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2009 Handout Career Workshop Conor Neill


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A survey of IESE MBA graduates 5 years after graduation.

Published in: Education, Career, Business
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2009 Handout Career Workshop Conor Neill

  1. 1. Conor Neill - Survey of Class of 2004 September 25th 2008 Was there Clarity of Purpose and Dedication of Disciplined Time? Have you changed jobs since IESE? How would you categorize How much time did you 3+ changes 4 yourself in terms of career regularly dedicate to career intentions during IESE MBA? planning during your IESE MBA? 2 changes 15 Totally lost and 15+ hours per 7 looking for 7 month 1 change 19 direction 5-15 hours per 14 month Some idea of career plan 35 3-5 hours per 11 No month 16 1-2 hours per 16 Very clear career month 12 goals 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 None (or very 6 little) 0 20 40 0 5 10 15 20 What was the primary method you used to get the first job Have you found your dream job? after your time at IESE? Doing a personalised job hunt 14 No Other, please specify 10 4 Asking former professors / faculty / alumni associations, university career 9 centres Asking Friends and Family for job leads 5 No - but I know what it is Internship 3 11 Using the Internet 3 Mailing out CVs 3 Yes - but still needs a little work 26 Going to Private Employment Agencies (Executive Search / 2 Headhunters) Sitting in the bar hoping that I would be "discovered" 1 Yes - and I have it now Using Temp Agencies 1 12 Answering ads in specialized journals 1 Cold calling companies you were interested in. 1 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Answering Adverts in Newspapers 1 Taking a Civil Service Exam 0 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 How is the current economic situation in your city? Career Mentors… Do you have a "mentor" • colleagues from the MBA class - What is the "credit 0 that you have been able to great people! crunch"? turn to for guidance during • I rely on 2 mentors at any time: your career? a former boss, a classmate, a We are doing great 7 close relative, a personal friend. No • my wife - I'm screening my Im judgement through her Ok, we will get 20 25 • former bosses through it fairly easily • Someone who trusts your ability and you trust theirs. Bad, but I have seen 17 Yes similar before (dot… 27 • The person that hired me for the internship even I din't accept the offer to join the company after Worst in my lifetime 8 finishing the MBA 0 10 20 30 • (NO) and that is an error 0 5 10 15 20 IESE Career Workshop 1
  2. 2. 5. What was the most effective thing you did during IESE MBA to help with your career planning / job search? 1 wrote a business plan 2 Career Forums 3 ??? I don't think I was very effective at all ;‐) 4 Have long dinners with friends and talk about life and the future 5 I wanted to become an entrepeneur, so I went to all conferences about the topic and listened to all stories retalated. 6 To speak with ex alumni 7 It seems simple but you need to know whether you want to do investment banking, consulting, you want to be an  entrepeneur… 8 Getting to know someone at career services very well. 9 Preparation and be focused on what you really want 10 networking ‐ in particular IESE Alumni were of great help 11 networking, Identifying companies with the best fit 12 NETWORKING. START LOOKING FOR JOB EARLY. 13 Be humble, be realistic about my strengths and weaknesses, not be impressed nor affected by others was more a  personal attitude and way of thinking rather than the use of specific tools provided by the B‐school 14 Did an internship in different sectors to get a wider understanding of possible careers. 15 having time to think about it 16 Talk to piers and find out what their jobs were like 17 Job interviews, starting own business 18 Meet other students 19 the help of IESE professors 20 Learning about effective networking with M. Rosenberg 21 What a question... I would say talking with coleagues. 22 trained myself in interviewing skills 23 Nothing I did in terms of career planning / job search during the MBA really helped my career 24 Talk to professors 25 Networking, finding a PROPER career advisor 26 Lots of networking and just talking to people just to get advice or in pursuing a specific position (alumni, career services,  professors, fellow classmates etc) 27 Selling myself: experience, skills, attitude, education, not the MBA. 28 Networking 29 working closely with career services 30 Speak with people in different industries 31 Talk to the other students 32 Chat with classmates 33 taking courses on the related area. In this case, entrepreneur courses. 34 Grow up (a bit) 35 ENCONTRAR A UNA PERSONA EN CAREER SERVICES QUE ME ENSEÑASE A PREPARAR ENTREVISTAS Y C0NTROLAR LOS  NERVIOS 36 Stay in touch with your network and don't be afraid to ask for advice 37 Understand what career path my own temperament and aptitudes fitted best with. 38 Open my mind to crazy ideas, but keep my head on my neck 39 Using the alumni database to find people working at the companies I wanted to join. Very risky, though, would recommend  to use headhunters + database combined. 40 talk to everyone I could and really think about it regularly the whole way through the MBA. Have one specific goal (in my case geographic location) 41 Stay in touch regularly with the companies I wanted to work for. 42 practice in job interviews. talking to people from different backgrounds. 43 Interview Prep work. 44 talk to business men 45 Ask advices to my pal Conor... Just kidding... The best thing to get a clear idea of a job or a sector is to talk with real people, with flesh and blood, already engaged in the  same career path. Usually that's a good way of discovering the grass is not always greener in the neighbour's garden. 46 Network with other colleagues from the objective company 47 • Focus ‐ I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to be. • IESE alumni & general networking. 48 Talk to other people who came from different career backgroungs & understand what its really like in a specific sector and  /or industry 49 start talking to alumnis in different industries to find out if there could be a career for me
  3. 3. 7. You are talking to a group of new MBA students in the bar at IESE. They ask "What was the  best thing about your time in IESE?". What do you say? 1 social life 2 friendships made 3 Combining intense learning, with fun and experiencing Barcelona Finding life‐long friendships!!! 4 MBA Olympics 5 Going out, having interesting conversations and doing sports everyday with the best group of people I've met in my life 6 Chance to learn complementary knowledge to my university education and the chance to listen to inspiring people. 7 The good atmosphere and close relationsihip with alumni and professors. You've two years to plan what you want to do in the next 10‐20 years. You're surrounded by +200 classmates and professors from you  8 can learn a lot. 9 The friends I made 10 My class‐mates and professors 11 I would do it again if I could, but to name a single best thing would not be fair to all the good stuff in that time 12 knowing myself better 13 PEOPLE. COURSES. That at IESE they help you to get the best of yourself and your capabilities. It is ok to learn finance and bla, bla...but it is better to know  14 what you can get from yourself in a lot of different situtations, and how to take advantage of your strengths 15 A time to reassess one's life and gain enough knowledge and courage to try a new career. 16 the people I met 17 The people you meet. 18 Barcelona 19 the way you grow personally in two years... 20 Friends 21 Meeting nice people with diverse professional experiences... Everything in a place like Barcelona 22 Feeling daily improvement ... and playing Rugby 23 Meeting people with different perspectives from many different backgrounds 24 The people around were just amazing 25 The people I met 26 People, self‐knowledge and time management self improvement. 27 Definitely the social aspect and the lasting friendships. 28 Great weather, warm sea and great interaction with classmates instead of work. 29 Career opportunities. 30 Brain upgrade 31 networking within the multi‐culture environment 32 Personal & Profsesional quality of people around (professor and students) 33 How much I have learned from faculty and from my fellow students 34 New friends, family time, networking and time to review my career 35 the possibility of training my mind making it pretty skillful in analyzing cause/efect relations. The possibility of developing my soft skills. 36 Friendship and (a bit of) maturity. 37 FRIENDS 38 Making long lasting friendships and meeting so many people with the same interest as yourself 39 The friendships I made. 40 the whole experience was sooo goood. and the best thing is the people that you meet and that you know in two years 41 Friends (in my case my husband as well;)) + all the new concepts and techniques I learnt There are 2: 1) professional development (becoming someone useful for a company, not just a uni graduate) 2) feeling surrounded by people like me (similar interests, many languages, various cultures)‐ i.e. not being asked if I feel more French or  42 Irish!! 43 the people, the experience, the learning: the stuff you take with you all your life, and nobody can take away from you. 44 meeting people from different backgrounds. getting an effective tool box 45 The challenge to be on your own in a very stange place. 46 the friends I met The people ! Living so intensively in such a small environment gets you to know quite well your classmates, your teachers, the  bartenders... This is a very different experience from the one you can get, for example, on a US campus (which is more or less 200 times  47 bigger...). 48 Academic content/learning, international exposure, great atmosphere. Work hard, play hard!! 49 Lots of fun working/collaborating with outstanding classmates. 50 Being surrounded by talent and a great environment i which to soak it up (both professors and colleagues) 51 the people