Cultural Fuel Trend Report December 2011


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Cultural Fuel Trend Report December 2011


  2. 2. NEWSLETTER CONTENT"Inspiration"Some creative ideas to inspire you !Trends"Hot trends and interesting marketing strategies!Insights & Opinions"Research news about target groups and marketinsights!
  3. 3. Inspiration"
  4. 4. KLM PASSPORT MOVIE APP"This is a great app that lets you upload your photos and videos, integrates them into a certain theme and geotagsthe content. You end up with a customized holiday movie held within a passport that is mapped visually acrossthe globe. A great way to turn your holidays and journeys into digital creative pieces that can be shared with yourfamily and friends. !Via:!View it on youtube:!
  5. 5. POSTERS OF PASSION"The agency Serviceplan was looking to hire creatives from design and advertising schools. To gain attention they createdbillboards made out of genuine passion, namely out of real tears from art directors. With 3 kilograms of raw onions theyproduced enough tears and fixed the tears with tissues on the billboard. A QR code linked directly to a microsite, where ashort video detailed how the poster was made and encouraged viewers to apply to Serviceplan. Other posters showcasedreal blood from their copywriters and sweat from their designers. !Via: !View the image:!
  6. 6. HERO"This guy painstakingly „dotted“ a drawing of his father with the use of 210 hours of work and a total of 3.2million ink dots. Check out the amazing result in the video below.! Watch it on Vimeo:!
  7. 7. CHOCOLATE AUGMENTED REALITY MESSAGES"This is a great example of using augmented reality in a both creative and personalised way. A smartphone app allowsyou to send romantic or cute messages that are brought to life using image recognition technology over any wrappedLacta chocolate, creating a dynamic and personalized animation and message. !Via:! Watch it on vimeo: !
  8. 8. COCA-COLA RIVALRY WALLET"Imagine a lost wallet in a stadium box-office containing a ticket to the next important game belonging to a fan of theopposite team. Would you give it back? A surprising 95% of people did and were greeted with thunderous applause frompeople around them and were rewarded with a bottle of Coke, as well as a ticket to the game. Coca-cola honored theiractions by displaying their acts of honesty in the giant screen during the actual game. !Via:!Watch it on youtube:!
  9. 9. WONDERBRA: THE ULTIMATE PLUNGE"This ingenious installation really is taking the infamous push-up bra to new heights. A bungee jump into the depths ofthe wonderbra created cleavage is definitely an attention grabber.!Via:!View the image on:!
  10. 10. A RANDOM WAY TO CHEER UP RANDOMERS"Weʻre all familiar with those notorious Christmas Grinchʻs, those who find any reason to complain about the christmasseason.This microsite by advertising agency G2 is fantastic way for people to do their good deed for the Holidays.Simply go online and use their generator to find a random grumpy Tweeter. Once youʼve picked a Tweet youʼd like torespond to—write them an uplifting ‚Haikuʻ, select a cute theme, and send it. All the Haikus created through the site arekept in a special online viewing gallery, so anyone can browse through, have a laugh, but most importantly share them.This is a great way to brighten the festive season up one Humbug at a time!!Via:!Check out the site on:!
  11. 11. CORONAʼS POP-UP ʻSUMMER IN WINTERʼ BEER GARDEN"With a very refreshing take on the festive season, Coronas beer garden is looking to defy the chilly winter weather byallowing you to enjoy a chillded beer in almost tropical conditions. While people rush around in the cold, this beer gardenbrings a hint of summer to the wintry capital. Inside the heated beer garden, guests can enjoy the sights, scents, sounds,tastes and feel of summer. Christmas music will be replaced with summery house tunes and the traditional mulled wine willbe swapped with an ice-cold bottle of Corona Extra. !Source:!
  12. 12. HARVEY NICHOLSʼ WALK OF SHAME"What can look amazingly sexy on a night out can end up looking amazingly inappropriate when youʼre walking home themorning after from a christmas party. Harvey Nichols plays on the dreaded Walk of Shame and invites you to share yourown personal walk of shame story.!Via:!Watch it on youtube:!!
  13. 13. PIZZA DIGITALE" In a clever cooperation with the delivery service Croque Master, Scholz & Friends created the “Pizza Digitale“. A special pizza, which was added to every order from other major agenciesʼ employees. The recipe was simple: Pizza dough with tasty tomato sauce, shaped like a QR-Code, which directly links to a mobile landing page. In this way they could make sure that the message – Scholz & Friends was seeking for Digital Creatives – would reach just the right person. ! Via:!View the image:!
  14. 14. QR CODES FOR CHARITY"This clever initiative by a UK charity, Simon on the Streets, tapped into peopleʼs reluctance to donate money directly tohomeless people in fear of this funding drug or alcohol abuse problems. QR codes were printed on cardboard and setup in typical ʻhomelessʼ scenarios, complete with blankets, plastic bags to draw attention. These codes linked up directlyto a page where you could donate to the Simon the Streets charity. !Via:!
  15. 15. OXFAM UK: THERMAL IMAGING"This was quite a visually powerful image to illustrate Oxfamʻs donation call to “Help us fight the effects of globalwarming.
Via:!View the image:!
  16. 16. AXE CHRISTMAS KISSER"Unileverʻs “Axe Xmas Kisser”, Facebook app encourages guys to celebrate Christmas the Axe way and share aChristmas Kiss with AXE Mistletoe. The app allows them to upload their photo under the mistletoe and send out avirtual kiss to their favourite ladies. The girls are then invited to make these guysʻ Christmas by uploading their ownphoto to return the kiss. !Via:! Check it out on:!
  17. 17. SINOMARIN: POSEIDON"A great and simple way to illustrate that the product is both natural and powerful, a “100% natural decongestant. Seawater solution.”!Via:!View the image on:!
  18. 18. ABSOLUT VODKAʼS PURITY POSTER"In line with the ABSOLUTE Blank campaign, this unique poster is made from a sheet of paper and nothing else. Theposter, which features the new limited edition bottle of ABSOLUT Mode is made using only light and shades, which addsto the atmosphere of ultimate lightness and purity. The minimalistic white image is formed by wrinkles and folds, in whichlight is plating, creating a picture on nothing but a piece of blank 100 % cellulose paper.!Via:! Watch the making of video here: !
  19. 19. HYUNDAIʼS SCENTED HOLIDAY CARDS" This holiday season, Hyundai sent clients and friends a cute twist on the traditional tree-shaped car freshener. They sent out a car-shaped tree freshener, exuding the fresh new car smell.! Via:!View the image:!
  20. 20. AND YOU, WHY DO YOU READ?"Quite a creative approach from Brusselʼs Filigranes Library in showcasing what a good book can make you do.!Via:!Vie the image:!_ibelieveinadv.jpg!
  21. 21. APPLE IPHONE 4S SANTA AD"Appleʻs Christmas-themed television commercial for the iPhone 4S stars Santa Claus himself. Appleʼs voice-activatedSiri shows that they can help anyone get thrugh a busy day, or night, by assisting his Christmas run, including givingdirections from Seattle, Washington, to Twin Falls, Idaho, a reminder from Mrs. Clausʻs to not eat too many cookies, arun down on temperatures and a reminder about his 3.7 billion appointments.!Via:!Watch it on youtube:!
  22. 22. TIDE: LOSING WHITENESS"A clever little way to show that “Wherever you loose whiteness, Tide gets it back.”!Via:!
  23. 23. NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WASTE & ENERGY"Another simple but powerful HSBC ad that once again serves to be thought provoking. Check out the rest of the ads via:!View the image on:!
  24. 24. JELL-O: FACIAL RECOGNITION SAMPLING"This is a cunning and attention grabbing interactive initiative placed strategically in a Chicago aquarium, a locationoverrun with children and their parents. Using facial recognition software to note the age of the consumer, the Jell-ovending machine would specifically deny children a free sample of the new Jell-o Temptations premium dessert rangedesigned exclusively for adults, prompting them to step aside for grown-ups tp get a free taste.!Via:!Watch it on:!
  25. 25. CRUNCHOMETER"A great interactive sampling event to mark the launch of a new corn based snack with extra crunch, OWL Crunchos.The Crunchometer – a machine that invited people to really sample the crunchiness of the product. !Via:!Watch it on youtube:!
  26. 26. PARANÖEL ACTIVITY"The 2011 Christmas card from Acart Communications agency really isnʻt your typical christmas greeting. It takes areal novel take on the concept of a supernatural old guy who breaks into your house once a year while you and yourchildren are asleep.!Via:!Watch it on youtube:!
  27. 27. INTERACTIVE RACING GAME: NY TIMES SQUARE"Hyundai took consumer engagement to a whole new level by setting up an interactive racing game called ʻHYUNDAIRACEʼ on its prominent Times Square video screen. Passers by could play the high-quality racing game featuring the all-new Hyundai Veloster on the big screen and simulate the real driving experience.!Via:!Watch how it works on youtube:!
  28. 28. THE TOPLESS POSTER"This first truly ʻToplessʼ poster is a real ʻhands onʼ and attention grabbing installation that invites women to touch thedisplayed breasts to see whether theyʼre real. After they did, the women were reminded that ʻBreast Cancer is alsorealʼ. They were encouraged to do the self-examination and protect themselves as well.!Via:!View the poster:!
  29. 29. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ʻPROJECTIONʼ"This powerful ad showcases in a very impactful and profound manner the power of a single signature when it comes tohuman rights.!Via:!Watch it on youtube:!
  30. 30. GOOGLE: LET IT SNOW"Google is always well known for its surprising and entertaining hidden features. For the festive season, a couple ofholiday specials were able to brighten up your search efforts. Using your Firefox or Google Chrome Browser, youcould head to the Google Search Page and type in ʻLet it snowʼ to see the snow fall down from the top of the browserwindow . You could then either wait for a ʻDefrostʼ button to appear or use your mouse to clear the snow away. Typingin ʻChristmas Lightsʼ created a cute string of Christmas lights that dressed up your search results.!
  31. 31. STERN.DE: UPDATED EVERY SECOND"This is a simple yet clever visual depiction of the Sternʻs promise that their news is truly ‚updated every secondʻ!Via:!
  32. 32. HEINEKEN: SUPER SOCIAL CHRISTMAS TREE "Heineken have built what might just be the worldʼs most social Christmas tree! Itʼs a festive landmark lit up by the mostpowerful thing we know: our friendships. 48 LCD screens standing tall at 11 metres at Clarke Quay Central fountain aredesigned to broadcast your personal holiday greetings submitted via social media platforms. Using the facebookapplication, you can send friends and loved ones a festive greeting by tagging them on your personal and customizabledigital tree and then see your message come alive visually on the real life Christmas tree sculpture from the 17-26thDecember. Social Media has never been more festive. !Posted by Mareike Jaensch on!Watch it on Youtube:!!
  33. 33. ALCRO: COLOUR TACKLE"As official sponsor for the Swedish National Ice Hockey Team, the Swedish paint company Alcro literallycoloured outside of the lines in their new outdoor ad. !Source:!
  34. 34. TRENDS"
  35. 35. EBAYʼS CHRISTMAS POP-UP SHOP"With Christmas just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time for eBay to experiment a little byopening up a pop-up store in Londonʼs bustling & quirky Dean Street in Soho. For 5 days in December,shoppers could purchase over 200 exclusive ‚Buy it Nowʼ items using their smartphones to scan attached QRcodes, pay for them online and then get the items delivered straight to their door. This really is an interestingexperiment that aims to recreate and simulate the online retail process in an actual physical shoppingexperience. The concept is great in its novelty and serves to blur the line between on and offline retail,opening up exciting options of how the two could be integrated more seamlessly in the future.!Posted by Mareike Jaensch on!Watch it on youtube:!
  36. 36. DIGITAL HIGHLIGHTER"The first digital highlighter of its kind allows users to highlight texts online, share them via social media sites andemail or save them as PDF files. A bookmarklet solution allows the digital highlighter to work on any website withtext, regardless of which browser is being used. !Source:!View the image:!
  37. 37. GOOGLE+: JUST HANGING OUT TOGETHER"This is a great TV campaign that showcases Google+ʼs features, specifically the benefits of Hangouts, which is uniquein a time when we are already overloaded with other social networking commitments i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Blogs,Flicker, Tumblr etc.!Via:!View it on youtube:!
  38. 38. WORLDʼS FIRST ANDROID STORE"Google has launched the first ever Android themed retail store in Australia, the Androidland, It is intended to create aunique retail experience which includes a massive multi-screen Google Earth installation powered by an Android phone,large screen angry birds gaming, Android merchandise galore, skills testers, amusement park style games, spaceship,and large chill out spaces. !Via:!Watch it on Youtube:!
  39. 39. GOOGLE CURRENTS"Google Currents is a new application for Android devices, iPads and iPhones that lets you explore online magazines andother content with the swipe of a finger. It delivers beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for highspeed offline reading. Content is optimized for smartphones and tablets, allowing you to intuitively navigate betweenwords, pictures and video on large and small screens alike, even if youʼre offline.!Via:!Check it out on:!
  41. 41. PSYCHOLOGY OF SOCIAL COMMERCE"This is an interesting infographic underlining the power and potential of social commerce that emphasizes the need formarketers to have a good understanding of the attitude and behaviour patterns of their target audience. Psychologistshave defined six universal heuristics used by shoppers and how these can be applied in social commerce. !Via:!View it on:!
  42. 42. ZEITGEIST 2011: HOW THE WORLD SEARCHED"What was most important in 2011? Zeitgeist took the time to analyze billions of Google searches to create a picture of thetop 10 of the worldʼs most pressing global queries. Google then created a video clip that put together and celebrated themillions of search queries from all over the world. It provides a powerful picture of this yearʼs defining moments and whatmoved the world in 2011, captured through the lens of the search engine. !Via:!Explore at:!Watch the video on Youtube:!
  43. 43. SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS "A great critical commentary on whether there lies any value in the corporate giants that already have a loyaland vast customer base, such as McDonalds or Walmart, investing in social media efforts.!Posted by Ida Opstad on!
  44. 44. THE BEST OF NEUROMARKETING – 2011"This is a great collection of the top 12 key neuromarketing insights that were gained in 2011, selected by those thatreceived the most traffic from tweets from the Neuromarketing blog. They cover insights from a neuroscienceperspective on a range of fascinating topics such as ʻThe power of positive namesʼ, ʻDonʼt sell, seduceʼ or ʻAppleʼsreligiousʼ reaction in fansʼ brainsʼ, amongst others.!Read about it on:!
  45. 45. HOW CONTENT GOES VIRAL"Everyone would like to be let in on the magic recipe of what it takes to make things viral. ProBlogger has compiled aterrific piece of research that takes a close look at viral content, highlighting different types of viral content, the reasons weshare it, how itʼs designed, the importance of integrated execution and hints on how to create and seed viral content.!Via:!View the infographic on:!
  46. 46. SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGES MORE THAN TV"A study by Neurofocus examined the neurological impact of advertising in different contexts. It presented the same Visaad in three viewing contexts: a typical televison ad “pod,” and as an embedded video on a Visa website and on Facebook.The subjectsʼ brain activity was monitored using EEG technology to assess three metrics that are part of the Neurofocusanalysis: attention, emotional engagement, and memory retention. The most significant conclusion of the study is that thewebsites that creatively integrate social elements into every aspect of their presentations can create a level of emotionalengagement close to the most engaging medium: Television. The emotional activation that occurs from engaging withfriends and family seems to confer a halo effect on ads presented in that context.!Via:!Read the full study:!
  47. 47. Released by Planning Department Frankfurt
December 2011
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