch it? The same is with search engines as well. Yourpost can appear in the first place of search results,but this doesn’t mean that all visitors will beclicking your link. It could be that they will checkonly 2nd, 3rd or maybe even the links, whichCopyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.
  18. 18. appears bellow in search results. People oftendecides straight from the headline if this is whatthey are looking for or not. And with well written headline you can catchtheir attention even if this is not something, whatthey were looking for. So, is it clear now, why your headline is soimportant? Everything may depend only from theheadline, whether your article will be read or not. Here are some quick tips for your perfectheadline (with some examples): 1. Ask a question: (Example: Is Writing for Others More profitable than Doing this for Yourself?) 2. Use numbers: (Example: 21 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website) 3. Use the power of words “How to”: (Example: How to Spend Less Time on the Computer) 4. Challenge someone believes: (Example: Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Your Boss) 5. Use superlatives: (Example: The Easiest Way to Get Cheap Flight Tickets)
  19. 19. 6. Offer a hidden insight: ( Example: The Biggest Secret to Make Your Article Go Viral) 7. Solve a problem: (Example: How to Avoid Your PayPal Account Frozen?)Copyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.
  20. 20. Go And Get READERS! Ask yourself again now. What type of traffic doyou really need? Is it enough to get lot’s of uselessvisitors or is it better to get few real readers, whowill follow everything you are doing. When they feel respect for you, than they aremore likely to support you in your projects, sharewith you their own experience, or even buy aproduct from you. That’s the real POWER! Having a blog is not all only about writingarticles and sharing your experience - it’s all aboutcreating a community! If you create a strongcommunity than you will be the one everybodylikes and is talking about. So, orientate to your READERS!
  21. 21. Receive More!Did You like What You Read? Subscribe to Receive MORE!Copyright © 2012 Marius Kiniulis and All Rights Reserved.