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Arnold Classic Europe 2011


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Arnold Classic Europe 2011

  1. 1. October 8-9, 2011 ARNOLD Classic pro europe Spain: History, Sports & Culture is waiting for you! Amateur Events Men and Women Bodybuilding Men and Women Fitness Bodyfitness (Figure) Classic Bodybuilding Bikini Master Bodybuilding Men Master Bodyfitness (Figure) Women Registry of athletes through National Federation For More Information Visit: MEET THE CHAMPIONS Palacio Municipal de Congresos ■ Madrid, Spain© 2011 CLASSIC PRODUCTIONS INC.
  2. 2. A Dream Madrid  Octo www.ifbbe84
  3. 3. Come Trueober 7-8, 85
  4. 4. The first Arnold ClassicEurope is a multisportevent in which bodybuild- On the Mr. EuropeMarch, at ity ofweightlifting, bodybuild- 26th of the European event – a the opening of the second spectacular multi-sport event edition of Pro, IFBB with President Dr. Rafael Santonja ing and fitness; a challengeing and the IFBB will made a historical announce- for competitors and a great ment – the Arnold Classic, show for their fans. Both thehave an important pres- the international multi-sport best amateur and profes- event which has been held sional bodybuilders will beence with all the amateur yearly in Columbus (Ohio) for offered a schedule like thecategories and a great pro 23 years, will also be promot- traditional one in Columbus. ed in Madrid, Spain, on Octo- Granted, Arnold Classic Eu-event. ber 8th and 9th. It is the first rope needs a few years to get “Arnold Classic Europe”. the same number of partici- pants. And yet the USA edi- A HUGE EVENT tion itself started up 23 yearsPresident Santonja and Bob Lorimer with President of ago just as one professionalthe Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, in a Fitness and bodybuilding fans bodybuilding show. The Euro-recent meeting held at the Spanish Olympic Committee were astonished. Indeed, pean edition can jump on theHeadquarters. Jim Lorimer, the great USA shoulders of the giant USA promoter, had already an- event. Another thing is that nounced it during the closing Europeans are a big share of speech of last March’s Arnold the USA event’s success – in- Classic. However, only after numerable European com- President Santonja’s great petitors qualified and took news, message boards start- part in this longed-for event ed to buzz about the huge Eu- where Arnold Schwarzeneg- ropean event. ger’s charisma maybe is the The very fact that the Arnold main ingredient. This is why Sports Festival promoter, Jim a European edition includ- Lorimer, talked about the “Eu- ing a spectacular professional ropean date for the Arnold” bodybuilding competition was let you understand the qual- much needed. It was thanks 86
  5. 5. to the triple ally among Arnold will take place following theSchwarzenegger, Arnold’s best tradition of the origi-partner Jim Lorimer and Pres- nal Arnold Weekend concept,ident Rafael Santonja. Fitness including Olympic and non-and bodybuilding will be im- Olympic sports.parted a fresh impulse.SPORTS, SPORTS… For this 1st edition thereIt is too early to give you all are already included:the details about the event.We already know some im- Arm wrestlingportant things, tough. Thecompetitions’ venue is Palacio Basketballde Convenciones y Congresos BodybuildingSur del Recinto Ferial de Ma-drid (IFEMA). There’s a ca- Fencingpacious five-star auditorium Firemen and special unitswith a capacity of 2000 seats of the Police Exhibitionin the A zone and more than1000 in the B zone. Surround- Gymnasticsing the auditorium, you mayfind a huge space for expo Martial Artsand different activities plus 14 Paralympicsconference rooms. The eventschedule is being developed Powerliftingright now. There won’t be 46 Strong Mendisciplines as in this year’sUSA Arnold Sports Festival, Track & Fieldall the same the schedule is Weightliftingreally interesting. Let’s see it.A great multisport program ... and more soon! Many women’s disciplines are already scheduled. 87
  6. 6. 2011 8-9, ober Oct pe eurrou! ro fo yo sicupre is waiting Clas & C ltu g uildin odyb D ports sic B RNOinLHistory, S Clas en ) Wom igure (Fig ure) ss (F A Spa : ts fitne s Even tnes teur Body odyfi Ama ness ter B Mas n Fit tion W ome era and n Fed Men g Me nal ing ildin atio build dybu gh N it: Body r Bo rou s n Vis aste s th e.e S en M te tio Wom thle rma rop PION and of a Info Men Bikin i Reg istry ore or M assi ceu HAM F cl old ain C , Sp arn THE drid Ma sos ■ EET ongre de C M al nicip Mu cio Pala INC. NS TIO ODUC C PR ASSI Jim Lorimer, historical promoter of the Arnold Classic, © 20 11 CL together with Dr. Rafael Santonja. Other attractive events are in the process to be included in ARM WRESTLING the program. Only the Track & At the Arnold Weekend Europe Field races, including different an international event of arm ages categories, will incorpo- wrestling will be held. This rate over 3.000 participants. is another popular and spec- tacular competition where a PROFESSIONAL high degree of strength is re- BODYBUILDING quested. A men’s professional body- AMATEUR FITNESS building show, which will give Olympians the chance to re- & BODYBUILDING verse the roles right after Joe Five years ago IFBB added an Weider’s Mr. Olympia sched- amateur competition into thePresident Rafael Santonja and his wife, Nieves López Cillanueva, with Arnold uled in Las Vegas on Septem- USA Arnold Festival and that Schwarzenegger happy after the agreement for the Arnold Classic Europe. ber 15th-18th. Pro competi- was the major reason it grew tors will be awarded by Arnold so popular. Any competitor himself. A great reward on top has the dream to step on that of the money-prize. stage and get that prestigious title. This year there were STRONGMEN more than 500 competitors. Most of them were travelling A typical and popular event at from EU. European athletes the Columbus Arnold Festival competing in the Arnold Clas- is the strongman competition. sic Europe will have a lesser Strongmen from countries cost for travel and accommo- typically devoted to strength dation. About 300 competi- training – North Europe, Bal- tors are expected for this first tic and Slavic countries – will edition. be hugely attracted by this There are 9 classes in all. event. It will also be the oc- Each class has its own divi- casion to get to know this dis- sion in weight and/or height. cipline better for all the other Two days are needed to carry The venue site is the magnificient Palace of Congress of Madrid. European countries. out the whole competitions. 88
  7. 7. EXPO BODYBUILDING EVENTS An expo will be added to the events for the pleasure of fans Men’s Bodybuilding and athletes. Indeed, trade economy needs a fresh im- Women’s Bodybuilding pulse too. Hopefully this expo can help European companies out of the bad economy. Men’s Master Bodybuilding VENUE Classic Bodybuilding Madrid City Hall and govern- ment will cooperate with this Men’s Fitness sport activity in which the IFBB has great expectations. The opening ceremony shall Mathias Botthoff, overall winner at the Arnold Amateur Women’s Fitness be at the Spanish Olympic USA, will make his IFBB Pro debut at the I Arnold Classic Europa. Committee Headquarters, Bodyfitness with city and Government (Figure) authorities and members of the international sport com- Master Bodyfitness munity, famous athletes, and (Figure) members of the Olympic Fam- Bikini ily, including a cocktail and dinner, in an environment Continue  At the Arnold Festival USA strongmen are always a real attraction.The Arnold Classic is magic also becauseArnold Schwarzenegger himself hands outtrophies. 89
  8. 8. plenty of glamour and passion history and places for enjoy- for sport. ment; with a very active daily The venue site is the mag- and nigh life. nificent Palace of Congress of Spain is very well known as Madrid, located in the most one of the most attractive modern area of the city and and touristic countries in the very well communicated, sur- world, being Madrid, by itself rounded by good quality ho- and the neighboring, plenty tels and very well connected of reasons to take extra days; with the historical center and making this trip a unique des- downtown. tination to enjoy life. Madrid is a city that combines The weather in October used to be mild, making the des- tination even more attractive.  Stay tuned for further details about Arnold Classic Europe. Competitors and fans can browse online at www.arnoldsports- General tickets and pro show tickets will be sold online at Another dream can come true in Spain now! Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness competitors are a good share of the thousands of athletes of the Arnold Festival.90