Presentation of Interaction Design BFA at Schwaebisch Gmuend


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Presentation of the Interaction Design department at Schwäbisch Gmünd HfG (Germany) made by Ulrich Schendzielorz for the Cumulus Digital Culture working group session in Paris, May 19th 2011.

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Presentation of Interaction Design BFA at Schwaebisch Gmuend

  1. 1. H f GHochschule für GestaltungSchwäbisch Gmünd
  2. 2. H f GSchwäbisch Gmünd
  3. 3. H f G Hamburg Berlin Frankfurt Schwäbisch GmündLocation Stuttgart München
  4. 4. H f GThe Hochschule für Gestaltung, in the small German towndubbed "The secret capital of German design", offers adecidedly analytical approach influenced by the traditions of theBauhaus and the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm.Tradition
  5. 5. H f G582 students 27 professors 40 employeesHochschule für GestaltungSchwäbisch Gmünd
  6. 6. H f GBA (7 semesters)· Communication Design· Interaction Design· Product DesignMA (3 semesters)· Communication Planning and Design· Product Planning and DesignProgrammes of study
  7. 7. H f GProgramme started in 200735 students per yearAdmittance until 2011: 35 students per year2012: 21 students per semesterHfG Schwäbisch GmündInteraction Design
  8. 8. H f G· Education and High Tech Fairs· Semester exhibition and workshops· Cooperations with industrial partnersInteraction Design
  9. 9. H f G· Typography and colour systems· Illustration and sketching· Design processes· Interaction design basics· 2- and 3-dimensional designInteraction DesignFoundations
  10. 10. H f GProgramming languages likeProcessing, Flash, HTML5 and graphicalprogramming with vvvv, Max MSP andand simulation toolsInteraction DesignFoundations
  11. 11. H f GDesign and media historyInteraction DesignFoundations
  12. 12. H f G· Science basics· Design management· Sociology· LawInteraction DesignFoundations
  13. 13. H f G· Mechatronics· Sensor and tracking technologies· Media technologies· UsabilityInteraction DesignWorkshops
  14. 14. H f G· Interface Design· Application Design· Invention Design· Interactive communication systemsInteraction DesignFocus areas
  15. 15. H f GDesign and development of human-computer-interfaces:implications and influence of hardware and software on theuser interfaceInteraction DesignFocus areas: Interface
  16. 16. H f G· Software design· Graphic user interface· System behaviour· Information architectureInteraction DesignFocus areas: Application
  17. 17. H f G· Development of technology-based scenarios· Drafts of new concepts for tools and products· User-centered use cases· Rapid prototypingInteraction DesignFocus areas: Invention
  18. 18. H f GDevelopment and design ofinformations systems for digital exhibitsand spatial installationsInteraction DesignFocus area: Communication Sytems
  19. 19. H f GConcept for an interactive exhibit for the German Museum, MunichExperimental didactic environment for the field of chemistryEnables to analyse and discover molecules and atoms on aninteractive screen guided by haptic and visual feedbackInteraction DesignProject: Tangible Chemistry
  20. 20. H f GConcept for a tangible tabletop interfacefor discussions to advance city planning processesInteraction DesignProject: City planning tool
  21. 21. H f GStudy of possible interactionsfor digital pen systems penInteraction DesignProject: Interactive electronic pen
  22. 22. H f GConcept for an interactive tool wherearchitect and customer jointly develop a buildingInteraction DesignArchitectural communication
  23. 23. H f GCooperation with the German Cancer ResearchCenter (DKFZ) in HeidelbergInteraction DesignMA-Project: Surgery software
  24. 24. H f GInteraction DesignFacilities: Computer labs
  25. 25. H f GInteraction DesignFacilities: Media lab
  26. 26. H f GWorkshops for wood, metal, plasticsstone, and glassInteraction DesignFacilities: Classical Workshops
  27. 27. H f GInteraction DesignFacilities: Usability lab
  28. 28. H f GInteraction DesignMedia installation HfG building
  29. 29. H f GCooperation with the HTW Aalen, the University ofHohenheim, and the Baden-WürttembergState MuseumInteraction Design"Celts" exhibition in Stuttgart
  30. 30. H f Ghttp://ig.hfg-gmuend.dehttp://www.designmethodenfinder.deThank you