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David Hockney and his Joinery work

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David hockney

  1. 1. David Hockney By Louise Crux
  2. 2. David Hockney Picture Joiners No. 1 This picture of David Hockneys mother is one of his most popular works, which overlap one another to make one picture. The meaning of this picture is to show that one picture it will just look plain but with loads of experimenting and time Hackney has managed to make the picture stand out more and make it interesting. In my opinion this picture gives a weirdness to it in which makes it out of the ordinary, and that what makes this picture so nice to look at.
  3. 3. Yorkshire Moors, August 1985
  4. 4. David Hockney Picture Joiners No. 2 The description of this photo shows a highway in America in the desert, it has stop signs, rocks and cactuses which gives the place of not being used much and doesn’t have that much care if driven through it. The meaning of this photo shows that it could mean a lost sense of direction.
  5. 5. Pearblossom Highway, 11th-18th April 1986
  6. 6. David Hockney Picture Joiners No. 3 This picture of a telephone pole in 1982, the best way to describe this picture is the way the pole reaches up to the sky and the way it looks like it’s going to break the atmosphere, with the ‘mail boxes’ surrounding the pole. The picture itself it set in America because we don’t have post boxes like that in England. The picture itself could mean that with the telephone pole the sky is the limit and whatever boundaries there are such as the clouds as the boundaries which shouldn’t stop you.
  7. 7. Telephone Pole, 1982
  8. 8. David Hockney Picture Joiners No. 4 The picture that David Hockney took of Annie Leibovitz in 1983 while she is taking a photo of him shows a group of his friends having a laugh, in the snow with another one of his friends you can see he or she is setting up a satellite to have some fun and do some exploring. Where this picture is set is unknown as is could be anywhere in the world.
  9. 9. Photographing Annie Leibovitz While She's Photographing Me, 1983
  10. 10. David Hockney Picture Joiners No. 5 This picture of the Merced, Yosemite Valley in California was taken in 1982, and the best way to describe this picture to someone is the way the trees and the mountains surround the whole lake. There is also a change in weather in a couple of the joiner pictures which gives it a sense of change instead of keeping to one kind thing throughout the weather. I think this picture could give someone a calming moment if they feel stressed at any point of the day.
  11. 11. Merced River, Yosemite Valley 1982