Chapter 21 (inc)


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Chapter 21 (inc)

  1. 1. Chapter 21:<br />Exile in Dapitan<br />
  2. 2. JUNE 26, 1892 - Rizal arrived in Manila <br />JULY 3, 1892-he founded Liga Filipina<br />JULY 7, 1892-he was arrested and deported in Dapitan<br />JUNE 26 1892- Rizal and Lucia arrived in <br /> Manila<br />DON JUAN-steamer they board onOriente Hotel in Binondo best hotel in Manila on that time.<br />
  3. 3. RIZAL MET:<br /><ul><li>ApolinarioMabni
  4. 4. Andres Bonifacio
  5. 5. Ambrosio Salvador
  6. 6. TimoteoPaez
  7. 7. Pedro Serrano Laktaw
  8. 8. DeodatoArellano</li></ul>DOROTEO ONGJUNCO - his home in Ilawa St. Tondo, Manila is where Rizal founded Liga Filipina<br />
  9. 9. LIGA FILIPINA<br /><ul><li>Ambrosio Salvador - President
  10. 10. Agustin de la Rosa- Fiscal
  11. 11. BonifacioArevalo- Treasurer
  12. 12. DeodatoArellano- Secretary</li></ul> - (M.h.delPilar'sbrother-in-law)<br />
  13. 13. AIM OF LIGA FILIPINA<br />To unite the whole archipelago into compact and homogeneous body.<br />Mutual protection in every want and necessity<br />Defense against all violence and injustice.<br />Encouragement of instruction, agriculture and commerce.<br />Study and application of reforms<br />
  14. 14. POBRES FRAILES (Poor Friars) – an anti-friar article under the authorship of Father Jacinto and bore the imprint of "Imprenta de los Amigos, Manila". Satire against the rich dominicans who amassed fabulous wealth contrary to their "vow of poverty“<br />DON RAMON DESPUJOL- nephew and aide of Gov.Despujol. He escorted Rizal to Fort Santiago.<br />
  15. 15. JULY 7, 1892- Gov.Despujol’s decree deporting Rizal to an island in the south was published in GRACETA DE MANILA, a newspaper in manila.<br />JULY 17,1892 - Rizal began his exile in Dapitan.<br />CAPT.CARCINERO - a commandant, where Rizal live during his exile in Dapitan.<br />A DON RICARDO CARCINERO - he wrote this poem for Capt.Carcinero's birthday on Aug.26,1892.<br />
  16. 16. MAY 4 1893 - Capt.Carcinero left Dapitan.<br />CAPT. JUAN SITGES - a more severe commandant who later on like Rizal and restored Rizal's liberties on what he have before.<br />FATHER PASTELLS-debate with Rizal on religion.<br />AS PHYSICIAN IN DAPITAN<br />DON IGNACIO TUMARONG - was able to see again and gave Rizal 3000 pesos<br />
  17. 17. ENGLISHMAN- paid 500 pesos<br />DON FLORENCIO AZCARRAGA – rich haciendero<br /> of Aklan, was also cured of eye ailment and <br /> paid Rizal a cargo of sugar.<br />DR. BANTUG – physician and Rizalist<br />