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Searching litres


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Searching litres

  1. 1. Searching your research with Literature Resource Center. By Romel Espinel, Reference/Instruction Librarian NYC
  2. 2. Searching Articles in Literature Resource Center Enter the “Name of work” and “Person by or About” fields. Then hit Search.
  3. 3. Here are your Results
  4. 4. A Journal Article
  5. 5. Scroll to the bottom for bibliography and citation! Slip right into your “Works Cited” Page!
  6. 6. What if I want to search about a topic and an author without a title of a work?
  7. 7. Enter the “Keyword” and “Person by or About” fields. Then hit Search.
  8. 8. Your results for “racism and William Faulkner
  9. 9. Journal Article – look for your keywords!
  10. 10. Keywords are highlighted