March 2012 Cultural Fuel Trend Report


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March 2012 Cultural Fuel Trend Report

  2. 2. NEWSLETTER CONTENTInspirationSome creative ideas to inspire youTrendsHot trends and interesting marketing strategiesInsights & OpinionsResearch news about target groups andmarket insights
  3. 3. Inspiration
  4. 4. IKEA "BERÖRA"IKEA came up with a great new product upon the launch of their IKEA-catalogue for iPad in Norway. The new productconsists of a sewing kit with a special thread that when sewn into the fabric of the mittens or gloves the touch screendevices can be used also with the mittens on! And as the winter was at its coldest the timing of the “Beröra” kit wasperfect, resulting in the IKEA catalogue topping the list of the most downloaded apps in Norway.Via: Watch it on Youtube:
  5. 5. MERCEDES: INVISIBLE CARMercedes got their point across and created quite a buzz, with their “Invisible Car” promotion; showing how their newestF-CELL technology generates 0.0 emissions; thus makes it invisible to the environment.Check out how Mercedes turned its car invisible with the help of LEDs and a camera.Via: Watch it on Youtube:
  6. 6. THE BUSHMILLS: WHISKY AND WOOD WAXEDSUNGLASSESThis is a great example of successful co-creation where BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey teams up with Shwoods and theBoston boutique Bodega in the making of wooden sunglasses made out of old whiskey barrels. To top it off thesunglasses are waxed in whiskey.Via: Watch it Vimeo:
  7. 7. HYUNDAI i30 - ONLINE HYPNOSIS EXPERIMENTIn this new commercial for Hyundai the car producer is trying to hypnotize their audience – so to speak – with the help ofa professional hypnotist. They claim that the participants in the trailer below are not actors and that the hypnosis is real,and if you dare you can go to their website and try to be hypnotized yourself.Via: Watch it on Youtube:
  8. 8. LEGO: IMAGINELove the new print ads from Lego. Can you imagine? Via: bert-donald-duck-lucky-luke-and-the-daltons-asterix-and-obelix-the-smurfs-the- simpsons/
  9. 9. CORONA BEER: BOUNDARIESWith their new ads, Corona Beer communicates what they think about drinking and the crossing of boundaries in anexplicit and very nice way. Via:
  10. 10. HIPSTER RESEARCH MUST: ACCIDENTALCHINESE HIPSTERSThe blog name alone warrants a closer look, even if you aren’t in a hipster research mode. Check out the whole site here.Posted by Alexander Wipf on The blog can be found here:
  11. 11. COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR: TRYING STUFFAn unconventional way of testing if their sportswear is keeping the rain out. Check out more of Columbia Sportswear‘shumorous and unconventional methods here via Watch it on Youtube:
  12. 12. BACARDI: HERITAGE FILMBacardi has created a fine series of three short films to celebrate the heritage of the brand for its 150th anniversary. See the Prohibition Parties here: See The Cuba Libre here: See The Rum of the Bat here:
  13. 13. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: CASTROTruly a nice ad from Amnesty, celebrating their 50 years of existence. „50 years together with you cutting down the voiceof oppression”Via:
  14. 14. VIRGIN MOBILE: THE FANTASTIC TALE OFYOUNG BRANSONVirgin Mobile makes use of a biographical and humorous story telling starring Sir Richard Bransons as the maincharacter where the audience will witness how he envisioned the future mobile phone company to be through the start asa toddler all the way till today.Source: See it on Youtube here:
  15. 15. ANIMATION: HOW 300,000 PEOPLE MOVE HOMECheck out this beautiful animation, showing how 300,000 Norwegians throughout Norway move home from one year tothe other. The developer Even Westvang was able to collect the data needed through the publicly available tax recordswhere every tax payers‘ home town, income and birth year are shown.Via: See it on Vimeo here:
  16. 16. SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT COMMERCIALThis series of advertisements for Sherwin Williams paint is candy for the eyes. Check it out on Vimeo here:
  17. 17. DENIZEN JEANS: HOW TO WIN AN ELEPHANTBEAUTY PAGENTDenzin Jeans custom-made an entire outfit for an elephant in the occasion of the annual elephant beauty pagent inJaipur, India. See the nice video on Youtube. See it on Youtube here:
  18. 18. 13 METER PAPER AIRPLANE NEEDS AHELICOPTER TO BE THROWNSee what happened when the 13 meter long paper airplane was “thrown” from a helicopter. Watch it on Youtube here:
  19. 19. Trends
  20. 20. MACOTS ARE MAKING A COMEBACKThe mascot had its glory days back in the 1950s, but thanks to social media marketers all over the world is bringing backthe brand‘s mascots; simply because the consumer can more easily relate and communicate to a mascot than to a plainlogo.Via: See The Wall Street Journal discussing the topic here:
  21. 21. TOUCHCODEJust swipe a card against your touch screen and your device launches new content.Via: Watch it on Youtube here:!
  22. 22. BELKIN WEMO – CONTROL YOUR HOME VIAYOUR SMARTPHONEEver left the house thinking ‘did I pull the iron’s plug?’. Probably you pulled it, but just to be 100% certain you did you cannow get the help from Belkin’s new WeMo system that with a click on your phone turns the power sources off. This givesendless opportunities like turning the heat on before you come home or automatically set the kids TV to go off at bedtime. Watch the commercial on Vimeo here: Learn more about how WeMo works here:
  23. 23. Insights &Opinions
  24. 24. IMPORTANT: LETTER FROM MR. TIM COOK OF THE APPLEINC. RE: $100 BILLIONS UNITED STATES DOLLARSGotta love that Gizmodo sense of humor. The tech blog wrote a Spam Letter, mirroring the famous spam letter fromNigeria in the name of Tim Cook.“Dear One, I am Mr. Tim Cook, CEO of the Apple Inc. I followed Mr. Steven P. Jobs who also is CEO of Apple Inc.though dead now. Mr. Jobs worked with the Apple Inc. for over two decade before the cold hand of death took him awayon the 5th of October 2011. He and I made a vow to uplift the down-trodden and the less-privileged individuals within theUnited States for America, Europe, China and South America, Africa and the rest of the globe as he had passion for poorpersons with Googles Androids phones.When my late CEO was alive he deposited the sum of $100 Billion (One Hundred Billion United States Dollars) with a Peterbank here in the California. Presently, this money is still with the bank. Recently, Mr. Peter Oppenheimer, CFO of theApple Inc. told me that we have a limited or numbered days on earth and that our life span will not exceed 150days dueto the Maya calendar of 2012. With this hard reality that has befallen Mr. Peter Oppenheimer, Mr. Phil Schiller nice all around guy of the Apple Inc.,and me I have decided to donate this fund to a non-governmental,or a non religious, and or a non profit organization orbetter still an individual, that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein.I want a non governmental, or anon religious, and or a non profit,organization or better still an individual, that will use this gift which comes from Mr.Steven P. Jobs sweat to fund the upkeep of widows,widowers,orphans, destitute, the down-trodden, physically challengedchildren,barren-women and persons with Android phones. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the bank here in the California. I will also issue you aLetter of Authority that will empower you as the original beneficiary of this fund. My happiness is that I lived a life worthyof emulation. Please always be prayerful all through your life. Any delay in your reply will give me room in souring for anon-governmental, or a non religious, and or a non profit organization or better still an individual for this samepurpose.Please assure me that you will act just as I have stated herein. Hope to hear from you soon and God bless youand members of your family. Mr. Tim Cook, CEO of the Apple Inc. (Benefactor)”Posted by Alexander Wipf on
  25. 25. TITANIC’S VOYAGE REVIVED - ON TWITTER people involved were updating and posting in realI love the idea of reconstructing historical events with tweets as if the people involved were updating and posting in realtime, which is exactly what the History Press has done to commemorate the 100 years passing since Titanic rose andsunk. Starting March 10th, the journey of Titanic-tweets began with updates from #captain, #crew and #engineering; withmore updates to come every day till it (spoiler alert!) all ends on the bottom of the Atlantic April 15th. Go get aboardTitanic anno 2012 here.Posted by Ida Opstad on
  26. 26. STARBUCKS ARE GETTING PERSONALStarbucks have always been one for creating personal connections with their customers and offering premium andcustomized coffee experiences. Unfortunately, this is something that decidely gets lost at the coffee pickupcounter….‘Hey, who ordered the Venti, non-fat, no foam, 6 pumps hazelnut, extra hot, with extra caramel drizzle andwhip, caramel macchiato???’. Does this sound embarrassingly familiar?This is why Starbucks’ invitation for us to come by and actually introduce ourselves, so that we can from now on be calledby our names and not just be labelled by our order, is a really neat idea. It really is such a little thing, but then again,aren’t it always the simple things in life that mean the most? What a great way to start a Monday morning!Posted by Mareike Jaensch on
  27. 27. SNAKE THE PLANET: A DIGITAL AGENCY ALL-IN-ONEBENCHMARKOk, so what would you do if your Chief Creative Officer comes to you and goes: “We need to set a creative benchmarkhere. We can’t be dilly-dallying around anymore. If we want new clients, we need to show we are worth the money! So, Igot some cash to spare to prove we can pull of amazing stuff. But I can’t do, like, 7 different things. I need one killerthing.”Well, you would have to think about it, wouldn’t you? There is so much a digital agency can do these days, on top ofhaving opinions about everything, especially when collaborating with specialists. There are so many digital culture trendsto be partaking in.“So, hmmmm…,” you would say to your CCO “… definitely need some kinda Urban Digitalism statement, right? Orsomething with Gaming - better yet Retro Gaming (’cuz only kids play 3D shooters, and our target are those guys with thecool hip Atari T-Shirts), Mashup Culture (’cuz that’s the lifestyle, mate!), or something Meme-based like they did withSnakes on a plane, so it gets fun and viral, you know? Right! But definitely gotta have Mobile-Something in it, becausedigital isn’t for couch potatoes anymore. Oh, oh… and, and you can’t go without fancy projection technology these days ifyou want the wow effect. But also, we need to marry some of the old school stuff like guerilla tactics with insaneprogramming. Which one should we go for?”“What do you mean ‘which one?’” says your CCO, “I want ALL that, but it’s gotta be simple, fun and demonstrate ourcreative and collaborative capabilities at the intersection of media, entertainment and technology - cuz I’ve been wantingto get quoted with that phrase for a heck of a long time.” forWell, I made that story up, but that’s certainly how it could have been for the team at Mojo Sydney. And, obviously, that’san impossible briefing. Impossible? Not for these guys. Here is what they did.SNAKE THE PLANETCongrats to Publicis Mojo, MPU and Finch for pulling that off. Because, indeed, it does demonstrate the intersection ofmedia, entertainment and technology. Let’s hope it catches on and the experience does become planetary at some point.Posted by Alexander Wipf on it here:
  28. 28. KLM’S ‘SOCIAL SEATING’ PROGRAMKLM has always looked to be on the cutting edge of social media and its latest initiative is definitely something that’sgoing to be creating a lot of buzz. With their new ‘Meet and Seat’ program, passengers now have the option of sharingtheir social network profiles and photos and based on this, choose who they might want to sit next to on their flight.Before all hell breaks loose over privacy concerns, this ‘social seating program’, available on flights between Amsterdamand New York, San Francisco and São Paulo, currently is opt-in only. You are able to edit your profile and photo, hencecontrolling the information visible to other passengers. The seating map shows the seating plan and the Facebook orLinkedIn profiles of only those other passengers who have decided to participate in Meet & Seat. You’ll be able to contactthem before the flight and choose to sit next to them if the seat is available.Nevertheless, it’s to be anticipated that there’ll be quite divided opinions on this program, with the more adventurousamongst us viewing it as a social-networking match made in heaven and others as a stalker’s paradise. What’s yourverdict – cool or creepy?Posted by Mareike Jaensch on
  29. 29. Released by Planning Department FrankfurtMarch 2012For submission of interesting news, inspiration and commentsplease submit to