December 2012 cultural fuel trend report


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December 2012 cultural fuel trend report


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  3. 3. Inspiration"
  4. 4. DOGS CRUISING AROUND..."SPCA is an organisation searching for new homes for thousands of homeless dogs. In cooperation with Mini they cameup with the „Dogs this smart deserve a home“ campaign, showing dogs behind the wheel, mastering a short track sectionby car. Porter definitely knows how to look cool when driving...!Via:!Watch it on:!
  5. 5. STICK AND FIND"StickNFind is a very small sticker that you can put on any of the things you donʻt want to lose anymore. For instance youcan tag your keys or TV remote control with the sticker and locate them in real time via a radar on your smartphone. Tomake the search even easier itʻs also possbile to let the sticker buzz or light up. !Another funny use case presented in the StickNFind video is tagging your young kidʻs shoes when going to theplayground. The application sends an immediate alert if your child is more than 100 meters away. So itʻs actually a nicetool for young mommies too.!Via:!Watch it on:!!
  6. 6. VACUUM CLEANER TUNNEL"To promote the „monster suction“ of Mieleʻs S8 vacuum cleaner with little media budget, Miele created a billboard thatdoesnʻt even exist. The video spreaded in the internet and social media and thereby discussions about the existence ofthe billboard arised. Thus Miele could easily raise awareness on its product without spending a massive budget on outof home advertisement.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  7. 7. I AM ON MY WAY"To use the Berlin Marathon as an advertising platform, adidas came up with the „5 stages of a marathon“ idea. Thereforethey created billboards for each of the 5 sections within a marathon to describe the different emotional feelings withstrong and clear visuals on everybodys way to the finish. Excitement – Flow – Euphoria – Pain and finally, Celebration. !Via:!
  8. 8. LEARN TO WRITE"In India over 40% of the country is illiterate. Door Step School is an NGO that aims to encourage people to learn to write.To motivate people, the best way is to let them experience how it feels when you are literate. For this reason Leo BurnettIndia came up with the idea to turn the symbol of illiteracy into an ink pad with different cut-outs of the Hindiʻs alphabet.Thus people were able to write their name by using their thumb as a writing tool. This experience and joy of being able towrite evoked a spirit in peopleʻs mind to join the program of Door Step School.!Via:!
  9. 9. THE MORNING AFTER PILLOW"The morning after pillow is a funny idea created for Axe in Puerto Rico. To escape from the seductive effects of Axe themorning after, they invented the „Morning After Pillow“ for very clingy women. !Via:!Watch on:!
  10. 10. THE HEINEKEN INTERACTIVE WALL"In celebration of its 140th anniversary Heineken came up with the idea to cover the outside wall of the famous HeinekenExperience Centre in Amsterdam with 5.000 Heineken bottles with LED lights inside. The best user birthday messagesand photos around the globe will be displayed between December 7th and January 2nd. Thereʻs also a broadcast streamon Heinekenʻs facebook page.!Via:!
  11. 11. BETTER PARK CAREFULLY"Lately there have been so many different metaphoric visuals to promote the advantage of park assistant technology. ButI guess everybody would love to have a park assistant when facing this situation.!You can find two more funny visuals when clicking the link.!Via:!
  12. 12. PURE EMOTION"Canal+ is a french pay TV channel for entertainment and sport programs. To promote its football channel, a Parisianagency created this very funny spot showing the emotions of true football fans. Does this look familiar to you? To us itdefinitely does.!Via:!Watch it on:!!
  13. 13. IT JUST WONʻT CLEAN THE DIRT WITHIN..."Even ads for a sponge donʻt have to be boring...Really great insight. The spong cleans all but the „dirt“ that lies in apersonʻs mind.!Via:!
  14. 14. DIGITAL WISHES FOR 2013"Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy sends digital wishes to all of you for 2013. Since last years speeches were said to betoo long, this yearʻs video is full of entertaining „easter eggs“ such as changing the ambience when switching to lowquality resolution or when decreasing the volume Maurice Lévy whispers his wishes. Great entertainment!!Watch it on:!
  15. 15. THE TWITTER RACE"To increase engagement of VW Polo followers in the social media space, a Spanish agency developed a digital strategyto make VW Polo the first topic of twitter conversations for a day. Therefore they invented the hashtag „Polowers“, amixture of „Polo“ and „Followers“. To generate traffic they created a digital race. By using the hashtag in your tweet youcould take the lead for the time until someone else used the hashtag. At a random time the race stopped and the currentleader won the VW Polo. Within 8 hours VW Polo became the first topic of conversations on twitter. They even beatJustin Bieber and apparently thatʻs quite something!!Via:!Watch it on:!!
  16. 16. CHRISTMAS- THE ANNUAL SURPRISE"Most of the people who read this will recognize the situation. The problem is less how to get the gifts to family andfriends as opposed to that time is running out und everybody is looking for the perfect present. Maybe this video remindsyou to not forget about both- to get and to send the gift.!Via:!Via:!
  17. 17. GIVE A LITTLE MORE LOVE THIS CHRISTMAS"As with every year, one highlight of the christmas advertising are the John Lewis commercials. This year it is aboutsnowman who is on his mission to get his snowwoman a nice gift for christmas. He takes on a difficult journey straightthrough the countryside to receive her present. Just watch and enjoy!!Via:!Via: !Watch it on: !
  18. 18. HELP! I NEED ..."What would we do without google in our daily life? This advertising shows that google is kind of the solution for everyquestions or any daily problems. So this spot shows how useful the google mobile search app can be. If somebody is ontour with their own smartphone or as is the case wit the mother in this clip in the kitchen- you don´t know what canhappen, so have google in your reach to cope with every kind of situation.!Via: !Watch it on: !
  19. 19. DREAMING OF A HOLIDAY?"Catching yourself daydreaming about a much needed holiday? There isn´t much that needs to be said about this printcampaign, a picture speaks a thousand words.!Via:!
  20. 20. MERRY CHRISTMAS IN AUSTRALIAN"Typical images of Christmas: cold, dark outside with a lot of holiday lights, snow all around the city and so on. But thesebeliefs aren´t reality everywhere- like in Australia. Most of the people celebrate Christmas at the beach as these Santasare doing in this commercial. They even go surfing in their suits. Aldi therefore wanted to break the christmasconventions and created a new ‚australianʻ christmas icon, the surfing santa.!Via: !
  21. 21. SH*T HAPPENS!"Bad and stupid things happen all day and it can be so embarassing! I´m sure that everyone who watches this clip willrecognize such a situation or something similar. It is a very nice reminder of our daily adventures and that us humans areat our best when things are at their worst. So the big insurance company „Liberty Mutual“ shows that no matter whathappens, this company is on your side every time and brings out the best in you.!Via: !Watch it on: !
  22. 22. WHAT REALLY MATTERS"At the end of the year Turkish Airlines impresses with a first class testimonial TV spot. Two of the best athletes in theworld, Kobe Bryant and Leo Messi and each with an exceptional talent in their own sport are competing for the attentionof a little boy. They do tricks with balls, build cardhouses and create balloon animals, but in the end there is just onething the boy is interested in.!Via: !Watch on: !
  23. 23. SCENES EVERYBODY KNOWS"The pictures of waiting people in front of an Apple Store always go around the world. For these people, Apple is almost akind of a religion, whilst others think it´s a silly hype. Samsung pulls Appleʻs leg with this spot, but in a funny and notreally disrespectful way.!Via: !Watch it on: !
  24. 24. JUST A SECOND"What can all happen in a second? Not much, a second is so short, and mostly you won´t miss something important. Thiscould be the most common answer. But the clip promoting the Miami Short Film Festival shows how important everysingle second is in a very humorous way.!Via: !Watch these on:! !
  25. 25. MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS"Each child dreams about speaking to Santa once in a lifetime. This dream came true in Brazil thanks to the largesttelecom provider in the country, Oi. It wanted to make people believe in the magic of christmas once again, the childrenthat talked to Santa not only got a gift, but also obtained their own little christmas miracle. !Via: !Watch it on: !
  26. 26. COLOR YOUR LIFE"This is the new commercial from Lacoste, which showcases the polo shirt of the future, in honor of Lacosteʻs 80thbirthday. At a simple swipe of the alligator logo, the shirts are able to change colour which is a very interesting, livid andcolorful presentation of how we could experience the polo shirt in the future.!Via: !Watch on: !
  27. 27. HAZY MEMORIES"This commercial from the Alzheimer Society of BC displays the illness Alzheimer in such a emotional and poignant way.The screen of the video is a brain in which all the memories take place. A whole life is shown with a marriage and havinga child, growing old together until the couple loses their connected hands and also their physical connection with eachother. Very powerful!!Via: !Watch on: !
  28. 28. CHILDREN DON´T LIE"Children have this amazing characteristic to say everything which crosses their mind and speak it out loudly. So why doadults always make simple situations and questions so complicated? How do adults always manage to turn simplequestions and opinions into one of the most complicated ones? AT&T has the nations largest 4G network and asexplained by kids, bigger is better. Its not complicated.!Via: !Watch on:! ! !
  29. 29. WANT TO BE PERFECT?"These photos show an ordinary woman looking at her reflection. And like most women she finds something she doesn´tlike on herself. What to do is the question? On the right sight there is a toolbox similarly to the one that photoshop uses.These photo series encourage us to think about the use of airbrushing and other tools used to to create ʻperfectʼ imagesthat are not achievable in natural ways.!Via: !
  30. 30. SAFTY AT NIGHT"In the middle of the night pedestrians have a big problem because they won´t been seen in the dark where cars caneasily overlook them and also the traffic signs. In light of their aim to create a ‚smarter planet, in order to make the worldwork better, IBM came up with the idea to create a flashing zebra crossing.!Via: !Watch it on: !
  31. 31. A DIFFERENT KIND OF TEST DRIVE"When someone wants to buy a car, a test drive is of course a common possibility. Nissan chooses to make the most outof this insight in the promotion of the new `Juke Nisimo´ which was launche within the driving game Asphalt 7: Heat.Everyone who plays this game, can therefore simultaneously experience a virtual test drive of the new car. Get ready tostart your engines!!Via: !Watch it on: !
  32. 32. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE..."Poor guy, he has to replicate the most popular scene from `Lady & the Tramp´ all alone or specifically, with a unhappylooking model from an advertising print campaign out of a magazine. Before you end up as desperate as this guy, usethe help of the dating website,!Via: !
  33. 33. WALL OF SHOES"One of the most common and effective ways to kill insects is a stomp of a shoe. Based on this information the idea of acan of Doom made out of shoes was born and got a lot of attention. On top of it there also existed the challenge to guesshow many shoes were needed for the can. A great idea which deserved the success it got.!Via: !Watch it on: !
  34. 34. WHAT IS YOUR UNLIMITED LOVE?"Let New York know your answer! With the help of the unlimited data courtesy of the Sprint mobile network, this isn´t anissue anymore. Tweet your answer and at the same time read the opinions from other people at the interaction board onTimes Square. Share all your unlimited loves in New York City and get new inspirations as to what other people love.!Via: !Watch it on: !
  35. 35. ZOOM IN"The first impression of this picture could be: beautiful, detailed or amazing- just simply through the talent of the artist. Butbehind that it is so much more: all the lines and shadings are made out of signatures! The purpose of the campaign is tomake sure that the connection between the `March of Dimes´ organization that improves the health of mothers andbabies and their biggest fundraiser `Signature Chefs Auction´ is highlighted. More specifically, that a signature can meanso much.!Via: !
  36. 36. HELP NOW"In Germany, one in every four women is threatened and beaten by her partner, as stated at the beginning of the video.But statistics like this are just numbers we hear daily. However the cooperation between `BFF´(Women against ViolenceOrganization ) and the magazine `Vogue´ reveals the issue by making use of the manner with which we interact with theiPad. As you flick through the Vogue images, the sweeping hand motion has quite a different effect on one of theimages....check it out!!Via: !Watch it on: !
  37. 37. LET´S LIGHT A CANDLE!"In the video you can see a huge christmas tree made out auf tealights which looks beautiful and festive when the tree islit. But the main idea behind this picture is that everyone can light a candle on their website, you just have to log intofacebook. For every burning tealight the Danish red cross spends money.!Via: !Watch on: !
  38. 38. BETTER EARLIER THAN LATER"Drinking and driving- there exist plenty of videos, ambient installations and print campaigns regarding prevention. Anddespite these people still keep doing it. The Red cross thought that they have to step in earlier - meaning before peoplecan even start. They put a protection advise directly on the bottle. Letʻs hope that this direct marketing approach willmake a difference.!Via: !
  39. 39. NOTHING MATTERS"In these busy times it isn´t easy to just sit down, relax and read a newspaper without hesitation. But when you get timeyouʻre in your own world and often donʻt notice what is going on around them- no matter how unbelievable it is. Thesimple reason for this complete absorption is the power of newspapers, showcasing that newspapers are in fact capableof holding their readersʻ attention.!Via: !Watch it on: !
  40. 40. ONE OF A KIND"Normally advertising for cars are about the benefits, saving and showing how beautiful the car looks. But this advertisingisn´t the ordinary kind, it is about you- the person who should buy this car, it is about the people who are all differentindividuals because: `You are you. One of a kind, outstanding, amazing, a single mind!ʻ and you need a car that is asunique as you. !!Via: !Watch on: !
  41. 41. TRENDS"
  42. 42. SOCIAL CURRENCY"Kellogs has opened its first Tweet Shop in London. To promote the new Special K Cracker Crisps people can buy a bagof chips paying via tweets and therefore increasing Kellogʻs viral spread. Definitely a great futuristic advertising model,since existing studies prove that user recommendations in social media lead to a higher and more credible advertisingeffect. Seems like we will see those social currency models more and more.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  43. 43. KEEP IT WARM"In winter everyone has got hats, caps or earflaps. But this hat is one which no one other will have. So if you try to shineout this is your accessoire must-have for this season. But this style also shows that it it doesn´t matter to look like theother this hat is about the individuality, own creativity and that the `just me´matters- like in a lot of new advertising.!Via:!
  44. 44. SORRY, I JUST SING UNDER THE SHOWER!"A lot of people hate to sing in front of others, so the sentence in the headline is one of the most used excuses. Butsinging under the shower with no music? Or singing under the shower and cranking up the volume at the radio in thebath to annoy the neighbours? Never again! The new showerhead with wireless speakers take the music right under theshower so you can perform a little private concert or practice for an emergency situation- like karaoke. The mainpoint ofthis gadget is: It adapts in your world and our life. Do what you want at the time that you want.!Via: !Watch it on: !
  45. 45. AESTHETIC AND PRAGMATIC"This gadget which looks like a bonsai tree isn´t just art for the office, it also gathers solar power. With this new productwhich as been launched at Kickstarter you are able to charge the battery of smartphones, iPhones or iPads. The rolemodel which inspired one of the three creators Vivien Muller was nature, which has got the best capture of solar energy.A great way to make renewable energy options visually pleasing!!Via:–-electree-charges-your-electronics/ !Watch it on: !
  46. 46. ALL-ROUNDER"Plenty of furniture isn´t suitable with little flats- such as mattress. So it is always a challenge when somebody is sleepingover and a comfortable sleeping option has to be found. But with the chairbed there are two furnitures in one and all theproblems will never happen again. We can expect more of these multi-functional furniture pieces to pop up given theirversatility and money as well as space saving properties. !Via: !Watch on: !
  48. 48. STORE 3.0 - SEAMLESS SHOPPING EXPERIENCES"Over the last years the experiences of shopping ran through significant changes. Conditioned by the birth of the internetand social media platforms, todayʻs shopping is driven by a higher social component due to all the reviews, ratings andrecommendations you can find in the internet and social media. This so-called „digital word of mouth“ has proven to bestronger than classic advertising.!As a matter of fact people still search for a physical shopping experience, but with a seamless integration of onlineworlds. According to Deloitte analysts this seamless model is called Store 3.0 – and is the future of retail.!Via:!
  49. 49. I KNOW YOU!"Everyone should know that all the information from facebook, twitter and surveys are saved and that today people aresimilar to glass- namely transparent. Nowadays it has nothing to do with super powers to know everything about aperson. This video reveals what goes on behind the scenes, drawing peopleʻs attention to the fact that their entire lifecan be found online. Itʻs a powerful reminder to everyone to be careful. Maybe think twice because every information willand can be used and perhaps you don´t want every information to be puplic... .!Via: !Watch it on: !
  50. 50. HOW MUCH DOES THE END OF THE WORLD COST?"Dec. 21, the Mayan Calendar´s end date have dominated the media and plenty of theories about what will really happenhave scattered. But the interesting part about this phenomen is how much money people can make with the end of theworld. `End of the world packages´ which includes hotel or Mayan inspired spa treatments were made for people whobelieve in the end of the world and also want to experience this event. But also people who didn´t believe in theapocalypse didn´t pass up a golden opportunity to celebrate a party. Doomsday really was this yearʻs best marketingopportunity.!Via: !
  51. 51. BRANDS THAT WILL MAKE THEIR MARK IN 2013"In this interesting article below, John Nunziato gives a forecast on brands with a high potential to make their mark in2013. One of his first picks is the notorious car marker Jaguar, that is about to play a big role in the luxury carmakercategory this year. It is hitting the market with its iconic but also innovative design and new fuel efficient technologies.Another interesting brand to watch in 2013 is the shoe maker „Clarks Shoes“, that stands for simplicity, solid old worldstyle and affordable pricing. Having a great celebrity fan base with stars like Robert Pattinson having their back, 2013could really turn into a wake-up call for this quieter brand. !The whole article is found here:!
  52. 52. ANNUALLY THE SAME"Every year on the 31st of December people are asked about their intentions and changes for the next year. But has italways to be the start of the year to restart issues or unlearn bad habits? Making changes can happen all the time- if youreally want to! For example: One of the most intentions for the next year is to lose weight. When the spring begins manypeople do the `spring cleaning.´ So why don´t brands which advertise diet products or fitness studios use this time tochange peopleʻs lifes too, as opposed to focusing on the 1st of January? Maybe under the slogan: ‚Spring cleanyourselfʻ. Following on from this food for thought..... ! ! !! ! ! ! !HAPPY NEW YEAR! ! !
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