10 reasons why people fail...1st dec


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10 reasons why people fail...1st dec

  1. 1. TEN REASONS WHY PEOPLE FAIL – written by Gary BlairAbout the authorThe GoalsGuy is your one- Compliedstop, lifetime resource for Bytools that will help you to S.Narayanandesign, build and maintainan extraordinary life. TEN REASONS WHY PEOPLE FAIL – written by Gary Blair
  2. 2. When it comes to your goals and future,impulsiveness is the mother of regret.Considerable thought must be given to the endsas well as the means of your strategy.
  3. 3. Endless preparation is worse than actionwithout planning. Accept that things willnever be perfect. Questions will foreverexist. Plan well and launch!
  4. 4. Life is a process not an event. Nothing great wasever built easily. Exercise wisdom and learn to bepatient. Unfortunately most things in life takelonger and cost more than the best-laid plansanticipate.
  5. 5. Why you want to achieve a goal is moreimportant than the goal itself. Before taking actionon anything it is imperative that you ask yourselfthis key question: "Why do I want to achieve thisgoal?"
  6. 6. Its far easier to deny reality than it is too acceptit. And far too many people take the easy waySuccess is information dependent, when we denyreality for whatever reason, we devalue theintegrity of our information, thus ensuring failure.
  7. 7. When we have not clarified our reasons why ordefined what success means to us personally, weoperate on someone elses definition. When thatoccurs values are sure to be in conflict andprogress is short- circuited.
  8. 8. Rather than doing an excellent job at a fewchosen goals we spread our energies over a vastterrain and diffuse what matters most; time andenergy.
  9. 9. It is the hallmark of all truly great people. Yourability to get and remain focused or lack there ofis perhaps the key determinant of your success.
  10. 10. Put your pride aside and learn to ask for helpwhen you need it. Learn to leverage and shareknowledge for your own well being as well as forothers who are dependent upon yourcooperation.
  11. 11. Far too many dreams have suffocated and diedbecause of it. Fear resides where knowledgedoes not exist; the more you know aboutanything the less intimidated that you feel.Replace your fears with knowledge and watchyour performance leap.