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Decoding Brand Communities


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Explains what motivates customers to form brand communities and how can you cultivate and grow brand communities

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Decoding Brand Communities

  2. w w w. c u l t b r a n d i n g . c o m CREATED BY jenny lee DESIGNED BY melissa thornton ©2009 The Cult Branding Company
  3. Great brands harness the power of the BRAND COMMUNITY to cultivate undying customer loyalty.
  4. HARLEY- DAVIDSON sponsors HOG rallies around the world.
  5. “ The Harley Owners Group is much more than just a motorcycle organization. It's one million people around the world united by a common PASSION : making the Harley-Davidson dream a way of life. ”
  6. MINI sponsors the annual Taking the States Tour, a two-week cross country road trip with scheduled MINI-stops along the way.
  7. “ We believe that if the community is vibrant, it will expand and bring in the new members. ” -Jim McDowell, Vice President of MINI USA
  8. LIFE IS GOOD throws festivals throughout the year on its mission to spread optimism and smiles.
  9. “ These free, homegrown, inspiring events spread good vibes by bringing communities together for good old-fashioned outdoor fun. ”
  10. What do all BRAND COMMUNITIES have in common?
  11. What do all BRAND COMMUNITIES have in common? Marketing professors Albert Muniz & Thomas O'Guinn uncovered three attributes that all brand communities share.
  12. #1 BRAND COMMUNITIES have a shared consciousness that connects members to the brand and one another.
  13. MAC users value aesthetics and a creative lifestyle, differentiating them from the masses.
  14. #2 BRAND COMMUNITIES uphold rituals and traditions that involve public greetings to recognize and acknowledge fellow Brand Lovers.
  15. Since it's birth in the UK, MINI owners have upheld a tradition of acknowledging one another on the road—by flickering their headlights, waving, or raising two hands out the sunroof.
  16. #3 BRAND COMMUNITIES preserve a sense of moral responsibility among their members.
  17. Mac User Groups are a “ rewarding way for you to share your expertise. Someone may have helped you learn about technology; now you can repay the favor while meeting new people and making new contacts.
  18. BRAND COMMUNITIES can exist in a fully virtual space as well.
  19. BUT DID YOU KNOW... Members can feel a part of the community without ever having contact with others—either in person or online.
  20. True BRAND COMMUNITIES exist in the mind of the individual.
  21. Here, a sense of BELONGING can transcend both the physical as well as the virtual space.
  23. Transcendence Self-Actualization Aesthetic Needs Cognitive Needs Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs Esteem Needs Belongingness and Love Needs Safety Needs Biological and Physiological Needs Customers are attracted to certain brands because they fulfill specific biological and emotional needs.
  24. THE APPLE COMMUNITY extends far beyond MUGs (social). Apple fulfills the human aesthetic needs of beauty and simplicity (psychological).
  25. LIFE IS GOOD fulfills self-actualization needs in its mission to make the world a better place.
  26. Through this EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to the brand, consumers can feel part of the community without ever meeting another member in person or online.
  27. To sum up: BRAND COMMUNITIES are both social and psychological.
  28. How do you create a BRAND COMMUNITY ?
  29. Your customers create COMMUNITIES on their own, but there are steps you can take to increase the likelihood.
  30. #1 Determine how your customers are emotionally connected to your brand.
  31. COACH understands that their customers’ handbags are an extension of the self, keeping life’s necessities within reach.
  32. #2 Determine what your brand symbolizes in the minds of your best customers.
  33. THE HARLEY ICON showcases a flying eagle—a dynamic symbol of power, choice, and freedom.
  34. #3 Support the community so that it reinforces the psychological attraction customers have towards your brand.
  35. Once these PSYCHOLOGICAL MOTIVATORS are uncovered, you have a blueprint for implementing tangible strategies.
  36. #4 Whenever possible, create a space where your customers can meet and interact with one another—either in person or online.
  37. #5 Sponsor social events that reflect your brand’s mission.
  38. #6 Set up conditions for a fun, playful environment where friendships can be made.
  39. The stronger the bond members have to one another, the stronger the bond members will have with your brand.
  40. #7 Don’t control the community. Instead, participate as a co-creator.
  41. Whether physical or virtual, social or psychological, BRAND COMMUNITIES are the hallmark of great brands, keeping customers connected, faithful, and coming back for more.
  42. It takes a COMMUNITY to raise a brand. YOUR BRAND HERE
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