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Videos in the Cloud and Analyses on the Earth - Convergence Project


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The Convergence Project - Videos in the Cloud and Analyses on the Earth.
By Panagiotis GKONIS - SIL, Greece - Francis LEMAITRE - FMSH-ESCOM, France - Aziz MOUSAS - ICCS, Greece

Published in: Education, Travel, Technology
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Videos in the Cloud and Analyses on the Earth - Convergence Project

  1. 1. The Project.Videos in the Cloud andAnalyses on the Earthwww.ict-convergence.euPanagiotis GKONIS - SIL, GreeceFrancis LEMAITRE - FMSH-ESCOM, FranceAziz MOUSAS - ICCS, Greece
  2. 2. “Videos in the Cloud and Analyses on the Earth”A Collaborative Platform for sharing Video Resourcesfor Research and EducationThe Project.
  3. 3. Content & Actors (1/2)• Videoo Scientific & cultural video material Documentaries, Interviewes, Seminars, etc. WMV Format⇒ Published by agents (persons, institutions) who are the VideoMaterial Owners (VMOs) FMSH, Researchers, Universities, etc.• Video Analysiso Rich description of a Video (produced by a non-CONVERGENCE app.) Virtual Segmentation & Description of video parts Main Information, Actors, Resources, Translations, Video/Audio Plans,etc. Filmic discourse analysis based on domain description templates RDF/OWL Format⇒ Published by Analysts Documentalists, Researchers, Students, etc.
  4. 4. Content & Actors (2/2)• Video Channelo Web Channel aggregating Video Analyses Dedicated to a specific domain, a university course, a research work, etc.⇒ Published by agents (persons, institutions) who are the Video ChannelOwners (VCOs) Research labs, Universities, individual Researchers, Teachers,• Post :o Aggregation of a Video Analysis to a Video Channel⇒ Published by agents who are the Video Channel Owners (VCOs)⇒ Browsed by people who are the Video Channel Users (VCUs)⇒The Application use 4 kinds of VDIs :Video VDI, Analysis VDI, Channel VDI, Post VDI
  5. 5. Scenario• Video content creation and publication provided withspecific exploitation licenses by a Content Ownero VMOs publish videos,o VCOs post analyses on their channel, etc.• Subscription to relevant video content by a Usero Analysts (students, teachers, researchers, …) subscribe to specifickinds of videos (genres, themes, …),o VCUs (also students, teachers, researchers, …) subscribe to specifickinds of video channels (genres, content, …), etc.o VMOs get numbers of downloads of their videos, Analysts numbers ofposts of their analyses, etc.
  6. 6. Scenario (continued)• Notification sent to User when a matching video content ispublishedo VCUs (students, teachers, researchers, …) are notified of each videopublication which is relevant for them• Use and exploitation of relevant video content with respectto the specific user license governing a given video and/orvideo analysis.o Analysts may download videos, VCOs may post analyses of a video,etc.• Event Reports of the usages of their video content sent toContent Ownerso VMOs get number of downloads of their videos, Analysts number ofposts of their analyses, etc.
  7. 7. Users InteractionsShared Content Licensing & Notifications
  8. 8. OntologiesThe FMSH scenario use different existing ontologies :•A domain ontology dedicated to video analysiso Thesaurus of ~6000 terms : localizations, individuals, RWOs, concepts,scientific disciplines, pedagogical genres, audio-visual genres, textualstructure of a video, etc.⇒ Used for Video Creation & Subscription, and Analysis Subscription•5 User Ontologies dedicated to specific domainso Andean Cultural Heritage, Cultural Diversity, French & WorldLiterature, Social & Human Sciences, Latin America.⇒ Topics of each domain used for Analysis SubscriptionThis application is a good demonstration of howCONVERGENCE technology can use external ontologies
  9. 9. “Videos in the Cloud and Analyses on the Earth”DEMO ContextThe Project.
  10. 10. DEMO Videos• Content has already been published by several users, usingdifferent kinds of licenses⇒Please note that names and contexts of use have beensimplified for the purpose of the Demo• Elisabeth (VMO)o Works for ARA (Audiovisual Research Archives) Program of FMSHo Published 3 documentaries about Musical Heritage in South America “Peru Video” “Chile Video” “Brazil Video”o Peru and Chile videos are available for everybodyo Brazil Video can be used for analysis but cannot be posted onchannels
  11. 11. DEMO Analyses• Valerie (« Andes » Analyst)o Anthropologist, specialist of Andean Civilizationso Subscribed to videos about Andean Traditional Music Was notified of Elisabeth’s Peru Video Published a “Peru Analysis” for this video Since she uses it for her personal work, her analysis should not bedownloaded or posted by other users• Manuela (“South America” Analyst)o Documentalist, specialist of South America Cultureo Subscribed to videos about South America Music Was notified of Elisabeth’s Chile and Brazil Video Published a “Chile Analysis” and a “Brazil Analysis” for these videos Her analyses are available for everybody
  12. 12. DEMO Content OverviewCaption:A AnalystsX Everybody- NobodyVIDEO LICENSES ANALYSIS LICENSESTitle/Subtitle Keywords V P D Title Concepts V P DPublished ContentBrazil VideoThe "Choro Club ofParis" : Brazilian PopularMusicBrazilWorld MusicPopular MusicSouth AmericaA A ABrazil AnalysisMusical excerpts of Choro musicBrazilChoroX X XPeru VideoInti and the big condorPeruPeruvian MusicTraditional MusicSouth AmericaX X XPeru AnalysisAnalysis for a lecture about mythadaptationPeruQuechuaX - -Chile VideoGuitarron players fromPirqueChileWorld MusicTraditional MusicSouth AmericaX X XChile AnalysisBasic analysis of a documentaryfrom Chile about Music and DivinityChileSouth AmericaX X X(DEMO Content)Bolivia VideoInterview with José JulioChinchilla, charango-instrument makerBoliviaWorld MusicTraditional MusicSouth AmericaX X XPeru AnalysisAnalysis of an interview with aBolivian charango-instrumentmakerBoliviaCuecaCharangoX X X
  13. 13. “Videos in the Cloud and Analyses on the Earth”DEMOThe Project.
  14. 14. DEMO• For the demo purpose, all the roles will be played by the sameuser.• VMO (Video Material Owner)o Publishes “Bolivia Video”, an excerpt of an interview with a Boliviancharango instrument makero The video is available for everybody• Analysto Subscribes to videos showing musical workso Creates & Publishes “Bolivia Analysis” using Andean Heritage Ontologyo The analysis is available for everybody
  15. 15. DEMO• VCO (Video Channel Owner)o Creates the Channel “World Music Channel”o Subscribes to analyses about World Music It requires to create different subscriptions for each domain (ontology)o Posts Bolivia & Chile analyses on his channelo Cannot post Peru & Brazil analyses No Post License for Peru Analysis No Post License for Brazil Video referenced in Brazil Analysis• VCU (Video Channel User)o Subscribes to “World Music Channel” ; browses channel• VMO, Analyst, VCOo Browse statistics (Event Reports) of their publicationso Browse notifications & selections
  16. 16. QUESTIONS?Thank You!Panagiotis GKONIS - pgkonis@singularlogic.euSingularLogic (SIL), GreeceAziz MOUSAS- azmousas@icbnet.ece.ntua.grInstitute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), GreeceFrancis LEMAITRE - lemaitre@msh-paris.frFondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH)Equipe Sémiotique Cognitive et Nouveaux Médias (ESCoM), France1713/05/13 The Convergence Project. #