Tthe conditional (1st and 2nd Conditional)


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This an introduction to 1st and 2nd conditional.

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Tthe conditional (1st and 2nd Conditional)

  1. 1. Created by: YasmeenFazaia School/Colleges Pakistan
  2. 2. Contents• 1st Conditional: Sequence of Tenses• 2nd conditional: Sequences of tenses• 2nd conditional (pure imagination)• Review• Learning check• Homework
  3. 3. The Conditional If I work hard, IIf it doesnt rain, will pass the examwe will be having in good grades.a picnic. These people are talking about possible future actions. They believe that something will happen as a result of an action.
  4. 4. The Conditional Type1IF –CLAUSE MAIN CLAUSEPresent simple Future simpleIf it doesn’t rain, we ‘ll have a picnic.If I work hard , I ‘ll pass the exam in good grades.If you don’t practice grammar, you won’t get any better.If we don’t clean our teeth, we will get sick.
  5. 5. The Conditional Type 2If I had a milliondollar, I would buy If my dreams came true,a yacht. I would travel round the world. These people talk about imaginary situation in the IF- clause and speculate about their imaginary consequences the main clause.
  6. 6. The Conditional Type 2 IF clause Main clause past simple Would+ infinitiveIf my dreams came true, I would travel round the world.If I had a million pounds, I would probably buy a yacht.If they sent us invitation we would go to their party.If mom bought him a kite he would fly it onSunday.
  7. 7. The Conditional type 2When we talk about purely imaginary situations, ‘were’is used with all subjects(singular or plural). E.g.•If there were money trees, no one would work hard.•If I were a king, I would help all the poor in world.•If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
  8. 8. Review• A condition is if X happens then Y follows.• Conditional clauses are about events that can or might occur.• Conditional sentences have two clauses: IF- clause & main clause.• Conditional type 1= for events likely to happen uses: present simple in IF-clause & future simple in main clause• Conditional type 2= for events unlikely to happen/imaginary situations uses: past simple in IF- clause & would+ infinitive in main clause• Conditional type 2= for purely imaginary situations uses: were+ all subjects in IF- clause
  9. 9. Learning check• Complete these conditional sentences.1. If you don’t study you_____ fail the exam. will mix2. If you ____ (to mix) red and blue you ‘ll get purple. would3. If you banged your head against the wall, you _____hurt yourself. won4. If I ____ ( win) the lottery, I would stop working. were5. If I ______ an astronaut, I would visit Mars.6. If the world _______ perfect, there would be no wars. were
  10. 10. • Write a conversation between two friends discussing problems in studies. Use as many conditional sentences as you can.• ‘If I had a bewitched jacket (like the one in Dino Buzzati’s short story) I…….’Complete the story in 2nd Conditional
  11. 11. References• Oxford Practice Grammar: John Eastwood• Practical English Grammar: Michael Swan