PPT - First World War - IIB1


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PPT - First World War - IIB1

  1. 1. From USA’s point of view
  2. 2. CAUSES The Triple The Dual Alliance Alliance was was formed signed between between 1882->1798-> From USA’s point of view Germany and Italy, Germany and Austria- Austria-Hungary. Hungary
  3. 3. The Entente The Franco- Cordiale was Russian formed between1894-> 1904 -> From USA’s point of view alliance the United Kingdom and was formed France
  4. 4. The Anglo- The Triple Russian Entente was Convention was formed between 1907 ->1907 -> From USA’s point of view signed between The United Russia and The Kingdom, Russia United Kingdom and France
  5. 5. Assassination of The Austrian Archduke.The 1rst world warbegan on August 1914 It was directly triggered by the assessination of the Austrian Archduke, Franz Ferdinand and view From USA’s point of his wife, On 28th June 1914 by a Bosnian revolutionary, Gavrilo Princip
  6. 6. The USA entered the war • The USA wanted to stay neutral. • Russia erupted in revolution in 1917 and would soon be out of war. From USA’s point of view • 275000 soldiers were killed in the battle of Carapetto in Italy forcing the Birtish and French to divert troops.
  7. 7. The USA entered the war • The Triple Entente Alliance looked to america for salvation because of it industrial strength. • Because of the subsidence of two American’s boats and 128 American deads and The USA entered the war on April 1917. From USA’s point of view • General Pershing ordered a succesful attack in Saint-Mihiel, France, and the German High Command began to crack forcing General Lundendorf to resing and flee to Sweden.
  8. 8. The USA entered the war • Germany signed an armistice ending the war. • Over 1.2 million Americans died From USA’s point of view • With the USA in the war this did not just mean more troops, ships or supplies, it also opened up the scene of a greater economic and business support to the run down nations.
  9. 9. USA after The Great War.The first world wasuniversally destructiveThat event was one of the most From USA’s point of viewdestructive wars in the world witheffects in many areas of human life inthe entire worldThe First World War affected allareas in America and continued tohave those effects in many years tocome.
  10. 10. USA after The Great War. It is estimated that 15 Millions of people were From USA’s point of view killed
  11. 11. USA after The Great War. There was an evolution of capitalism and a progress in scientific spheres because the From USA’sproduction in industry point of view America boomed
  12. 12. • Lot money was spent in this War, so huge taxes were imposed on people and the government restricted the price of commodities.• Women and African-American worked in industry for the absence of able-bodied men.• When the soldiers started to return home, the industry became to slow. From USA’splanted the view of the• This unemployment point of seeds coming GREAT DEPRESSION.• One of the most important social consequence was the independence of women.
  13. 13. USA after The Great War. • The independence of women took place after war because they had shown that their strength was equal to men and they helped in the war in many ways • Then President Wilson urge congress to give women the right of vote From USA’s point of view • Many restriction on women dissapeared.
  14. 14. There were other effects in America that is nothing compared to Europe, where nations were divided andreformed. The First World War was destructive in America asFrom USA’s point of view well as the entire World
  15. 15. From USA’s point of view