PPT - The League of Nations - IIA2


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PPT - The League of Nations - IIA2

  1. 1. Universidad Central de VenezuelaFacultad de humanidades y EducaciónEscuela de Idiomas Modernos Members: Alejandro Abreu Anthony Moreno
  2. 2. The League of Nations was to be anorganization where representatives of theworld´s Nations would meet settle theirdifference by discussion instead of war. Itwas founded in Geneva Switzerland in1919.
  3. 3. In the year 1914 the world was involvedin a conflict (The Great War). The war had finished in 1918 and TheTreaty of Versailles was created. It was thepeace settlement signed after World WarOne.
  4. 4. In 1918, The president of The UnitedStates Woodrow Wilson gave a speechwith a special contribution called “TheFourteen Points” “Point # 14: A general association ofnations must be formed under specificcovenants for the purpose of affordingmutual guarantees of politicalindependence and territorial integrity togreat and small states alike”.
  5. 5.  Thesemi-official emblem that The League could made was:
  6. 6.  The official languages of The League were English, French and Spanish The permanent members were: Great Britain: Italy: France: Japan
  7. 7. 1. To avert future conflicts as devastating as The World War One.2. To Strengthen the conditions of The Treaty of Versailles.3. To help countries in crisis (economic and healthy)
  8. 8. 1. The secretariat: It was responsible for the administrative work.2. The Council: It was responsible for the direction of the actions of The Assembly3. The Assembly: It was responsible for the decisions that they need to made
  9. 9. Despite the weaknesses of TheLeague, this organization had somesuccesses in some conflicts:
  10. 10. Sweden and Finland disputed thepossession of The Aland Islands.However, the islands had traditionallybelonged to Finland and The Leaguedecided in favor of Finland.
  11. 11. Germany and Poland debated forUpper Silesia and after agreements withThe League of Nations they decided tosplit Upper Silesia between Germany andPoland
  12. 12. It is a result of a border conflict whereGreece decide to invade Bulgaria after theBulgarian militaries killed a Greek soldier.Nevertheless, The League intervened andordered the withdrawal of the Greek Armyand a economic sanction.
  13. 13. Weak DepressionAmerica UnsuccessfulStructure Members Bullies
  14. 14.  Weak: The League had not a great military force. America: Many Americans were against their country become permanently involved in the problem of Europe and U.S.A refused to join The league of Nations. Structure: The league was a disorganized entity.
  15. 15.  Depression: In 1930, The world fell in a great crisis. Unsuccessful: The experience of The League Of Nations had few successes. Members: The nations involved rarely had communication. Bullies: The League excluded countries such as Russia and Germany.