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SiSense Overview


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SiSense Overview

  1. 1. PRISMSISENSE PRESENTSTHE World’sEasiestTeraByte-ScaleAnalytics solutionThe Future of Data is here
  2. 2. Quick FactsMission Big Data Analytics for everyoneBusiness model SaaS, Inside SalesLaunchGrowthJuly 20102011 350%, 2012 520% (ACV)Funding Battery Ventures, Opus Capital, Genesis Partners ($20M)Offices New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv
  3. 3. SiSense PRISM
  4. 4. too complexORBefore PRISMtoo SIMPLE
  5. 5. Traditional BI Agile BI Prism - Future BI1995 2005 2013DW, OLAP In-Memory In-ChipTB Scale GB Scale TB ScaleShort history of Data Analytics
  6. 6. Takes Disruption to the Next levelFrom the press
  7. 7. SiSense is creating something of a stirin the world of BIFrom the press
  8. 8. SiSense makes analytics dead simpleFrom the press
  9. 9. SiSense has been growing like madFrom the press
  10. 10. The big [BI] boys will be in for a nasty shockFrom the press
  11. 11. Business Analytics for EveryoneIn-Chip Columnar DB Business Discovery In Cloud / On Premisethats why we createdData Monster all - in - one saas
  12. 12. LEGACY BI0.5TB$500K Appliance$1M/TB$10K commodity server$1K/TBPRISM10TBPeople Choicelegacy bi vs prism biBusiness Analytics for Everyone
  13. 13. Our Secret SauceElastiCube™In-ChipTechnology:In-memoryspeed,without IT’slimitations!
  14. 14. l2l1l1CORECOREl3CPU RAM RAM RAM DiskCapacity:Latency:Capacity:Latency:Capacity:Latency:Capacity:Latency:Capacity:Latency:32KB3 CyclesL1 Cache8MB-20MB35 CyclesL3 Cache256KB10 CyclesL2 Cacheunlimited1M CyclesDiskGBs-TBs150-450Main MemoOur Secret Sauce
  15. 15. Get PRISM“DO YOURSELFA FAVOR &TRY SISENSETODAY...”David GersterDirector Of AnalyticsGrouponvisit us at
  16. 16. Google AnalyticsAddressCityCompanyNameContactNameContactTitleHomePagePhoneCountryFaxSuppliersCustomerIDEmployeeIDFrieghtOrderDateOrderIDShipNameShipCityShipRegionShipCoutryShipViaRequiredDateShippedDateShipAddressShipPostalCodeOrdersAddressCityCompanyNameContactNameContactTitleHomePagePhoneCountryFaxCustomersPostalCodeCustomerIDCustomerTypeIDCustomerDemoAdd DataFile ElastiCubeWeb ServicesSalesForceGoogle AdwordsGoogle AnalyticsAdd Data
  17. 17. PRISM ArchitectureData Import & Transformation Query/Response Data ManagementHTML Rendering Web PublishingRUNS ON ANY DEVICELaptopDesktopElastiCube ManagerBI StudioWeb DashboardDATA SOURCESWeb Applications(Google Analytics, ZenDesk,SalesForce, etc.)Hadoop BigDataSpreadsheets & Files(Excel, Google, CSV)Relational Databases(SQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.)ElastiCube Server(Columnar Database - Storage)Prism Web Server(Application Repository& Web Access)FRONT-END APPSbi ServerWeb Mobile
  18. 18. Enjoy Data$11,606,257 18% $264,833,333 $556,750,000YOU WILL NEED TO INVEST Expected ROI of with AVG ACQUISITIONS of with AVG IPO of2000 2005 2009 2012Value AValue BFUND BY YEARS START-UPS VC’s STATISTICSclick tHE button to change filterFUND BY YEARS # start ups0 51 2
  19. 19. SiSense PRISM- Per User Pricing -- No Size Limit -- On Premise or In the Cloud -standardSERVICEBasicup to10 usersSmall internaldeployment thatwill never growbeyond 10specific peoplePREMIUMSERVICEBusiness Business+ Developerup to50 usersInternaldeployment forup to 50 people,with individualrequirementsInternaldeployment forup to 50 people,with individualrequirementsv.i.pSERVICEat least50 usersv.i.pSERVICEembed &DISTRIBUTEIntegrate & deployas part as anotherweb application orSoftware asa Service
  20. 20. TRY SISENSE PRISM TODAY.copyright © 2013 sisense inc. all rights reserved | for more information visit us at