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Enhancing a library OPAC with linked data


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Experiments with semantic web markup and linked data for libraries. Loading and utilizing URI's on library MARC catalog records. Leveraging name authorities links to connect patrons to WorldCat Identities.

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Enhancing a library OPAC with linked data

  1. 1. Enhancing an OPAC using linked data in MARC records ELUNA 2016 Oklahoma City
  2. 2. ExLibris Users of North America Oklahoma City, OK May 2016 Presented by Michael Cummings Library Systems Coordinator GWU Libraries
  3. 3. HTML markup in web pages The semantic web
  4. 4. Google Trends Trend: ‘linked data’ vs ‘semantic web’
  5. 5. Theory
  6. 6. HTML markup in web pages In practice: an example
  7. 7. microdata markup Markup, generated on-the-fly
  8. 8. Google search Catalog record in Google search result
  9. 9. Custom Google Search form Custom Google search form and results new horizons in astronomy
  10. 10. Creating the custom search Experiment: Build a Google search form
  11. 11. Custom search coding ?????????????? Embedding the custom search form
  12. 12. 2. Hyperlinks on MARC data
  13. 13. Voyager-l informal survey Informal survey of Voyager-l
  14. 14. Voyager-l informal survey Informal survey of Voyager-l
  15. 15. About our web applicaton Beyond semantic markup
  16. 16. OCLC linked data: Identities Brandt, John C. Publication timeline, list of works, related names and subjects Use case: add value: WorldCat Identities
  17. 17. OCLC Identity example Overview, Timeline, Alternate names … 1 of 4
  18. 18. OCLC Identity example Works by or about the author … 2 of 4
  19. 19. OCLC Identity example Audience, Related Identities, Links … 3 of 4
  20. 20. OCLC Identity example … and Associated Subjects word cloud. 4 of 4
  21. 21. Identities links in the web application
  22. 22. Links on our MARC records STEP #1 Add URIs to local MARC records “0”:” “o”:”
  23. 23. Converting links STEP #2 convert name to ID link See:
  24. 24. Publishing links in our API #3 Output link text and associated URI See:
  25. 25. Adding links with MarcEdit
  26. 26. Catalog record before editing Original local Voyager catalog record
  27. 27. Adding links with MarcEdit New in MarcEdit: MarcNext See:
  28. 28. MarcEdit build linked records MarcNext: Link Identifiers: Build links
  29. 29. Links generated by MarcEdit Revised local Voyager Marc record $a Levin, Murray Burton. $0 $0
  30. 30. OCLC Workid Example: URI for OCLC’s Work ID $n OCLC Work Id $o
  31. 31. URIs on MARC tags in Voyager Count of URIs on GW’s local Marc records
  32. 32. Two experiments with linked data
  33. 33. Experiment: Display the links #1 Links displayed with labels . . .
  34. 34. Experiment: Display the links Cancelled before going into live site.
  35. 35. Experiment: Display the links #2 Use case: get alternate names 1 of 3
  36. 36. Experiment: Display the links and use labels from the model . . . 2 of 3
  37. 37. Experiment: Display the links . . . however, how fast can we process it? 3 of 3
  38. 38. Ex Libris and linked data ExLibris support for linked data
  39. 39. Ex Libris prototype going in the wrong direction.
  40. 40. Bibframe / data model
  41. 41. Bibframe: Library of Congress A model for expressing & connecting bibliographic data
  42. 42. Zepheira, NLM, UC-Davis, GW Testing bibframe with library data
  43. 43. RDF Bibframe version of MARC record
  44. 44. OCLC Turtle | N-Triple | JSON-LD | RDF/XML Available formats / APIs include RDF
  45. 45. Future Bibframe / RDF developments
  46. 46. Going forward: obstacles Experimentation and evaluation
  47. 47. Going forward: modelling Creating linked data repositories
  48. 48. Going forward: programming Open source tools to try out. pybibframe Converting MARC/XML to RDF or Versa output (command line) or Converting MARC/XML to RDF or Versa output (API)
  49. 49. Learn More Michael Cummings Library Systems Coordinator 202-994-4806 Miller, E., & Ogbuji, U. (2015). Linked data design for the visible library. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (Online), 41(4), 23-29. Retrieved from accountid=11243 Mitchell, E. T., PhD. (2016). The current state of linked data in libraries, archives, and museums. Library Technology Reports, 52(1), 5-16,2. Retrieved from ntid=11243 Shieh, J. (2013, Winter). A transformative opportunity: BIBFRAME at the George Washington University, an early experimenter. Information Standards Quarterly,25, 17-21. Retrieved from The Relationship between BIBFRAME and OCLC’s Linked-Data Model of Bibliographic Description: A Working Paper
  50. 50. Photo credits Michael Cummings Library Systems Coordinator 202-994-4806 Slide 1: Buffalo sketch Juan Bosco / San Martin Arts Crafts Slide 4: Oklahoma state bird: Scissor-tailed flycatcher in flight Slide 13: Lone buffalo in tall grass /e/e7/Buffalo_American_animal.jpg/1024px-Buffalo_American_animal.jpg Slide 22: Scenic turnout, near Arbuckle Mountains. Bill Bryant Slide 26: Indian Paintbrush wildflowers near Boynton. Slide 33: Oklahoma's state wildflower, the Indian Blanket, near Davis. Carolyn Fletcher Slide 41: Group of bison on grassy plain documents/media/tallgrass-prairie-bison-2.jpg Slide 46: Two bison in snow Brett French, Billings Gazette