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The Seven Rules of Cult Brands

  1. The 7 Rules of Cult Brands Photograph by: Oliver Fluck
  2. Welcome to the World of Cult Brands
  3. What defines a Cult Brand?
  4. Cult Brands understand that their brands belong to the customers, and only the customer’s voice counts.
  5. Cult Brands embrace their customers by anticipating their basic and higher needs.
  6. As a consequence, Cult Brands achieve a level of customer loyalty unprecedented in traditional business.
  7. What are the benefits of becoming a Cult Brand?
  8. Cult Brands are perceived as being the high-value option within their industry. They are often the standard that their competitors are judged against.
  9. Cult Brands tend to command premium prices, which has an obvious positive impact on profitability.
  10. Cult Brands attract new customers at a higher rate than their competitors, and they keep those customers for a longer period of time.
  11. Customers tend to do more business with greater frequency with Cult Brands, and they enthusiastically recommend the brand to their family and friends.
  12. Cult Brands enjoy extreme consumer enthusiasm. This enthusiasm is not tied to a specific product or product line, but instead tends to extend to the entire organization, including their iconography and messaging.
  13. How does your business become a Cult Brand?
  14. We’ve identified the Seven Rules of Cult Brands. These rules are the fundamental tenets that all Cult Brands consciously or instinctively follow as they do business.
  15. These Seven Rules of Cult Brands provide a framework for attracting loyal customers, differentiating your brand, and growing your business.
  16. Rule #1 Differentiate Consumers want to be part of a group that’s different.
  17. Rule #2 Be Courageous Cult Brand inventors show daring and determination.
  18. Rule #3Promote a Lifestyle Cult Brands sell experiences.
  19. Rule #4Listen to your Customers Cult Brands know the wants and needs of their customers, creating lifelong evangelists.
  20. Rule #5 Support Customer Communities Cult Brands know how foster social groups.
  21. Rule #6 Be Open, Inviting and Inclusive Cult Brands make you feel like you belong.
  22. Rule #7 Promote Personal Freedom Cult Brands are empowering and expansive.
  23. Integrating the Seven Rules of Cult Brands into your business approach expands the number of ways you can connect with your best customers.
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