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7002 induction power point

  1. 1. MA Academic Practice | HEPP7002 Advancing Academic Practice Induction 21 June, Lancaster | 22 June, Carlisle I Online Caroline Marcangelo, Programme Leader Dawn Johnson, Module Tutor
  2. 2. Advancing Academic Practice Support for participants PARTICIPANT WORKPLACE MENTOR PERSONAL ACADEMIC TUTOR (PAT) QUADS & PEER LEARNING GROUPS • Nominated by participant • Experienced in teaching and assessment (PgC) and broad academic practice (MA) • Thorough understanding of the participant’s learning context • Supported through peer network • Observes participant’s practice and supports their development • Verifies portfolio evidence • Facilitates developing professional identity and joining practice community • Selects and communicates regularly with workplace mentor, using this support for practice development, critical reflection and participating in the community of practitioners • Actively contributes to learning group offering peer support and feedback • Keeps in regular contact with PAT, to review progress and negotiate learning within the programme • Created in collaboration with module leader • Provides peer support as critical friends • Participants in peer review process • Offers formative feedback on assessment work • Contributes to this practice community • Provides individual and group support for academic focus and the development of relevant skills • Provides continuity of support and decision-making through the programme • Offers formative feedback and appropriate levels of challenge in discussions and assessed work
  3. 3. Advancing Academic Practice Areas of learning • HEPP7002 is structured into three week blocks, each with a different focus • Each block includes activities requiring online participation • Learning activities include indicative timings to help you manage your study
  4. 4. Advancing Academic Practice Areas of learning/activity There are four main blocks on this module: Influences for change in Higher Education Designing your practitioner research project Doing the research: collecting the data Analysis of findings and writing up
  5. 5. Assessment on this module <ul><li>Formative: Presentation on emerging themes in </li></ul><ul><li>research project. </li></ul><ul><li>Summative: Academic Paper 5,000 words </li></ul><ul><li> Professional Portfolio 2,500 words </li></ul>
  6. 6. Advancing Academic Practice Assessment Professional Portfolio • A written rationale explaining your use of evidence and how it demonstrates your professional development against professional standards • Uses examples of evidence collected throughout the module • Underpinned by theoretical concepts you have encountered • 2500 word rationale + between 8 – 12 pieces of evidence Opportunities to produce portfolio evidence are embedded in some online activities in Blackboard. They are prompted by this icon.
  7. 7. Advancing Academic Practice Learning Technology Blackboard • You need a library card to get a login and password • Key communication and participation tool for learning groups • Online tutor and peer support through Blackboard • Access Blackboard from www.cumbria.ac.uk • The course is called ‘PgC Academic Practice’
  8. 8. Advancing Academic Practice Learning Technology Pebblepad • Your personal e-portfolio • You control what can be seen by other people • Used for providing peer feedback on observations and assignments • Access from the University home page • You will use Pebblepad to create and submit your assignments