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introduction of
1. Magical Form Elements
2. Local Storage
3. Local Database
4. Web Worker
5. Geolocation

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. by Vikrant Labde HTML 5
  2. 2. HTML5 = HTML + CSS + JS API
  3. 3. I am going to talk about: 1.Magical Form Elements 2.Local Storage 3.Local Database 4.Web Worker 5.Geolocation Check working examples on
  4. 4. Magical Form Elements These new form elements are specifically designed to save lot of time and resources. Note: Works well in Opera 10.63 Example:
  5. 5. Local Storage localStorage is a client-side key-value database, meaning it is stored in the users browser. Set Value Get Value Example:
  6. 6. Local Database Yes!! It’s a Database. You can fire Queries. Example:
  7. 7. Web Worker Allow you to run a code that wont block your browser. They are not threads but act like a browser. Worker Object Worker.js Example:
  8. 8. Geolocation This is something which we couldn’t do on the web before Example:
  9. 9. Thank You