September 2012 cultural fuel trend report web


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September 2012 cultural fuel trend report web

  2. 2. NEWSLETTER CONTENTInspirationSome creative ideas to inspire youTrendsHot trends and interesting marketing strategiesInsights & OpinionsResearch news about target groups andmarket insights
  3. 3. Inspiration
  4. 4. HOW TO ADVERTISE AN ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTWhen advertising an eco-friendly product in print, it‘s also important to keep up the values behind the product. Instead ofcreating an ad that‘s about VW‘s eco-friendly car, they made the ad itself eco-friendly. Result: the whole idea behindbluemotion became even more credible. Great job!Via: on:
  5. 5. ECO-FRIENDLY AND USEFULStreet Charge is a design concept for a solar powered public charging station for mobile devices. The concept wascreated by Brooklyn-based design firm PENSA. It‘s eco-friendly and comes handy when you‘re running out of battery inthe middle of nowhere.Via:
  6. 6. YOUTUBE: SKIP BEHAVIOUR OVER SKIPPING THE ADWho doesn‘t know the annoying „5 second ads“ on Youtube when watching a video? A government environmental careagency in Chile came up with a great idea to challenge you to either skip the ad or skip the behaviour after the 5seconds. In just one week more than 80.000 people chose to change the behaviour over skipping the ad.Via: on:
  7. 7. CATNAPPEDThe British milk company Cravendale launched a new spot, based on the „Cats with Thumbs“ campaign they started inSeptember 2011. The story sounds kind of weird. Cats kidnapping milkmen and brainwashing them to get more of theCravendale milk. There‘s also a Facebook app allowing people to upload photos of their cats and signing them up as oneof the recruits of the cat army.Via: on:
  8. 8. STREETPONGHave you ever been bored of waiting for the traffic lights to turn green? Why not having a „Pingpong“ match against theperson on the opposite side of the street? Great idea!Via: on:
  9. 9. BANANAS ARE FOR MONKEYSIn Sweden it‘s very common to eat bananas after working out. Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden started the „Bananas are formonkeys“ campaign to promote a post-workout drink named Gainomax. Here are the latest spots of the 2012 campaignwhich are all pretty funny!Via: on: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  10. 10. THE BEER CHASEThe Australian beer brand Carlton Draught came up with a great funny spot showing some crooks escaping from adozen policemen. All of them are armed with a glass of beer running through San Francisco. First priority is: Don‘t let thebeer spill over!Watch on:
  11. 11. STOP WORKING. START DRINKING.It‘s hard to get the attention of someone who is working 80 hours per week sitting the most time in front a computer.Ultimate Vodka had a nice idea to reach them right in their office. The „windows washer“.Via: on:
  12. 12. THE HAPPINESS TABLEIt‘s important to eat and drink with the people you love and enjoy the great atmosphere. But nevertheless, we do it lessand less. Coca Cola can provide this feeling and launched the „Happiness Table“ in Italy .Via: on:
  13. 13. THE BUSAdvertising a bus company doesn‘t sound very interesting at first. But then you haven‘t seen the probably mostspectacular bus commercial ever. This bus must be so awesome. Truly awesome.Via: on:
  14. 14. RECIPEACE MOVEMENTRecipeace is a social movement with the goal to join conflicting people through food in the celebration of InternationalPeace Day on September 21, 2012. Leo Burnett Chicago wants to build awareness and thereby inviting chefs,restaurants and food ambassadors all over the world to join the Recipeace movement.Via:
  15. 15. READY TO FIGHT?Since the number of professional athletes is increasing and so is the injury risk, the Swedish pharmacy „apoteket“ whichhas a big range of products to prevent and treat injuries, aims to attract more elite athletes. For this reason they started avisually powerful new print campaign to attract the awareness of the target group.Via:
  16. 16. CALM TEA BAGSSaatchi & Saatchi Malaysia came up with a great idea for the „Boh Camomile“ tea bags. When tea is dissolved stressfulsymbols change into calm symbols. Very nice idea to promote the calming effect of tea.Via: on:
  17. 17. THE RED BULL: PORTABLE CHARGERA Korean agency presents the „Red Bull Energy Drink“ for mobile devices. When you recharge your iPhone or iPad withthe portable Red Bull charger the display will change into a Red Bull branded display. Not only a very useful idea but alsoa great advertisement.Via: the image on:
  18. 18. DOUBLE PARKING IS VERY BOTHERSOMEIn Salvador, one of the most common traffic violations is double parking. To make people aware of how annoying doubleparking can be, Engenhonovo came up with the idea to place promoters on conveyors and escalators to prevent peoplefrom passing and thereby disturbing the flow. What a great way to grab attention!Via:
  19. 19. LG WASHING MACHINE: RUGBY TUNNELTo promote the capacity of the 11kg LG washing machines, rugby tunnels were changed to resemble big washingmachines. At the beginning players, came out of the washer clean. During the halftime they ran into the washer dirty andfinally returned with clean dresses for the second half time.Via: on:
  20. 20. STIHL LEAF BLOWERPublicis France created a very simple and elegant print ad for the powerful Stihl Leaf Blower. Clean structure with a clearmessage.Via:
  21. 21. FRUITY TYPOGRAPHY„L“ is for Leo, „B“ for BurnettVia:
  22. 22. ENVELOPES WINDOW CLEANERA Window Washer company from the Netherlands created envelopes in a very creative and funny design.Via:
  23. 23. THE ART OF SLEEPThe sleep art robot from Ibis Hotel transforms sleeping patterns like body temperature, sound and movement into art.Over 80 sensors send the information directly to the robot who finally paints the pattern on canvas. Result is apersonalized „art of sleep“.Via: on:
  24. 24. INVISIBLE TOILETAn artist in the U.S. has created an „invisible toilet“ in the middle of a busy street. It has one way mirrored glass, one cansee out but no one can see in.This could be a really cool idea for promos!
  25. 25. THE MOST FAMOUS LITTLE VILLAGE IN THE WORLDObermutten is a tiny village in Switzerland with only 78 inhabitants but amazing 43.000 facebook fans, which is morethan the fans of the Swiss capital Bern. Fans do not only like the facebook page, they also send personal gifts from allover the world to Obermutten, exhibited in a museum called „Obermutten International Museum of Friendship“Via: on:
  26. 26. TRUST YOUR POWERPatrick Willis, the popular linebacker at San Francisco 49ers has a remarkable story. His way to the pinnacle of NFLrequired the ability of unlimited will, power and a steady belief in himself. Duracell proves the importance of the powerinside by telling the story of Patrick Willis in a very emotional way.Via: on:
  27. 27. TINE JOGHURT: I‘M YOUEven promoting a rather simple product like yoghurt can have such a nice insight and story.Via: on:
  28. 28. QR CODES MADE OF COBBLESTONESThe idea was to combine one of the oldest Portuguese traditions with one of the most innovative technologies of thecurrent century. QR codes made of cobblestones provide informative cultural data for tourists visiting Chaido in Portugal.Really impressive!Via: on:
  29. 29. WORD‘S BRANDThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few words are worth a thousand pictures.
  30. 30. TRENDS
  31. 31. FACE-DEALS: FACIAL CHECK-INFacedeal is probably one of the best but also scariest social innovationsin tecent times. The cam recognizes faces andthereby allows people to check-in to certain places. After the check-in users receive specifically tailored offers for thearea they checked-in to.Via: on:
  32. 32. APPLE PROUDLY PRESENTS: IPHONE 5„The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone“. That‘s the claim for the newest apple product presented inSeptember 2012. Optically there‘s not a big difference to the forerunner model, since the big changes are that they madeit thinner, lighter and increased the size of the screen. Moreover, battery life was improved, all actions are much fasterand the new LTE frequency technology is supported.Check it out at:
  33. 33. MYSPACE 2.0MySpace is back with a completely new redesign. You can already sign up for an invite to the new page. Looking forwardto seeing this page in action! The demo video looks promising.Via: on:
  34. 34. BIG IN JAPANGoogle launches the Nexus 7 tablet in Japan, aiming to take Apple‘s iPad into one of the most lucrative markets in theworld. The Nexus 7‘s 16 gigabyte model, powered by the latest generation of Android software is available to order atGoogle Play starting Tuesday and will hit store shelves on Oct 2. Google‘s Android operating system is the mainstay formany Apple‘s rivals in the lucrative smartphone industry, growing rapidly around the globe.
  35. 35. THINNEST IPOD NANO EVER5.4mm thick and 31 grams with a 240x432 mm multitouch display. Apple has used it for a purpose, and that purpose is toplayback video really well. Add to that an FM tuner which has live pause as a standard feature, meaning you can pick upwhere you left off even for live content. For the live pause and your music you need plenty of storage, so Apple of courseincluded 16 GB !Via:
  36. 36. PUBLISH OR PERISHAd agency Draftcb has won gold at the Cannes PR Lions for an innovative publishing concept, using disappearing ink toprint books that gradually fade away over the course of two months. The Book that can‘t wait to be read..Via:
  37. 37. REFLECTIVE BILLBOARDThis Billboard at the roadside works with reflecting elements, that are visible through the floodlight of cars passing by.Its a little weird, but I‘m all for it if we see blank billboards during the day. No really, this is great idea !Check out :!
  38. 38. UNIQUE PRODUCT PACKAGINGThe saying you eat with your eyes as well not only applies to the appetizing presentation of food on a plate but to thecolors and pictures your food ist packaged in. Now Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing research that studiesconsumers sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuliSome say neuromarketing is a potentially invasive technology. But the fact that orange juice tastes better from orangepackaging than blue ones is neither a secret nor a harm to people‘s psychologyIt‘s obvious that ones eye is a step further and shaping packaging to these really cool examples. Of course only to theextent where it doesn‘t loose its practical use.
  39. 39. TRICK OR TWEETKellogg’s show in their latest marketing effort that using social currency can drive consumer engagement with a newproduct. Kellogg’s recently introduced their new range of Special K Cracker Crisps to the market by opening what theycalled the “world’s first Tweet Shop”. Visitors to the pop-up store in London can pay for a box of Special K crisps using atweet as currency.Via:
  41. 41. BRANDS IGNORING SOCIAL MEDIA RISK LOSINGCUSTOMERSA new study from UK firm Kiss Public Relations reveals that brands ignoring social media risk losing customers. Theyillustrated their findings in an interesting and insightful infographic.Via: the infographic here:
  42. 42. 17 SURVIVAL TIPS FOR FACEBOOK MARKETINGTo improve the success of your facebook campaign remember these simple rules that are illustrated in an infographic byPostRocket.Via:
  43. 43. “IT’S NOT OFFICIAL UNTIL IT’S ON FACEBOOK“Recent statistics reveal that Facebook knows a lot more than you think. The online education directory WorldWideLearngathered all these findings and more from research by Facebook and a number of news outlets to produce theinfographic below. So check it out for the full picture of how much Facebook can reasonably predict about your love life.
  44. 44. RING A BELLIt’s always interesting to be reminded just how influential mobile phones are, no matter where in the world you live. A newinfographic from Wilson Electronics details the staggering statistics of how many cell phones reside in different regionsand the evolution in how we use them. Check out the site to see the whole infographic...
  45. 45. Released by Planning Department FrankfurtSeptember 2012For submission of interesting news, inspiration and comments pleasesubmit to