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January 2012 cultural fuel trend report


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January 2012 cultural fuel trend report


  2. 2. NEWSLETTER CONTENT"Inspiration"Some creative ideas to inspire you !Trends"Hot trends and interesting marketing strategies!Insights & Opinions"Research news about target groups and marketinsights!
  3. 3. Inspiration"
  4. 4. CADBURY ʻLIKESʼ THEIR 1 MILLION FANS"Cadbury wanted to say a big, well HUGE, thank you to their 1 million Facebook fans, and built them a giant chocolatethumbs up, replicating the iconic Facebook ‚Likeʻ! It took 48 hours and 3 tonnes of chocolate and they donated thechocolate to a company that specialises in renewable fuels research who will use the chocolate to continue theirresearch. !Via:!Watch it being built on:!See the infographic:!
  5. 5. DAFFYʼS PEEP SHOW ON NYCʼS TIMES SQUARE"Daffyʻs, the high fashion retail store, wanted to get the word out about their new store opening in one of the mostcluttered advertising cities. They went about bringing back to life the concept of the old peep show factor that used tomark the old Times Square of New York . The concept revolved around the sign changing to more percent off, with itemsof clothing being steadily removed until it reached 80% . Here, the velvet curtain drops and tempts onlookers with aprovocative "Wanna see more? Come downstairs" flashing across the screen.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  6. 6. BEAUTIFUL RUBBISH"The ʻBeautify your cityʼ campaign aimed to make Auckland a more beautiful city. They realized that rubbish was nevergoing to disappear, but they looked for innovative and truly clever ways to make it more beautiful.!Via:!View the image here:!
  7. 7. THE SOUND OF AMNESTY"The Sound of Amnesty” is a very clever campaign for Amnesty International. Unlike most petition drives, each digitalsignature would release the next note in an exclusively written song called the Sound Of Amnesty. !It was the incorporation into Shazam that however cleverly stood out. Whenever Shazam couldnʼt detect a song, it woulddisplay a special message. ”Valentina Rosendo Cantu could not make herself heard either“. Assaulted by soldiers, sheasked for justice but the authorities refused to investigate.!Via:!Watch it on youtube:!!
  8. 8. COUPLE UP TO BUCKLE UP"A unique take on the generic 2 for 1 offer, as it takes 2 to see. This campaign used two unique QR codes across everytouch point (emails, facebook app, banners, print ads, etc), making use of the insight that couples usually book tripswhen they take the time to sit down together. Couples would each scan the QR code assigned to them, which wouldsync their half of a video based offer and reveal the discount code split across both screens. !Via:!Watch it on vimeo:!
  9. 9. ANTI-DRUGS FACEBOOK TIMELINE AD"In this first Facebook timeline ad ever, the Israeli Anti-Drug Authority has effectively been making use of the newFacebook design to poignantly illustrate how a young guyʼs life would differ with and without the use of drugs. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  10. 10. EVOLUTION OF AUTOMOTIVE LOGOS"A great online collection that showcases the interesting evolution of various automotive logos.!Posted by Alexander Wipf on!Check out more on:!
  11. 11. DARK DRINKING CHOCOLATE"A simple, yet effective way to illustrate the purity and intensity of cocoa metroʼs dark drinking chocolate.!Via:!
  12. 12. SWEET TWEET"This is a great example of celebrating new followers on your agency Twitter Account – a ʻcuckoo clockʼ pops out sweetsfor employees to enjoy. As the UK-based agency ‚Uniformʻ explains: ”Weʼve been exploring the idea of physical apps,objects that connect to the Internet to perform dedicated tasks, enabling users to access information or services withoutusing a standard interface like a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. „Sweet Tweet is an extension of this idea. We wantedto create a physical app that connected our studio to our Twitter followers, alerting us all each time we get a newfollower. Now every time weʼre followed everyone in the studio shares a very tangible, glanceable and aural notificationas our clock toots and tweets a sweet, which makes us all smile.”!Via:!Watch it on:!Watch the making of it on:!
  13. 13. ʻSPICE THAT GETS YOUR EYEBALLS ROLLINGʼ"This print ad for a hot & spicy wafer brand makes clever use of an optical illusion to highlight their intense and eyeballrolling spicy flavour sensations.!Via:!
  14. 14. TAPE ART FROM AMSTERDAM"This is a great documentation of the novel approach of making of tape art by street artist Max Zorn shown in time lapse.!Posted by Alexander Wipf on!Watch it on Youtube:!
  15. 15. LIQUI-FRUIT: NOTHING BUT FRUIT"Another great and clever example that really highlights the purity of Ligui-Fruitʼs product.!Via:!View the image on:!
  16. 16. SKINNY COW ICE CREAM: 2011 RESOLUTION WALL " The Skinny Cow brand in 2012 is all about motivating fans to make their Delicious New Year come true. New Years resolutions tend to be about sacrifice; however, Skinny Cow is all about plus points (Great taste with lower calories), so Skinny Cow is encouraging fans only to live more deliciously and share their resolutions with others. The brand has launched an interactive ‚Resolution Wallʻ, where fans can post and share their 2012 Delicious Resolutions. They can share their personal resolution online and explore, sort, and like other resolutions submitted by fellow fans. Skinny Cow will also hand out special offers to the first 15,000 people who post to the wall.! Via:!See the image on: !Check it out on:!
  17. 17. VOLKSWAGEN TURN TO THE ʻBARK SIDEʼ"For the 2012 follow-up to "The Force," VW has produced "Bark Side," another Star Wars-inspired creation. Eleven dogsof different breeds bark out a doggy version of the famous tune. It hasnt even aired yet, and the teaser has been seenmore than five million times. Itʻs the clear favourite in the Super Bowl car ads so keep an eye out for the 2012 Game Daycommercial— theyʻve told us that itʻll all make sense!!Via:!Watch the commercial teaser on:!
  18. 18. IKEA SLEEPOVER"This is a great example of an effective PR stunt that lets people test out products like mattresses properly and for longerthan the usual 10 minutes. After finding a Facebook group with almost 100,000 people called “I Wanna Have ASleepover In Ikea“, IKEA themselves created a competition for their Facebook Fans to be part of a giant sleepover at theEssex IKEA store for 100 people. What a great way to turn fans into advocates.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  19. 19. CHECK IN TO FACEBOOK WITH AIR CHINA"How could you make it obvious to the Swedish Market that Air China flies, not only to China but also throughout Asia?The clever social integration solution was to carefully select a number of Asian restaurants that would act asambassadors for Air China. At the restaurants, guests were encouraged to check-in with Air China, right then and there,via Facebook.!Via:!Watch the case movie on:!
  20. 20. MAMMUT STORE CLIMB IN COLOGNE"What exactly represents the core of a high performance outdoor brand like Mammut? Surely itʻs the mountains, theclimbing, or the highest mountain ever? The campaign made use of city lights and a radio challenge to encourage theMammut target group to participate in climbing the highest building in Cologne – the iconic 165 meter high Colognetower. The entire campaign, promotion and summit was broadcast live radio and streamed to via official Mammut blogand Facebook site. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  21. 21. AMEX: THE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS"Meet the American Express eurobonus card, where every Amex card purchase collects points that can be used for airmile points on Scandinavian Airlines. The interactive ad highlights the iPadʻs built in compass and gyroscope featureswhere you hold the ipad in different compass directions for it to display different destinations and the necessary pointsyou need to go there. Hold it down towards the ground, and it shows a gaping hole that could end up in Bejing as well asthe points you need. Hold it up and get a surprise. Its essentially the world at your fingertips.!Via:!
  22. 22. SMARTPHONE SHOT CINEMA MOVIE "Olive is the very first full length feature film shot 100% on a cell phone. A 35 mm lens adapter was fabricated to fit thesmart phone in order to achieve a shallow depth of field. Starring Golden Globe winner Gena Rowlands. !Find out more about it:!Watch the trailer:!
  23. 23. SNICKERS HIJACKS KATIE PRICES TWITTER ACCOUNT"Katie Priceʻs Twitter account was ʻhijackedʼ in what ended up being a PR stunt for Snickers. Tweets referring to theEurozone debt crisis, and calling for ʻlarge scale quantitative easing in 2012ʼ had many of her 1.5m followers initiallyguessing sheʼd been hacked. The four tweets were then followed by one clearing up the issue; “Youʼre not you whenyouʼre hungry @snickersuk #hungry #spon” – which also contained a link to the photo above of Price holding up aSnickers bar. !Via:!
  24. 24. BURGER IN BRAILLE "The fast food chain Wimpy set out to inform visually impaired individuals in a truly original way that the menu was nowalso available in Braille script in all franchises. Chefs developed special burgers that were then handed out in three of thelargest institutions for blind people in South Africa. These cleverly, through the use of Sesame seeds on the bun,conveyed the message to the people in Braille Script.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  25. 25. NET-A-PORTER: AR SHOP WINDOWS"NET-A-PORTER are bringing out Augmented Reality Shopping Windows for the new Karl by Karl Lagerfeld collection,around the world including Paris, New York, London, Munich and Sydney. After downloading the iphone/ipad app,customers showing up at the stores can turn on an Augmented Reality shopping experience by pointing the camera atthe various pieces in the window, revealing 360 degree product models, video catwalk showcases, product information,pricing and the option to buy instantly.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  26. 26. TIME FOR A HOLIDAY?"This is a great visual execution that Iʼm sure a lot of individuals can identify themselves with and will get them yearningfor a much needed break.!Via:!View the image on:!
  27. 27. ORDER PIZZA VIA AUGMENTED REALITY"Dominoʼs Pizza is highlighting their 555 Deal, which offers any three (or more) 9½” pizzas for £5.55 each, and is allowingtheir customers in the UK to order their pizza via 6,000 Blippar activated augmented reality posters. “This exciting newcampaign with Blippar provides us with a great opportunity not only to communicate a good pizza deal, but also toengage with users by offering them information specific to their local store and other features just for mobile users,” saysDominoʼs multimedia manager, Nick Dutch. !Via:!Watch how it works at:!
  28. 28. TOOM BAUMARKT: THE GNOME PROTEST"Toom Baumarkt, one of Germanyʼs leading DIY and hardware stores, wanted to raise awareness about its gardeningdeparment. They made use of little garden gnomes to create buzz and awareness in form of a proper gnome protest,who were quite simply fed up with German gardens being neglected and uninhabitable. 
Via:!Watch it on:!
  29. 29. HOLLYWOODʼS BEAUTY SECRET? FOTOSHOP BY ADOBÉ"The use of the airbrush is the worst-kept secret in the fashion and beauty industry. So to highlight the issue, this spoofviral was advertising a breakthrough formula to look the way youve always dreamed: Fotoshop by Adobé. This reallycommunicated the fact that whilst this commercial isnt real, neither are societys standards of beauty.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  30. 30. TIFFANY MAKES TRUE LOVE TANGIBLE"Tiffany & Co. is bringing true love to life in the latest installment of its ‚What Makes Love Trueʻ microsite and application.Starting Jan. 25, consumers were able to submit candid photos that signify what true love means to them via the site orthrough their phones using the dedicated hashtag #truelovepictures on Instagram. What Makes Love True shows storiesand videos from Tiffany customers on how the couples met and fell in love. Curated content from consumers shares lovestories and a map allows consumers to pinpoint places in New York where a monumental relationship moment occurred.!Via:! Check it out on:!
  31. 31. GOOGLE MAPS EXPLORE YOUR WORLD"A great ad that uses a maze-like labyrinth structure to showcase that sometimes getting there can be half the fun. Ithighlights the use of Google Maps and itʻs numerous features that provide an element of ease and discovery to exploreyour world and getting to your destination on time.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  32. 32. QR CODE ADMITTANCE STAMP!A bar in New Delhi has taken use of the QR code technology in a very clever way; by using it as the admittancestamp. Not only does it work as the proof of payment; the customer can also scan it with their phone to access baroffers and discounts and call-a-cab service towards the end of the night. But it doesnʼt end there; the next daythrough the admittance stamp youʼll get tips on how to cure that hangover."Via:" Watch it on:
  33. 33. GE X500 CAMERA: HANDLE THE DISTANCE"A clever way of illustrating the power of the productʼs newest feature, the GE x500 cameraʼs 15X zooming tool.!Via:
  34. 34. TROPICANA BRINGS SUNSHINE TO LONDON"As a part of the juice maker Tropicanaʼs “Brighter Mornings” campaign, a giant “sun” was installed in theLondon cityscape at Trafalgar Square to light up Londonʼs grey winter mornings. The sun was made out of60,000 light bulbs and took 6 months to create. Definitely a bright idea! !Via:! Watch on youtube:
  35. 35. STIHL: INCREDIBLY POWERFUL, SURPRISINGLY QUIET"The new print campaign for Stihl Leaf Blowers really is quite clever and cute and effectively highlights that theleafblower machines are incredibly powerful as well as surprisingly quiet. !Via:! See the whole series here:
  36. 36. TRENDS"
  37. 37. QRAWR TURNS OBJECTS INTO DIGITAL CONVERSATIONS"QRawr enables users to transform any physical object into Facebook-style walls, with QR code stickers containing text,photo messages and linking to the usersʼ own photos, videos or text. QRawr hope their stickers, printed with unique QRcodes, will turn real-world items into online conversations. They encourage users to be creative, suggesting stickerscould be left in restaurants linking to photos of ordered meals, or at the end of a hiking trail with a message for otherswho complete the trek. Spotters of QRawr stickers can scan them — once theyʼve downloaded the app — and postcomments, pictures and videos in response. !Via:!Watch the video on:!
  38. 38. SAMSUNG SMART WINDOW"Check out the teaser video for the exciting new “transparent” smart window screen from Samsung released at the CES(Consumer Electronics Show) 2012. !Via:!Watch it on:!
  39. 39. GOOGLE TRAVEL TIME HOTEL FINDER"Googleʻs new feature added to the existing Hotel Finder filters hotels based on their maximum travel time from a locationor landmark. For example, you can ask to be shown all the hotels that are within 20 minutes travel time by publictransport from the London Eye. The results can also be filtered on the time it takes to travel on foot, or you can ask toview all the hotels in a particular area of a city - such as Londonʻs popular West-end. This looks to have interestingimplications amongst competition in the online travel market.and for accomodation hotspots.!Via:!Read the original blog entry here:!
  40. 40. GM WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY"Hereʻs a great project set up by General Motors, called the “Windows of Opportunity” project that challenged theFutureLAB at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel to make back seat windows interactive for kids. With theoutcome being an entertainment centre built around apps to deliver gaming, information and creative expression for kidsthis really managed to explore the possibilities of the future. !Via:!Watch it on:!!
  41. 41. SOCIALBRO"SocialBro allows you to manage and analyze your Twitter Community, visualizing the statistical information about yourfollowers and friends. When starting the app, it asks you for your Twitter credentials and starts to download largeamounts of metrics about your following, after which you are taken to the Dashboard. This highlights things like the besttime to Tweet, recent new followers, recent new unfollows, inactive followers, inactive friends, and lots more.!Via:!Check it on on:!
  43. 43. YOUTUBE: ONE HOUR PER SECOND"Every second, one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube. Thats 24 hours every 24 seconds... or a decade every singleday. To commemorate this milestone, this video covers some of the time-bending stats at!Via:!Check it out on: !
  44. 44. BRANDS VS. CONSUMERS: THE SOCIAL DIVIDE"A recent study of 1300 consumers and 132 senior marketers revealed a profound difference between what consumerswant from brands in social media, and what marketers think they want. This infographic provides a great summary,where the bottom line is that consumers want more—more experiences, more engagement, more rewards, and morereasons to connect with each other and brands through social media. And brands are missing the boat. They see thebenefits of reaching out to customers through social channels, but they arenʼt yet fully invested.!Via:!View the full infographic on:!
  45. 45. CHECKING-IN: PEOPLE, NOT PLACES "An article that takes a look at both the evolution and future of location-based services and what they really need to beabout in order to become a meaningful player in the world of social media.!Posted by Mareike Jaensch on!
  46. 46. FACEBOOK MARKETING STRATEGIES"This infographic offers an interesting list of various ways to market to and engage fans on Facebook, providing details ofhow to best leverage each listed method. !View it here:!
  47. 47. EDDING VS. TIPP-EX"This critical commentary takes a look at two brands, suffering from the same problem, and the two different solutions thatcame about from each in response. !Posted by Alexander Wipf on:!
  48. 48. Released by Planning Department Frankfurt
January 2012
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