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Our Community

  1. 1. Our Community The old town By Louise Crux
  2. 2. Introduction The theme that the whole class have been doing is our community but we have been put in to small groups of 3 to look at certain parts of the community of Cowes. The group that I was in were looking at the old town of Cowes and the parts that have loads of character and something about the old town which makes it have loads of history.
  3. 3. I like this picture because it’s simple and elegant and it follows the simplicity rule as nothing is hectic about it and the door looks like its from the Victorian times.
  4. 4. I love this picture as it has tons of character and patterns, plus it has an art deco feel to it. I also get the feeling I’m being taken to a different place when I look at this picture, like Italy or new York. The rule that this follows is pattern.
  5. 5. I like this picture because it’s classy and elegant, and I get the feel I’m going to another time. The rule that this picture follows is its simplicity.
  6. 6. I like this picture because it gives you a feel of what the old really looks like and it has loads of character about it and doesn't look like everything else. The rule that is being followed here is vertical lines.
  7. 7. I like this picture because it’s so serine and it’s not trying hard to be a beautiful picture because the light and the positioning of the gate has made already beautiful in its own way. The rule that is being followed is the simplicity.
  8. 8. With this picture even though they are the same but it’s not just the difference in color, I wanted to experiment with different kinds of settings to see the difference in characteristics.
  9. 9. I like the fact that this picture gives a strong power of illusion by following the rule of simplicity. I like this picture because it’s classy and the reflection on the water is really effective.
  10. 10. Like the picture before I wanted to check out the different style settings that were on the camera to see the difference the pictures and with the black and white picture I get the sense of a 1940’s era where as the color picture gives a more up to date feel.
  11. 11. I love this picture as it gives a different perspective other then straight through the lens and it looks through a reflection which gives it character without trying so hard.
  12. 12. I love the fact that the light hits all the right places and it’s trying to be something that is trying to be a stereotypical beauty as it’s a different kind essence it has about it, with the rule of vertical lines, which make more powerful.