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Complete adjustment cycle copy

  1. 1. Cultural Adjustment - EntryCultural Adjustment - Entry Stages and Reentry StagesStages and Reentry Stages Carol M. Archer, Ed D
  2. 2. Cultural AdjustmentCultural Adjustment CycleCycle
  3. 3. Cultural Adjustment CycleCultural Adjustment Cycle • When we go from one culture to another, we pass through various stages…. In fact, it is like riding a roller coaster….
  4. 4. Honeymoon/ArrivalHoneymoon/Arrival  Happy  Excited  Nervous
  5. 5. Culture ShockCulture Shock • Physical: tired, lack of concentration, ill, sleep problems • Psychological: Overwhelmed, homesick, hopeful, nervous
  6. 6. Initial AdjustmentInitial Adjustment  Begin to understand a little about new place  Less homesick  More confident  Self determination
  7. 7. Mental IsolationMental Isolation  Disdain and anger against host culture  Self-doubt and worry  Resentment  Disappointment in self or new surroundings
  8. 8. Acceptance and IntegrationAcceptance and Integration  Stop trying so hard  Accept new place  Develop strategies for living each day
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  10. 10. Reentry AdjustmentReentry Adjustment • Cross cultural reentry can be more difficult than entry into a new culture as it is unexpected (it is MY culture), the sense of loss (of things that happened there while you were gone, the loss of the relationships and experience in the host culture), and a sense of special ness and community. This adjustment also has stages and the first “Reentry Anxiety” begins
  11. 11. Return AnxietyReturn Anxiety  Sudden awareness of leaving host country “forever”  Sadness at leaving friends and experience  Uncertainty about what has happened during absence
  12. 12. Return HoneymoonReturn Honeymoon  Extreme happiness  Everyone listens to one’s experiences and is interested  Special social events to welcome one home  NOTE: These experiences typically last a very short time.
  13. 13. Re-entry ShockRe-entry Shock • Same as culture shock plus alienation from own culture • Feeling of betrayal since this is unexpected in one’s “native” culture.
  14. 14. ReintegrationReintegration  Find a way to validate both one’s overseas and one’s native experiences and identities  A lifetime process
  15. 15. How was your luggage filled?How was your luggage filled?  What did you take home with you from your time in Houston? Knowledge Skills Relationships Personal growth Other
  16. 16. Suggestions for reintegrationSuggestions for reintegration  Create a collage, a poem or a scrapbook of your experience. This helps you to integrate it and is an easy way to share with people close to you.  Find ways to share your experience with people who are interested in your experience. I.E.
  17. 17. Suggestions for reintegrationSuggestions for reintegration  Find a class teaching English as a second language and ask to volunteer.  Find others who have recently returned from abroad and form a small support community  Look for other ways to integrate your life and remember that this is a
  18. 18. Now…Now… What new information did you learn about the reentry cycle? What new insights did you have? Other?
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