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  1. Jane Chen
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  3. 3,000,000 6 babies every minute
  4. incubator pic
  5. Complete Nest, with heater
  6. February, 2012
  7. September, 2012 February, 2013
  8. “I loved your post in February, celebrating Long's first birthday. We have a pre-approval to adopt him and hope to travel to Bejing this summer to bring him home. We are so grateful for your organization and the role you played in saving Long's life.” March, 2013
  9. 40,000 babies helped across 10 countries
  10. Design solutions for those who are most motivated to solve the problem.
  11. Truly understanding the problem you are trying to address. Always go back to test your assumptions.
  12. Design with purpose.
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Editor's Notes

  1. This, to me, is one of the most beautiful parts of the human spirit.
  2. We then realized that babies in these countrries don’t wear diapers, so we needed a completely water proof fabric that would be easy to clean
  3. To make it even easier to clean, you needed something with no seams inside – just one solid piece of fabric that was easy to fold out
  4. We then took the product to doctors, and found out that they wanted a clear window in the front.
  5. Here, we realized we needed more user testing…so this is a picture of my nephew stuffed into a prototype
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  8. Let that guide everything you do, and everything those whom you lead do—you’ll never go wrongif you stay rooted in your purpose.
  9. Those words haunt me and they drive me.I remember a public health professor once saying to me, “the death of a child is a tragedy. The death of a child for a preventable cause is an injustice.”My hope is that mothers will no longer need to lose their children from preventable causes because they will have access to technologies that empower them to save their babies. Technologies that are powered by their love. That is my vision of a just and a beautiful world.