Eng 105 espinel


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  • Ask for Questions about Prim and Sec. Sources . . .
  • Eng 105 espinel

    1. 1. Romel Espinel Reference/Instruction Librarian Berkeley College Libraries THINKING INFORMATION&CRITICAL
    2. 2.  Validate  Prove YOUR IDEAS
    3. 3. You’re going to need resources that will back up what you are trying to argue. I hope these guys behind me are reliable.
    4. 4. But who or what source can I trust?
    5. 5. Authority- Who is the author(s)? Currency-When was it published or how often is a website updated? Coverage- What kind of information is provided and what kind of sources do they use. Accuracy-How accurate is the information? Objectivity – Is the information objective or at least attempts objectivity?
    6. 6. Where can I find these reliable information sources?
    7. 7. Berkeley Catalog is great place to look for books for research!
    8. 8. Our subject of study Hit Search
    9. 9. Your Results Are . . . If you were to scroll down we would get more results
    10. 10. Some books that you could use for research.
    11. 11. You can also search Databases!
    12. 12.  Have collected published articles from magazines, academic journals, websites, newspapers, etc.  Are updated regularly as often as every three months  Are organize by subject.
    13. 13. A small word about . . .
    14. 14. Look at all those results! You can’t use the first two results because they are from Wikipedia; it’s a known unreliable information source. Let’s check out this one.
    15. 15. Who is DPIC? How current is this website? How accurate? How objective? This takes time to verify this site
    16. 16. Where do you find databases? Save time with databases. They’ve been screened for you.
    17. 17. Opposing Viewpoints database is excellent for hotly debated and current issues.
    18. 18. Let’s look up the “death penalty” again.
    19. 19. If you were to scroll down we would get more results
    20. 20. Notice how the articles in this database for this topic are organized.
    21. 21. Let’s look at an article.
    22. 22. If you were to scroll down we see the full article.
    23. 23. And look!The full citation for this article in MLA format! Google can’t do that!
    24. 24. Email the Articles to Yourself Why? 1. Saves time if you need to go back to them. 2. Emailed articles include the citations you need for your bibliography (works cited).
    25. 25. Fill in the information and hit Send.
    26. 26. Here it is in my email. With Citation!