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Pass it on

  1. 1. By,Mariam, Sana, Kaynaat, Emma, kavisha
  2. 2. Main PageThis page is the initial, profile page that the user first encounters when opening this app. This page can be personalized with the users name, points, and individual avatar. Other than these customized components, there is also the date, a kindness quote, and options to proceed to other pages, such as "acts of kindness" examples, and "stay connected" page where the user can connect to their friends and nearby users. The third button is used to post the individuals own act of kindness, and the fourth button is used to update the users avatar based on the amount points the user has attained. The purpose of the avatar and being able to update the avatar is an incentive to get the users to participate in the acts of kindness, similar to a game in which you can compete with others, through a relatively safe social networking platform. Our app will help promote kindness and virtue to your friends, your classmates, and your community, by sharing what youve done to inspire others to do the same. Also, this app may help students, especially college-bound high school students.
  3. 3. Main Page
  4. 4. Post your Act of kindness• This page is where you post what kind of new service or act you have done. There is also a button to attach a picture of the user doing a service so that points can be given to When the user posts their act. In fact, the picture act in this page lets us make sure that the user has actually done their act of service before they post it. Furthermore, your friends will be able to see what you have been doing recently when you post your act, and they can also get inspiration from what you have done for their own service.
  5. 5. Post Your act of kindness screen
  6. 6. Stay connected pageThe main purpose of the Stay Connected page is to help the user connect with and be inspired by other people in their local area who also have a Pass It On account. A button on the main page will direct you to the newsfeed of Stay Connected! There you will find a list of other Pass It On users in your local community. Each user will have their avatar, name, point value, and most recent activity displayed. The most recent activity can be a brief discussion of their last act of kindness and/or a picture of it, if available. You will also see a button to the right that denotes each user’s level of activeness the past 30 days. Red means inactive, green means very active, and yellow means moderately active. Tapping on the button will give you the exact number of acts of kindness that the user has done this past month. You also have the option to view the complete profile of each user on your newsfeed by clicking on their name.
  7. 7. Stay connected screen
  8. 8. Score page• This page is the score page and the user will be directed to this page when you click on the Points button on the main screen that Sana Made. In this page you have the ability to see how many total points you have earned. If you do your own act of Kindness and update it on the "post your act of Kindness page" You will automatically get 100 points. However, when you do an Act that we suggest, then you have the ability to get more than 100 points. The user can get our suggested act on "Possible acts of kindness page. So, the your score tab it shows the total points you have. The number of acts tab shows how many total acts you have done. For example if you do 5 acts, in the "number of acts tab" Your are going to see 5 acts. There is also the avatar box that will let the user see their current avatar and they have a opportunity to edit their avatar based on the number of points they have. The main menu button lead the user back to the main page and the "get more points tab" leads the user to "Possible acts of kindness page" so the user can do an act based on their score.
  9. 9. Score Screen
  10. 10. Avatar PageIn this page, the user can update their avatar based onthe number of points they have. There are many optionssuch as accessories, clothes, face shape and body shape.The user gets more points, they can buy many itemsfrom their avatar. Each item in the avatar page will begiven a specific point, the user have to reach that manypoints in order to be able to buy the accessory or theclothes that they wish to get for their avatar. This pagewill encourage the user do to more acts of kindness,which will let them get their avatars many differentitems.
  11. 11. Avatar Screen